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in Political Economy, Legislation, and Government, zvo9s. boards.

The Correspondence between Lord Redesdale, Lord High

Chancellor of Ireland, and the Earl of Fingal, &c.; to which is added, the Narrative of the Rev. P. O'Neil A referred to in the Correspondence. Is.

Remarks on the Correspondence between His Majesty, the Prince of Wales - the Duke of York, and Mr. Addington, relative to the Prince's Application for a superior Station in the Army; with Copies of the original Letters. 2s.

The salutary Effects of Vigour, exemplified in the Operations of the Nottingham Aêt, lately passed : being a Sequel to Bowles's Thoughts on the late General Election; by John Bowles. 6d.

The True Interest of the United Kingdom proved, in two Plans of Finance; to take off all the Taxes prior to 1803, and provide Thirty Millions for the present Emergency without the Income and Property Taxes, &c; by Joseph Coad. 6d.

The British Tocsin , and the Charge sounded; with an Address tho the Military of Great Britain; by John Morfitt.

Letters from Thomas Paine to the Citizens of America, after an Absence of Fisteen Years; to which are subjoined , some Letters between him and the late General Washington, &c. &c.; also some original Poetry of Mr. Paine’s, and a fac-simile of his Handwriting in 1803. 8vo. 68 pages.

Te Economy of the Covenants between God and Man, comprehending a complete Body of Divinity, by the learned Herman Witsius , D. D.; with his Life; faithfully translated from the Latin, with fine Portrait of the author. 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. boards.

Hora Sofiariae, or, Essay upon some remarkable Names and Titles of the Holy Spirit occurring in the Old and New Testaments &c.; by Mr. Searle; 2 large vols. 8vo. 16s. boards.

The unequal Balance tried by the Standard of Truth, and the unfair Weigher detected; being a Refutation of several Insinuations included in a Pamphlet, entitled „The Sabbatarian Weighers weighed in their own Balance; “ wherein the Author, the Rev. T. Edmonds , unjustly represents two Pamphlets in Defence of Sabbatarianism, composed by Mrs. Ann Alsop, as „the Production of the united Efforts of the Reverend Mr. R. of Pershore , the Reverend Mr. D. of Tewkesbury; and the Reverend Mr. W. of Cheltenham; by John Rowland, Dyde, Tewkesbury. 4d.

A Dissuasion from Sunday Drilling, including Extraëts from Pamphlets on the Subject of Sunday Drilling lately published; by the Rev. Iohn Hughes. 6d.

Remarks on a Charge delivered by the Bishop of Lincoln to his Clergy, at the Visitation in June 1803; with particular References to the Bishop's Animadversions on Evangelical Preachers. 3s.

Letters on the Atonement; by Charles Jerram, A. M. 2s. 6d.

An Essay on the Christian Sabbath; by Joseph Hughes, A. M. 6 d.

Eight Discourses on Theological and Literary Subjects, by the late Professor Arthur, of Glasgow; with an Account of some Particulars in his Life and Character, by Professor William Richardson. 8vo. 8s. boards.

The Guide to Immortality; or, Memoirs of the Life and Character of Christ, by the Four Evangelists; digested according to the Order of Time and Place in the Words of the established Version; illustrated with Notes; by Róbert Fellowes, A. M. 3 vols. 8vo. 11. 4s. boards.

Considerations on the general Condition of the Christian Covenant; with a View of some late important Discoveries; by Joseph Holden Pott, A. M. 8vo. 3s.

Charis; or, Reflections chiefly upon the Office of the Holy Spirit. I2mo. 3s.

Divine Judgments on guilty Nations, their Causes and Effects, considered in a Discourse delivered before a Congregation of Protestant Dissenters, by Robert Arplands; with a Preface and Notes, containing Remarks on our national Sins, and an Enquiry into the Justice of the present War, in Reply to the Observationsof Messrs. Hall, Fuller, &c. in their late Sermons on Public Affairs; by Benjamin FloWer. 2S.

Priestley's History of the Christian Church volumes III. IV. V. and VI. 11. 12s. boards.

A Series of Letters written from South America, by an English Gentleman detained a Prisoner by the Spaniards in Paraguay, in the Years 1797–8, descriptive of the Country, Guvernment, ant Manners, of the Inhabitants; No. I. (to be completed in Six Numbers, published rhonthly, adorned with highly-finished Engravings.) 8vo2s 6d.

An Epitome of the History of the Islands of Malta and Gozo; with a new Map; by Charles Wilkinson.

ScotlaDepicta; or, the Antiquities, Castles, Public Buildings, Seats, Cities, and Piëturesque Scenery, of Scotland; illustrated in a Series of Etchings, by James Fitler,

from Drawings by John Claude Nastles. Imperial long 4to. 6l. 6s. boards.

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