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French of Duval. By James Wild. With an Engraving. Being No. I. of a Series of Dramas adapted to the English Stage from the original French. To be published Weekly; 1s. to Non-Subscribers; to Subscribers twelve Numbers will be delivered at 1os. 6d. Renewable at pleaSUI e. Thoughts on the Education of those who imitate the Great, as affecting the Female Character. 12mo. 2s. 6d.

The History of Cinderella; or, the Little Glass Slipper;

being a new and improved Translation from the original French of Charles Perrault, author of Blue Beard, etc. Embellished with three Engravings, coloured, representing the principal Scenes in the Romance, as exhibit - at the Theatre Royal. 6d. An Easy Introduction to Mons. Wailly's French Grammar. By Blanch Mercy. 2s. The History of Free Masonry; with an Account of the Grand Lodge of Scotland. And an Appendix of original Papers. - By Alexander Lawrie. 7s. 6d. boards. The History of the War between Great Britain and France. - By John Young, D. D. 2 vols. 8vo. 14s. boards. Reports of Cases determined in the Time of Lord Chan« cellor Eldon. Vol. VII. Containing from Easter Term to the Sittings after Trinity Term inclusive, 42 Geo. III. 11. 3s. boards. New Editions, enlarged, of the following Treatises: Tidd's Practice of the Court of King's Bench, on Personal Actions. 2 vols. 8vo. 11. 8s. The present Practice of Costs of the Court of Chancércy. By Samuel Taylor. Improved by Robert Hinde Venables, Esq. 2 vols. 8vo. 18s. boards. Peake's Compendium of the Law of Evidence. 8vo. 6s. 6d. boards. John Gottleib Wallers Plates of the Thoracic and Abdominal Nerves, as published by Order of thc Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin, accompanied by coloured Ex- planations, and a Description of the Par Vagum, Great mpathetic and Phrenic Nerves. öto. 18s. boards. A Treatise on Chelsenham Waters, and Bilious Diseases. To which are prefixed, Observations on Fluidity, Mineral Waters, and Watering Places. By Thomas Jameson, M. D. 8vo. 6s. boards. A View of the Central House of the Royal Jennerian Society in London; and a Landscape, including a Pillar to National Genius; accompanied with Letter - press, exhibiting the Formation of this National Institution; Dr. Jenner's History of the Vacciolous Inoculation, with his Portrait, etc. Sheet Imperial Paper. 1s. 6d. The Complete Discipline of a Brigade of Infantry, in Conformity to the Principles laid down in His Majesty's Re

