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Sieges, Maneuvres, celebrated Fortifications, &c. &c. 41. 145. 60 bourds.

Phillips. The Necessity of the Abolition of Pluralities and Non-resi.

dence, with the employment of Substitutes by the beneficed Clergy, demonstrated in an Enquiry into the Principles and Consequences of the Estabishment of Curates.

8vo. 75. 6d. Correspondence between His Majesty, the Prince of Wales,

the Duke of York, and Mr. Addington, on the Offer of Military Service made by His Royal Highness the Prince

of Wales is. The Causes and Consequences of the Neglect of the Clergy ;

and the Condition of the Clergy as it relates to his present

Majesty. 8vo. 2s. 6d. Letters of a Mameluke ; os, a Moral and Critical Pi&ure

of the Manners of Paris ; from the French of Joseph Lavallée ; with Notes by the Translator, 2 vols. 12mo.

125. boards. Letters on a Course of English Poetry, addressed to a Young

Lady; by J. Aikin, M D. The Port- Folio ;' by Oliver Oldschool, Esq. 2 vols. royal

4to. il 16$. boarils. An Abridgement of the Laws of United States; with an Ap

pendix containing, all existing Treaties, Declaration, Ru. les for the Covernment of the Army, &c. &c. by Wil.

liam Graydon, Esq. large gvo. 128. boards. Polyanthea; or, A Collection of interesting Fragments in

Profe and Verse; consisting of Original Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches, Dialogues , Characters, etc. etc. 2

vols. 8vo. 165. boards. The Royal Kalendar; or, Complete Annual Register for

England, Scotland, Ircland, and America, for the Year 1804, including a List of the Imperial Parliament of Great Britain, upon new and more extensive Plan than

any hitherto offered. 39. 60. with Almanack ss. The English Olive Tree; or, A Treatise on the Use of

Oil, and the Air Bath ; also ą, Chemical Analysis of the Barnet Well water ; by the Rev. W. M. Trinder, M.

D. 5

The Encyclopedia of Wit; containing not only the best Pie.

ces of Wit and Humour to be found in previous Collections but also several Thousand additional Articles, in part selected from scarce Books, in part original, and in part translated from foreign Languages; a new Edition. 65. boards.


A Treatise on Ancient and Modern Literature. ` 2 vols: gva.

145. boards.

Harry Clinton, a Tale for Youth, extracted froin the Fool

of Quality. 5s. Villane Anoals; or, Scenes in Domestic Life ; hy Anne Le

Noir. 2 vols. 12ino. gs. Tales from the Rullian; by Nicholas Karamsin. Svo. 65. line

paper, 85. boards. Hell upon Earth; by the author of Pizaro, etc. : vols. 85,

fewed. The Two Marillos; or, The Mysterious Resemblance; by

Mrs. Weft. 3 vols. 1os. 60. sewed. The Pride of Ancestry. 4 vols. 12mo. 165. A Peep at the World, 3 vols. 12mo. 125. Fate; or, Spong

Castle. 4s.

Light and Shade. 4 vols. 12mo. Ijs. fewed.
The Cave of Cosenza, a Romance; altered from the Italian,

by E. N. Bromley. 2- vols. 12m0. 12. boards. The Second part of the Philosophical Transactions of the

Royal Society of London for the year 1803. The Second Part of Vol. 2, of An Abridgement of the Phi

losophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London'; edited by Drs. Hutton, Shaw, and Pearson. jos. 6d. or

on Royal paper, 185. A Practical Grammar of the Ancient Gaelie, or, Language

of the Isle of Mann, usually called Mank; by the Rev.

Jolm Kelly, L. L. D. 4to. 6s. boards. The Press, A Poem, published as a specimen of Typogra.

phy; by J. M. Crerey. 4to. with engravings 1 s. boards, Petrarca; A Collection of Sonnets from various Authors;

with an Introduction on the Origin and Structure of the

Sonnet. 8va. with Engravinys, 75. 6d. The Pleasures of Nature, and other Poems; by D. Carey.

