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Neue Bücher im September. The first forty Volumes of Arthur Young's Annals of Agriculture, complete, in boards, price 25l. or any fingle Number, or Volume, to complete Setts. Phillips.

Plates VIII and IX of the Fourth Volume of Vetusta Monumenta. 15s.

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The Laws of the Coal Trade , with an Abridgment of the .

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or, Wits of Supersedeas; conducted by Thomas Walter Williams, of the Inner Temple , Barrister at Law. Volume I. containing Nos. I. to VI. (To be continued.) 15s. boards. Phillips.

Proceedings for High Treason in Dublin, in 1803. No. I. to be continued. 2s.

A Map of the Human Ear, magnified. 5s.

An Account of the epidemical Catarrhal Fever, commonly called the Influenza, as it appeared at Bath in 1803; by William Falconer, M. D. 1s. 6d.

A Digest of the Laws relating to Volunteer Corps in Great Britain. 6d.

A Treatise on the Use of Balloons and Field - Observa tors in military Operations, by Major General Money

2s. 6d. The Yeoman's Military Assistant, being a short and easy Method of organizing Yeomanry“Cavalry, with Plates. 2s. 6d. The Soldier's Assistant to the Manual and Platoon Fxercise; with Directions for the Discipline of Volunteer Corps, and Figures of the Positions; by James Keith, of the Loyal North Britons. 6d.

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