- gulations.- Illustrated by Copper-plates. With Remarks, shewing how the Evolutions of the Battalion, and of the Brigade, combined with those of the Line, and how the Whole apply to the general Purposes of War. By - Major James Cunningham. 4to. 18s. boards. An Delineation of the probable Mode of Operations of the French Armies for the Conquest of the British Empire. An Explanation of all the Acts of Parliaments relative to Volunteer Corps, in an Opinion given by the Honourable Erskine. 6d. A Letter to the British Volunteers. By J. G. Semple – Lisle. 1s. The East India Register and Directory for 1804. Compiled by John Mathison, and Alex. Hay Mason. 5s. The Imperial Review; or, London and Dublin Literary Journal. No. I. (To be continued regularly on the last : Day of every Month.) - Genius genuine. By Samuel Chifney, of Newmarket. 5l. Bowles's View of the Moral State of Society at the Close of the Eighteenth Century; much enlarged, and continued to the Commencement of the Year 1804. With a Pre.. face, addressed particularly to the Higher Orders, 2s. 6d. The Post - Office Annual Directory for 1804. 2s. 6d. sewed, 3s. bound; or, with the Coach and Carriers' Guide, 3s. 6d. sewed, 4s. bound. Proofs of Holy Writ;or, England's Triumph over Bonaparte and his Armada; foretold in express Terms Seventeen Hundred Years ago. 6d. A Vindication of the Conduct of the Five suspended Members of the Council of the Royal Academy. Published by Authority. 1s. - “ - Academic Correspondence, 1803; containing a Report of Transactions of the Royal Academy, Letters from Fo- reign Academies, and an Aecount of the Public MonuÄ voted by the British Parliament. By Prince Hoare- 3s. 6d. The Pence Table and the Multiplication Table in Verse, on Two Cards, price 2d. each. A short Account of certain notable Discoveries in History, Science, and Philology, contained in a recent Work, entitled jej of General Knowledge, etc.“ 1s. The new Annual Register for the Year 1862. To which is prefixed, the History of Knowledge, Learning, and Taste, in Great Britain, during the Reign of James II. Part I. 15s. 6d. half bound. M. Porcius Cato, concerning Agriculture. Translated by the Rev. T. Owen, M. A.8vo. 4s. sewed. Addresses to Young Men; by Joshua Toulmin, D. D. 12mo. 3s. sewed. . Vol. IV. of the Bibliographical Dictionary; containing a Chronological Account, alphabetically arranged, of the most curious, scarce, useful, and important Books, in all Departements of Literature, which have been published in Latin, Greek, and other Foreign Languages; including the Whole of Dr. Harwood's View of the Classics, and with Biographical Anecdotes of Anthors, Printers, and Publishers, etc. etc. Duodecimo, price 6d. each, or on Royal Paper, 9s. The Natural History of Oviparous Quadrupeds; with Plates. By George Shaw, M. D. etc. No. I. (To be comÄ in 42 Weekly Numbers.) 1s. 6d. or coloured, 2s. 6d. A Description of the genus Pinus, illustrated by Figures; Directions relative to the Cultiviation, and Remarks on the Uses of the several Species. By Aylmer Bourke Lambert, Esq. F. R. S. Atlas Folio, 1ol. 1os. boards. Testacea Britannica; or, Natural History of British Shells; embellished with Figures. By George Montagu, F. L. S. Vol. 1. 4to. 21.2s. boards. Castle of St. Curanza; 2 vols. 7s. sewed. The Barons of Felsheim; 3 vols. 12mo. 12s. sewed. Honoria; or , the Infatuated Child; 2 vols. 7s sewed. Lobenstein Village; from the German of La Fontaine. By Mrs Meeke. 4 vols. 16s. sewed. Advantages of Education. By Mrs. West. 2 vols. 6s. The Labyrinth of Corcira, etc. By G. A. Graglia. 2 vols. I2 IIO. The Swiss Emigrants. A Tale. 12mo. 130 pages. 4s. boards.

The Watch Tower; or, the Sons of Ulthonu. - An Historical Romance. By T. J. Horsley Curteis. 5 vols. 12mo. 1l. 5s. boards. Village Anecdotes; or, the Journal of a Year; from Sophia to Edward; with original. Poems. By Mrs. Le Noir. 3 vols. 12mo 12s. boards. The Works of Plato, translated from the Greek; Nime of the Dialogues by the late Floyer Sydenham , and the Remainder by Thomas Taylor; with occasional Corrections of Mr. Sydenham's Translations; together with copious Notes by the latter Translator, in which the Substance is given of nearly all the existing Greek Manuscript Commentaries on the Philosophy of Plato, and a considerable Portion of such as are published. 5 vols. 4to. 1cl. 1os. boards. The Wild Wreath; dedicated (by Permission) to her Royal Highness the Duchess of York. By M. E. Robinson. With beautiful Engravings. 12mo. Phillips.

Sir Rämbert; or, the French Royalist. 12mo. 2s. sewed.
Christmas Holidays By Henry Whitfield, M. A. 6d.
The Pleasures of Nature; or ,the Charms of Rural Life,

