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VOL. LXVI, No. 1696

FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1927


New Words in the New (14th) Edition of American Illustrated Dictionary

These words were selected at random and are only samples of
hundreds of new words NOT defined in any other medical dic-
tionary now on the market-bar none.

(June 1, 1927)

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Octavo of 1388 pages, with 427 illustrations, 107 in colors. Edited by W. A. Newman Dorland, M.D., Member of the Committee on Nomenclature and Classification of Diseases, American Medical Association. Flexibly bound, thumb indexed.

$7.50 net.


W. B. SAUNDERS COMPANY, West Washington Sq., Philadelphia Please send me the American Illustrated Medical Dictionary, charging the $7.50 to my

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ABEL, J. J., Chemistry in Relation to Biology and Medi-
cine, 307, 337

Ability, Survival of, F. A. WOODS, 429

Academies of Science, State, W. SEGERBLOM, 571

Academy of Science, Iowa, P. S. HELMICK, 43; Colo-

rado-Wyoming, 584; of Medicine, New York, Lectures,

419; of Sciences, California, Lectures, 347; National,

403, 431, 460, Relations of the Amer. Asso. to, B. E.


Acclimatization of Bufo Tadpoles to Ethyl and Methyl

Alcohols, H. T. FOLGER, 18

Acoustics in the Study of "Solutions,'' C. D. SPIVAK, 378
Acquired Character Transmission, H. L. BOLLEY, 301
Action Currents, E. JACOBSON, 403

Adrenal Extracts, J. M. ROGOFF and G. N. STewart, 327
Aerial Survey Detachment, 165

Agar Medium for L. acidophilus, W. L. KULp, 512
Agricultural, Census of the World, 75; Profession, New,
S. F. MORSE, 151; Research Conference, Imperial, 293
Agriculture, U. S. Department of, Bureau of Chemistry
and Soils, 31; Building Program, 612

Airgraphy or Aerography, A. MCADIE, 16

Airplane Views of Southeastern Alaska, 30

AITKEN, R. G., Old Problems with New Illustrations,425

ALLEN, E., Automatic Dehydrating Apparatus, 427

Allotype, The Use of the Term, J. C. BRADLEY, 563

American Association for the Advancement of Science,

Nashville Meeting, 19, 517; Newspaper Reports, 368,

522; Officers, 520, 521; Prize, 511, 523; Science Ex-

hibition, 527; General Sessions, 527; Sessions of Sec-

tions and Societies, 529; A-529, 633; B-529, 637;

C-530; D-530; E-530, 474; F-530, 389; G-531;

F-G-531; H-532; I-532; K-532; L-521, 532;

M-533; Ń-533; 0-534; Q-534; Other Organiza-

tions, 534; Reno Mecting of the Pacific Division, W.

W. SARGEANT, 179, 246; The Southwestern Division,

W. P. TAYLOR, 242; Grants in Aid of Research for

1928, B. E. LIVINGSTON, 319, 493; Science for the

People, A. H. CLARK, 510; Fall Meeting of the Ex-

ecutive Committee, B. E. LIVINGSTON, 569

Amino Acids in Pyrus Malus L., W. THOMAS, 115
ANDERSON, W. A., JR., An Echo from Morrison Chapel,
Transylvania University, 280

Antarctic Expedition of Commander R. E. Byrd, 187
Anthropology, History of, R. H. LOWIE, 111

Antirachitic Activation of Substances by Cathode Rays,

Arboretum, National, 8, 276; Arnold, 584

Archeological Conference, A. V. KIDDER, 489

Arctic Expedition, The Stoll-McCracken-Siberian, 646

Arsine from Fused Glass, H. M. ELSEY, 300

Ascariasis, Study of, H. T. KARSNER, 346

"Astronomic," R. S. DUGAN, 16

Astronomy, and Physics Club of Pasadena, 30; Public

Lectures on, 371

Australian National Research Council, 500

BARNARD, R. D., Copper Hydrosol and Electroplating of

Glass Ware, 330

BARNES, W. C., George Bishop Sudworth, 6

BARNETT, R. J., The Use of Bulletins, 563

Bartol Foundation, 232

BARUS, C., Graphic Treatment of Euler's Equations, 114;
The Convective and Spark Discharge of the Mucronate
Electrode, 658

BEAMS, H. W., Golgi Apparatus of Mammary Gland, 306

BEAUMONT, A. B., and G. J. LARSINOS, Assimilation of

Fixed Nitrogen by Havana Tobacco, 237

BECKER, E. R., Tadpoles as a Source of Protozoa, 79
BECKWITH, T. D., and S. F. LIGHT, The Spirals within
the Termite Gut for Class Use, 656
Belgium Fellowships, 446

BERKEY, C. P., Geological Society of America, 613
BERLINER, J. F. T., A Neglected Note, 192

Bernard, C., Experimental Medicine, J. WRIGHT, 453
BERRY, E. W., Cainozoic Plants, E. M. Reid and M. E. J.
Chandler, 564

BHATNAGAR, S. S., Polarized Radiations and Photochem-
ical Reactions, 359

Big Stone Gap Shale of S. W. Virginia, J. H. SWARTZ, 36

Biochemical Institute for the Middlesex Hospital, 294

Biological Association, Long Island, 647
Biology, and Medicine, Experimental, Society for, 112;
of Forest and Range, W. P. TAYLOR, 184; at the Uni-
versity of California, 276; and Medicine, Chemistry in
Relation to, J. J. ABEL, 307, 337; Buildings of the
Univ. of Birmingham, 534; of Lake Baikal, T. D. A.

BLACK, J. G., and O. S. DUFFENBACK, The MnII Spec-

trum excited by Rare Gas Ions, 401

BLAKE, C. H., Datum and Data, 15

Blood Viscosity, Determinations of, R. A. WAUD, 87

BOLLEY, H. L., An Acquired Character, 301

Bone, Decalcified, A. B. DAWSON, 399; B. KRAMER and

P. G. SHIPLEY, 484

Bose, Sir Jagadis Chunder, G. J. PEIRCE, 621
Botanical, Congress, Fifth International, 186; Micro-
technique, C. H. OTIS, 196; Classification, G. P. VAN

BOURNE, A. I., Poisoning of Honey Bees, 378

BOUYOUCOS, G. J., Determining the Colloidal Material of
Soils, 16; Defining Soil Colloids, 353

Bower, F. O., Ferns, D. H. CAMPBELL, 63

BRADLEY, J. C., Nomina Conservanda, 100; The Use of

the Term Allotype, 563

Brains, A Liter and A Half of, T. W. TODD, 122

BRANDES, E. W., Erwin F. Smith, 383

BRETNALL, G. H., Earthworms and Spectral Colors, 427

British, Colonial Research, 38; Assoc., Presidential Ad-

dress, ARTHUr Keith, 201; Message from the Retiring

President, 209

BROWN, E. D. W., Hawaii's Tribute to Dr. Newcombe,

BROWNE, C. A., Variable Echoes, 109

Brownian Movements, W. M. CADY, 358

Brunet, P., Les Physiciens Hollandais et la Methode Ex-
perimentale en France, J. WRIGHT, 453
BRYANT, W. L., A Daylight Meteor, 80

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