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The Farmer's Calendar, containing Practical Explanations of the Business necessary to be performed on Farms, during every Month of the Year; with the Principles of various new Improvements,-and Instructions for executing them; by Arthur Young, Esq. F. R. S. Secretary to the Board of Agriculture, &c. large 8vo. 1os. 6. boards.


The Annals of Agriculture and other useful Arts, collected and published by Arthur Young, F. R. S. Vol. XLI. No. 237 to 243. Phillips.

Communications to the Board of Agriculture, on the best Means of converting Grass Lands into Tillage, &c. being the third Volume of Communications to the Board. 4to. 18s. boards.

A General View of the Agriculture of Shropshire, with Observations; drawn up for the Consideration of the Board of Agriculture; by Joseph Plymley, M. A. 8vo. 7s. 6d.

The Painter and Varnisher's Guide; or, a Tteatise on the Art of Making and Applying Varnishes, on the different Kinds of Painting, and on the Method of preparing Colours : with new Observations and Experiments on Copal; on the Nature of the Substances employed in the Composition of Varnishes and of Colours; and on various Processes used in the Art ; by Professor Tingry, of the Academy of Geneva. 8vo. I2s. boards.

The Sea-side Hero, a Drama, in three Acts; by John Carr, Esq.


The Travels of Rolando round the World, being a supposed Tour through Africa and Asia, containing authenzie Descriptions of the Geography, Natural History, Manners, Customs, and Antiquities of various Nations; written expressly for the purpose of instructing young Persons in Geography. Ä from the French- of L. F. Jauffret; with 12 beautiful Engravings, and 2 large Maps. 4 Vols. crown 8vo. 12s. neatly halfbound. - Phillips.“ Practical English Book-keeping, intended for the Use of Schools, for young Apprentices, and for Tradesmen, on a contracted Scale; with a copious Illustration of the Nature of Profits and Discounts, calculated on familiar Principles and for general Utility; by James Luckcock. folio. 8s. The History of England, from the earliest Records to the General Peace , in 18o2 ; written purposely for the Use of Schools, and young Persons of both Sexes; by William Mavor, L. L. D. in two thick and closely printed Volumes, illustrated with 25 Copperplates, from historical Designs, and a large Map, Ios. or, on fine Paper. I2S. - Phillips. The History of Scotland and Ireland, 1 Volume. of France, 1 Volume. of America, 1 Voluuue. of Greece , 2 Volumes. of Rome, 3 Volumes. By William Mavor, L. L.D. illustrated with Copperplates and Maps. Phillips. A Family Tour trough the British Empire, containing an Account of its Manufactures, Natural and Artificical Curiosities, &c. interspersed with Biographical Anecdo- tes, particularly adapted to the Amusement and Instrugtion of Youth; by Priscilla Wakefield. 12mo. 5s. boards.

The Costume of the Hereditary States of the House of Austria , displayed in 5o coloured Engravings, with Descriptions, and an Historical Introduction; by Mons. Bertrand de Molleville; the Translation by R. C. Dallas, Esq. imp. 4to. 6l. 6s. boards. The History of France; by Alexander Ranke, D. D. Volume III. containing the Work from the Accession of Hugh Capet, A. D. 987, to the Succession of St. Lewis, A. D. 1226. 7s. boards. An Enquiry into the Laws of Chemical Affinity; by C. L. Berthollet. Translated from the French by M. Farrell, M. D. 8vo. 7s. boards.

An Account of a painful Affection of the Nerves of the Face, commonly called the Douloureux, by S. Fothergill, M. D. 8vo. 3s. sewed.

Chirurgical Institutes, drawn from Practice, on the Knowledge and Treatment of Gunshot Wounds; illustrated with singular Cases and Cures; by H. St. John Neale, Surgeon.

The Nineteen Manoeuvres explained , with the Duties and relative Positions of Officers and Serjeants; also the Manoevres of a Column formed on the two center Companies; with general Observations on the Principles and Rules on which the Manoevres are founded. 5s.