45. 6. boards. Gebirus, Poema; script Savagius Landor.' 12m0. 48. sewed. Christ raising the Daughter of Jairus ; a Seatonian Prize

Poein ; by the Rev. William Cockburn, M. A. 25. Observations occasioned by the Phamphlet called Cnrfory

Remarks; or, A Comparative Glance at the Political Mesit of the Right Hon, H. Addington and the Right Hon.

William Pitt. is. Fitz- Albion's Letters to the Right Hon. Wim. Pitt, and

the Right Hon. Henry Addington on the Subject of the

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ministerial Phamphlet „Cursory Remarks on the State of Parties ; by a ncar Observer.“ Now republished, revised,

and corrected, with the addition of Notes. zs. Plan of National Improvemant, pointing out the means of

rendering Great Britain independent of fupplies of Corn from Abroad; to extend the British Fisheries, and augment the Military and Naval Strungth of the Enlpire, without expence or inconvenience. To which are aided, Remarks on the several attempts to Invade the British 11. dands; and an Exposition of Bonaparte's Project to con.

quer Great Britain, etc. 4to. 1os. 6d. boards The safe Result of the opposite Opinions delivered in thá

Houfe of Commons on the subject of the Volunteer Esta.

blilhment 25.
Substance of a Speech delivered by Lord Caftlereagh in the

House of Commons, upon the Army Estimates is. (d.
A Sermon preached October the 16th before the Officers of

the Surrey Volunteers; hy Robert Dickicson, Cnrate of

St. Mary, Newington.
The Parallel between England and Carthage, and between

France and Rome, examined; by a Citizen of Dublin is 6d.
A plain Answer to the Misrepresentations and Calumuies

contained in the Cursory Remarks of a near Observer.

25. Gu. The Substance of a Speech intended to have been spoken

in the House of Lords, November 22d; by the Bishop

of Landaff. is. 6il. A Letter to William Cobbett; being an Answer to his Se

cond Letter to Mr. Sheridan; containing Remarks on Mr. Cobbett's Observations with regard to the Annihilation of the Nutional Debt, the Volunteers, and the Subscription

at Loyds! is. 60. A Serrious Address to the Public upon the present Times. is. Honest Apprehensions; or, the Unbiased and Sincere Con,

fession of a plain, honest, Layman. 28. 6d. A Letter to the Committee for regulating the Concerns of

the Stock Exchange, London; comprising a Scheme formed in the Year 1797, for railing Ten Millions of Money, by which the Credit of the Country would be materially

strengthened, and Taxation considerably alleviated, is. The Picture of London for 1804, a new Edition ; being a

correct Description of the British Metropolis, and of its
Vicinity; and a Guide to all its Curiosities, Exhibitions,
Public Institutions, and whatever is deserving of Notice.
With the Hackney Coach Fares. List of Streets, Inns,


and Coffee - houses, Churches, Public Offices, etc. etc.
Illustrated with a large modern Map of London, and ano.
ther Map of the Eavirons, and with several Views. 5s.

A Sermon preached at the Church of Allhallows, London.

wall, on the late General Faft. day; by the Rev. Wil.

Jiam Belloe. is.
A Sermon preached on the Fast- day to a Congregation of

Protestant Disfenters, at York; by Charles Wellbeloved. is.
A Sermon preached on the Fast-day, at Chatham Church ;

by James Lyon, M. A. 25. A Letter to the Bishop of London; suggesting a farther con.

sideration of a Passage in the Gospel of St. Matthew.

25. 6d. The Sentiments proper to the present Crisis ; A Sermon

preached on the Fast day; by Robert Hall, A. M. 18. 68. A Discourse delivered in the Diffenting Chapel at Lympston,

on the late Fast day; by the Rev. Thomas Jervis. is. 6d. The Tears of Peter, a Sermon, translated from the origi

nal French of Peter Du Bose, Pastor of the French Church

at Rotterdam. 19. 60. An Exposition of the Lord's Prayer; in which are compre

hended, an Account of the Origin of the Prayer, an Explanation of its several Petitions, and a demonstration that it contains a complete Summary of Christian Doctrine; with illuftrative Notes ; by the Rev. Joseph Mendham, M. A.

