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The Rev. E. Evans, Church Langton, Leicestershire. Charles Elliott, Esq. Brighton, 2 Copies. * A. Edington, Esq. Hampstead, ? Copies.

The Rev. Dr. Fly, St. James's, 2 Copies.
The Rev. J. Foottit, Vicar Choral of the Collegiate

Church, Southwell, Notts. 4 Copies.
The Rev. R. H. Fowler, Ditto.
The Rev. C. Fenwicke, Allexton.
Mrs. Fallows, Derby.
Mrs. Fowler, Ditto.
A Friend, by the Rev. F. T. Corrance, 1 Copy, sub-

scribed for 4. J. Fabling, Esq. Stapleford, Leicestershire,


The Rev. Mr. Goodman, Kibworth, Leicestershire, • Mr. T. Garton, Queen's Coll. Cambridge. Mr. W. Gimson, Frolesworth, Leicestershire.


R. J. Wilmot Horton, Esq. M. P.
Miss Hammond.
Miss Julia Hammond.
The Rev. G. Hanbury, Rector of Kelmarsh.
The Rev. T. Holdich, Rector of Maidwell.
H. H. H. Hungerford, Esq. Dingley Hall,
T. P. Holdich, Esq.
* Mr. W. H. Holdich,

Mrs. Hollis, Clifton, Derbyshire.
The Rey. J. Harris, Deene.
Mr. Holloway, Market Harborough.
• G. B. Hart, Esq. Newington Place, 2 Copies.
* D. Hooper, Esq. Belsize Grove, 2 Copies.


The Hon. and Rey. P. A. Irby, Rector of Cottes

Sir Justinian Isham, Bart. Lainport.
Rev. Vere Isham.
Mr. Ingram, Attorney, Market Harborough.

The Rev. F. Jones, Kettering.
The Rev. T. Jones, Creaton, 4 Copies.
The Rev. C. Jerram, Chobham, Surrey.
The Rev. J. James, Ashby Magna.


N. Kemp, Esq. Ovingdean, Sussex, 1 Copy, sub

scribed for 4.


The Hon. and Right Rev. the Bishop of Litchfield

and Coventry, 2 Copies. The Rev. Dr. Law, Archdeacon of Rochester. The Rev.R.A. Lafargue, Farndon, Northamptonshire. Mrs. Ludlam, Welford Road, Leicester. A Lady, by the Rev. G. Osborne.


W.F. Maior, Esq. Market Harborough.
J. Mendham, Esq. Twickenham, Middlesex.
John Marriott, Esq. Kibworth, Leicestershire,

2 Copies.
The Hon. J. Moncton, Fineshade.
The Rev. E. Morgan, Syston, Leicestershire.
The Rev. J. W. Mercer, Kilby, Ditto.
Miss Marriott, Church Lawford, Warwickshire.
T. W. Mellor, Esq. Denmark Hill, Surrey.
The Rev. Rowland Morgan, Rondam, Suffolk.
Mr. J. Moor, Leicester.
The Rev. H. Moncton, Seaton.
Mrs. Murchison,


Mrs. Nethercoat, Market Harborough.
J. Nethercoat, Esq. Haslebeech, 2 Copies.
The Rev. J. W. Niblock, Hitchin, Herts.
The Rev. H. Nevile, Rector of Cottesmore,



The Hon. Emma O'Brien, Blatherwycke Park,

2 Copies. The Rev. G. Osborne, Stainby, Lincolnshire. Mrs. Osborne. The Rev. J. Ord, Langton Hall, Leicestershire. The Rev. J. Owen, Queniborough, Ditto.


Sir J. H. Palmer, Bart. 2 Copies.
Francis Paynter, Esq. Denmark Hill.
• Samuel Paynter, Esq. Ditto.
G. Polbill, Esq. Clipsted, Kent.
Mr. J. Philips, Leicester.
Mr. Pegge, Rutland Street, Leicester.
Mr. H. Parsons, Ditto.
John Purnor, Esq. Stoke Rochford, 2 Copies.
George Payne, Esq. Sulby Abbey, 2 Copies.


The Rev. W. V. Robinson.
Mr. Rawson, Senr. Leicester.
Captain Rokeby, Arthingworth.


The Right Hon. Lord Sondes, 5 Copies.
Lady Jane Sherrard.
Lady Charlotte Sherrard.
The Hon. and Rev. R. B. Stopford, Rector of Barton

W. Sheror, Esq. Morcot House,
T. B. Simpson, Esq. Derby.
Edward Simpson, Esq. Ditto.
Mrs. W. Samler, St. Andrew's Hill, London.
Mrs. R. Samler.
The Rev. I. Simons, Paul's Cray, Kent, 2 Copies.
The Rev. J. A. Stewart, Leicester.
The Rev. J. D. Schomberg, C. C. C. Cambridge,
Mrs. Sewell, Ashby Magna.
Mrs. H. Shuttleworth, Market Harborough.

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The Rev. T. Thomas, Kibworth.
Mrs. Tempest, Belgrave, Leicestershire,
Mr. Tuffley, Market Bosworth.
Mr. R. Turner, Grantham.
Mrs. Townsend, Long Lawford, Warwickshire.
Mr. J. Townsend, Church Lawford, Ditto.


Mr. T. Voile, Frolesworth, Leicestershire.


The Hon. and Rev. H. Watson, Carlton, 2 Copies. Lady Sophia Whichcote, Glaston, Rutland. Christopher Whichcote, Esq. Wakerley, Northamp

tonshire. A Friend, by C. Whichcote, Esq. The Rev. T. Wartnaby, Kibworth. The Rev. D. Wilson, Prebendary of Rochester, and

Vicar of Islington, 2 Copies.
• G. Wilson, Esq. Essex Street, London, 2 Copies.
The Rev. J. Wilson, Laxton,
W. Z. L. Ward, Esq. Guilsborough, Northampton-

C. Wilmot, Esq. Sundridge, Kent.
G. Wilmot, Esq. Shoreham, Ditto.
The Rev. W. C. Wilson, Tunstall, Lancashire.


The Rev. Dr. Young, Braybrook, Northamptonshire.

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