Poliaenus's Stratagems of War, containing near nine hundred Stratagems of the most celebrated ancient Commanders, both by Sea and Land; now first translated from the original Greek; by Dr. Shepherd,

Military Memoirs, relative to Campaigns, Battles, Maxims and Stratagems of War, Ancient and Modern; extracted from the best Authorities, with occasional Remarks; by the Author of Memoirs of the War in Asia.

A List of all the Officers of the Army and Royal Marines, on full and half Pay; with a Succession of Colonels. Published February, 1804. 8vo.

A World ot Wit; being characteristic Anecdotes, Bon-mots,

&c. of eminent living Persons; by the Hon. Mr. S– n; with Frontispiece, 12mo. 3s.

Observations on the Correspondence between Mr. Adam and Mr. Bowles; with the Correspondence subjoined; by John Bowles, Esq. Is.

Observations on Mr. Thelwal's Letter tp the Editor of the
Edinburgh Review. 2s.

„Mr.Thellwall's Reply to the Editors of the Edinburgh Review.

Letters on the Study and Use of Ancient and Modern History; containing Observations on the Causes and Consequences of those Events which have produced conspicuous Changes in the World, and the general State of Human Affairs; by John Bigland. 12mo. 6s. boards.

Advice and Admonition, suggested to the Middle-aged, in rural and humble Life. 2s. sewed.

An Authentic Account of the late Duel between Lord Camelford and Mr. Best; with an Extract from his Lordship's Will, and some Remarks upon his Character; by the Rev. William Cockburne. 6d.

Essays on Card-playing, Courage, Patriotism, Interference,


in Religion, the Drama, the Use of Wars, on Dr. Johnson, and the Mail Coach. Remarks on the Threatened Invasion, and a Proposal for the Relief of the sick Poor; by Richard Worthington, M. D. 3s. boards. The Victualler's Advocate; with Remarks upon the discretionary Power of Magistrates in granting Licences, and Observations relative to Brewers' Leases, particularly interesting to Publicans, and the Consumers of Porter; in a Letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer; by John Irving Maxwell. 1s. 6d. The Political Proteus; a Review of the public Character and Conduct of R. B. Sheridan, Esq. Selections from his Parliamentary Speeches, and from his Speeches at the Whig Club and other Public Meetings; by William Corbet. ovo. 7s. boards. Essays, Literary, Political, and Economical; by John Gardiner, M. D. 2 Vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. A new Table, shewing at one View the Number of the 65 Days in the solar Year, describable by any possible Ä also the fractional Proportion which any given Number of Days bears to the Year: by Thomas Parke. 2s. 6. sewed. Lepidoptera Britannica; containing the Latin and English Names, a new Arrangement and new Description of various Species of Papilio, Sphinxes, Zygaenae, and Bombyces, with all their Synonyms, Food, Times and Places of Appearance in their different States; An Account of their Peculiarities; and the best Modes of destroying such as are injurious to Mankind. To which are added Botanical Dissertations; by A. H. Haworth, F. L. S. Part I. 8vo. 15s. boards. Flora Britannica; Auctore Jacobo Edwardo Smith, M. D. Vol. III. 1os. 6d. boards. Zoflora; or, the Generous Negro Girl. 2 Vols. 7s. boards. The Woman of Feeling. 4 Vols. 16s. boards. The Talisman. 2 Vols. 7s. boards. The Synonyms of the Latin Language, alphabetically arranged; with a Critical Dissertation upon the Source of its Prepositions, both in a simple and compound State; by John Hill, L. L. D. 4to. 1l. 1 1s. 6d. boards. The Year of Sorrow, written in the Spring of 1803, by W. R. Spencer. 4to. 5s. The Lewes Library Society; by John Button, Junior, of the Classical and Commercial Academy, Cliff Lewes. 4to. with a Vignette. 2s. 6d. Peter Nick'd; or, the Devil's Darling, a mock-heroic Poem. 4to. 2s. 6d. Adversity; or, the Miseries of the Seduced; interspersed

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