with other Poems. By David Carey. With Frontispiece. 8vo. 4s. 6d. boards. - Letters on a Course of English Poetry. By J. Aikin, M. D. A View of the relative Situation of Mr. Pitt and Mr. Addington, previous to, and on the Night of, Mr. Pullen's - Motion. By a Member of Parliament. 3s. A Vindication of Mr. Pitt, for having moved the previous Question, on the Motion of Colonel Pullen; with a View of that Statesman's Conduct from that Period to the present. 1 s. 6d. Rassurez Vous; or , the Improbability of an Invasion, and the impossibility of its Success demonstrated. 1s. 6d. A Series of Letters on the Importance of the present War, By Allan Macleod. Observations on the Temper and Speech of the Irish Nation at the present Crisis. By John Pratt Winter, Esq. 1s. Hints to the People of the United Kingdom, and of North Britain in particular, on the present Crisis, and some interesting collateral Subječts. By W. Dickson, L. L. D. Is. A Family Address to the Labouring Part of the Community, concerning the present State of Public Affairs in Church and State. 8vo. 1s 6d. Thoughts on the old and new Administrations; with a comparative View of their Claim to Public Favour. 2s. 6d. A Letter to the Earl of Wycombe from Mr. Miles, on the present State of Ireland. 3s. A Sermon preached at the Presentation of Colours to the Queen's Royal Regiment of Volunteers. By the Rev. James Moore, L. L. B. Is. Observations on the Propriety of effectually employing our present Military Forces against France; and Remarks on the threatened Invasion. 1s. 6d. The Independence of Great Britain, as the first of Maritime Powers, essential to, and the Existence of France in its present State incompatible with , the Prosperity and Preservation of all European Nations. 8vo. 2s. Letters from Satan to Bonaparte. Edited by Henry Whitfield, M. A. 3d. An Address to the Volunteers of Bromley and Bow, and of West Ham, delivered at the Baptist Meeting-house, Bow; by William Newman, Dec. 18, 1803. 1s. A Sermon preached to the Loyal Macclesfield Volunteers; by Melville Horne, Member of Christ Church, Macclesfield. 1s. The Twentieth Report for bettering the Condition of the Poor. Is. The Principles of Taxation; or , Contribution according to Means; in which it is shewn, that if every Man pays in Proportion to the Stake he has in the Country, the

present System of Taxation, the Customs, and the Ex

cise, may be abolished, and the National Debt easily

paid off. By William Frend, Esq. 1s. 6d. A Sermon preached on the late Fast Day, at Hatton; by Samuel Parr, L. L. D. 2s. A Sermon preached at the Parish Church of St. George, Hanover Square, on the late Fast Day; by Robert Hodson, A. M. 1s. A new Edition of the last Anniversary Sermon of the Royal Humane Society; by R. Valpy, D. D. To which is added, a Preface, containing Observations on the British Critic. 2s. Two Sermons preached before the Corps of Somerset Place Volunteers; the one on the last Fast Day, and the other on the Presentation of the Colours, Oct. 27th. With a - Prayer, used on the Occasion; by James Davidson, D. D. 2s. 6d. The Protection of God our best Confidence, a Sermon preached at Surrey Chapel, Dec. 4. Dedicated to the Volunteer Corps; by the Rev. Rowland Hill, 1s. Sermons by John Grose, A. M. Vol. 11. 8s. A Sermon preached, as Preparatory to a General Fast, Oct. 16, 1803, at St. George's, Hanover Square; by the Rev. Archer Thompson, M. A. 1s. Elements of Religion; containing a simple Deduction of Christianity, from its Source to its present Circumstances; by Mrs. Marriot. 4 vols, 12mo. 18s. boards. The English Diatessaron; or, the History of Our Lord Jesus Christ, from the compounded Texts of the Four Evangelists, according to the authorized English Version. With Notes; accompanied by a brief Harmony of the Gospels, a Map of the Holy Land &c. By the Rev. Ri&chard Warner. 8vo. 6s. boards. The Christian Directory; or , Sure Guide to present and eternal Happiness; by the Rev. Richard Baxter, Abridged from the Original, by Adam Clarke, Translator of Sturme's Reflections, 4 vols, etc. In 2 large vols. 8vo. 16s. boards. A Sermon preached at the Parish Church of Trinity in the Minories, on the last Fast Day; by Henry Ely, D. D. 8vo. 25 pages. A Letter to a Parishioner, upon some particular Questions respecting Titles; containing Texts of Scripture, in Proof of the Arggma::ts adduced. 8vo. 16 pages. The Ground of Encouragement on the present National Danger; a Sermon preached at Clapham , Oct. 23, 1803, by John-Venn, M. A. 8vo. 35 pages. > Gollah flain, and the Philistines put to flight; a Sermon preached at Cirencester, October 19, by the Rev. John Bulman, 4to. 22 pages.

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