crown 8vo. 1S.
Sacred Hours; or, Extracts from Private Devotions and Me.

ditations ; comprehending the Psalms, clased under various
Heads; with Prayers, Hymns, etc. chiefly selected from
Scripture 8vo. 1oš, 6d. boards.
The Influence of Religious Principle upon the present State

of the Nation; illustrated from a Review of the Cause of

the French Revolution. 8vo. 50 pages. Three Discourses by the late Rev. William Turner, of Wa

kefield. 73 pages. The Ccburchman's Remembrancer , No. 2. gvo. 74 pages. Occasional Sermons, by Samuel Herbert, D. D. 8vo. 134

pages. The Benefits of Wisdom and the Evils of Sin, a Sermon

preached before the honourable Society of Lincoln's -ion, November 6. 1803; by the Rev. Robert Nares. 8vo. 28 pages. The Sword of the Lord and of Gideon, a Discourse preached at Epsom; by the Rev. Robert Gutch. 8vo. 29 pages.


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In unserm Verlag ist eben erschienen, und wird iegt an alle Buchhandlungen versandt.

D. J. E. Poders anatomische Tafeln zur Befördes rung der Kenntniß des mensd liden Körpers V. Lieferung Ungiologie II. Abschnitt 2te Abtheilung Venen Tab. 126, 132 mit teutschem oder latein. Tert 4 Rthlr. Kupfer auf großes res Schweizer - Papier mit einem Tert 4 Rthlr. 16 gr. Der latein. oder teutsche Tert beronders 12 är. Der lezte Heft der Nerven von Tab. 177 -- 182 oder VI. Lieferung 2ter Abschnitt zte Abthellung wird in 4 Woden fertig mit welcher dann auch zugleich das Register erfolgt. Hiermit wird also dies ganze fostbare Wert vollstendig in den Händen der Liebe haber reon.

mehrere Besiker der anatomischen Tafeln haben gewünscht, das Portrait des Hrn. Geh. Naths Loder als Titelkupfer daju erbeter! ju fönnen. Wir haben auch dafür gesorgt, und reben uns nun in den Stand gelezt, diesen Wunsch aufs beste befriedigen zu fönnent, indem wir eine Anzahl des von Hr. m ůll er in Stuttgardt nach Tildbeing Original sehr schon gestochenen Portraite, von dem Verleger Hr. Drauenholg übernommen haben, und können es nun den Herren Besikern der anatomi: Ichen Tafeln – jedod nur diesen um den fehr billigen Preis von 2 Rthlr. Sachs. überlaßen, da es sonst 2 Rthlr. 16 gr. kostet. Wir erbitten uns daher von jedem Liebbaber, der dies Portrait zu seinem Eremplare d. 4. T. fu haben wünscht, unverzüglich die Bestellung, um dasselbe beyheften ju laflen; weil wir ohne ausdrückliche Ordre kein Eremplar versenden und die lezte Lieferung unfehlbar in 4 Wodieu erfolgt. Weimar, den sten August 1803.

F. S. př. Landes : Judustrie : Comptoir.

11 eberregung 8: Anzeige. Vou der fürzlich zu London herausgekommenen interesfanten Reisebeschreibung A. Journal of travels in Babary in the year 1:or.

By I. Curtis Esq. Surgeon of the Embassy to Marocco with observations on the Gum - Trade

of Senegal 12. wird eine mit Einleitung, Anmerkungen und Zusäßen bereider: te, auch durch eine Charte erläuterte fueberserung in der Sprengel: Ehrmannischen Bibliothek der neuesten und wichtigften Reisebeschreibungen in Kurzem erscheinen. Weimar, im Juli 1893.

F. S. pr. Landes : Industrie - Comptoir. Neue Verlagsbücher welche im Landes - Industries

Comptoir zu Weimar zur Leipziger Michaelis: Meite 1803 erschienen , und in allen Buchhandlungen zu haben find.

Bertucho, F. F., Bilderbuch für Kinder mit teutschen, franzöftraen , engliiden und italienischen Erflärungen, mit

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