The Sanitarian, Volume 15

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A. S. Barnes and Company, 1885

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Page 469 - Is happy as a lover, and attired With sudden brightness as a man inspired, And through the heat of conflict keeps the law In calmness made. and sees what he foresaw. He who, though thus endued as with a sense And faculty for storm and turbulence, Is yet a soul whose master bias leans To homefelt pleasures and
Page 469 - to glorious gain, More skilful in self-knowledge, even more pure As tempted more ; more able to endure As more exposed to suffering and distress, Thence also more alive to tenderness; But who, if he be called upon to face Some awful moment to which Heaven has joined Great issues, good or bad for humankind, Is happy as a lover, and attired With sudden brightness
Page 166 - a provision in the act making appropriations for the sundry civil expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1882, is not now available. It is recommended that this balance be made available for the purpose for which it was originally appropriated, and that
Page 55 - infectious disease, it shall be the duty of such authority to give notice in writing to the owner or occupier of such house, vessel, or vehicle, or part thereof, requiring him to cleanse and disinfect such house, vessel, or vehicle, and the said articles, within a time specified in said notice. If the person to
Page 56 - 13. Where any suitable hospital or place for the reception of the sick is provided within the district of any local board, or within a convenient distance of such district, any person who is suffering from any dangerous infectious disorder, and is without proper lodging or accommodation, or lodged in a room occupied by more than one
Page 478 - MILK ANALYSIS AND INFANT FEEDING : A practical treatise on the examination of human and cow's milk, cream, condensed mi,lk, etc., and directions as to the diet of young infants. By ARTHUR V. MEIGS, MD, Physician to the Pennsylvania Hospital and to the Children's Hospital; Fellow of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia, etc.
Page 58 - provisions of this act shall be liable, upon conviction in a court having competent jurisdiction, to be fined in a sum not less than twenty-five dollars ($25) nor more than one hundred dollars ($100) for the first offence; and
Page 54 - or more of the Board of Health, between the hours of sunrise and sunset, to repair to the place where such nuisance, source of filth, or cause of sickness complained of may be, and the same destroy, remove, or prevent, under the direction of the members of such Board of Health. SEC.
Page 56 - board, and with the consent of the superintending body of such hospital or place, be removed by order of any justice to such hospital or place at the cost of the local district; and any person so suffering, who is lodged in any common lodging
Page 136 - person who fails to comply with the regulation made, or an order given by the State Board of Health, shall be punished by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year. SEC.

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