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far as lawfully fhe may, 1 Cor. vii. 34. watching a gainst what is displeasing, and doing in things lawful what she knows is pleafing, Gen. xxvii.. 9. Yea and the husband muft be careful to please her too, ver. 33. It is a piece of that conjugal tenderness he owes her, not to do any thing that he knows may juftly difpleafe her, and even to humour her in things lawful and fit, for her greater comfort; for though he is the head, yet she is his own flesh. This would keep peace.

5. Living together not only in peace, but in love, delighting in one another's company, Eccl. ix. 9. living chearfully and familiarly together. A careless, inorofe, and unconverfible humour is oppofite to the end of the state of marriage, which is the mutual comfort of the parties.

6. Honouring one another. The woman ought to honour her husband, walking under a confcientious respect to that fuperiority God has granted him over her, 1 Cor. xi. 7. So that the may not trample upon his character as a hufband. Yea and fhe muft labour to walk fo with others, as fhe may bring no difhonour to him by her indifcreet carriage, but be a glorý to him by her meek and quiet converfation, 1 Pet. iii. 4. So as he is her head, fhe becomes a crown to that head. A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, Prov. xii. 4. The hufband muft alfo honour his wife, 1 Pet. iii. 7. both in his words and actions, fhewing his esteem of her virtues, praifing her when fhe does well, Prov. xxxi. 28. repofing truft and confidence in her as to the management of his affairs, and not keeping up the knowledge of his bufinefs from her, but communicating counfels with her, Prov. xxxi. II. This he muft do when the is worthy; otherwife that must take place, Micah vii. 5. Keep the doors of thy mouth from her that lieth in thy bofom. In a word, he ought to carry fo respectfully to her, as to thew that he looks on her as his companion, and may gain respect to her from the rest of the family, Gen. xvi. 6. and this be

caufe fhe is the weaker veffel, both naturally and morally, in which refpect fhe is more easily crushed and broken in her spirit, especially by the auftere and undutiful carriage of her husband.

7. Sympathizing with one another in all their croffes, and griefs, and joys, whether of body or mind. Being one flesh, they must fhew it this way. It is a common duty we owe to all, to weep with them that weep, and rejoice with them that rejoice; and fo both their griefs and joys fhould be mutual, in a fpecial manner; otherwife they will be as jarring ftrings in an inftrument that mars the harmony, 1 Sam. i. 8. And they must bear with one another's infirmities, covering them with the mantle of love, Gal. vi. 2.

8. Faithfulness in respect of their bodies, communicating themselves one to another according to the ends of marriage, with modefty and foberness, marriage putting the body of each in the other's power; and therefore the apoftle in this case forbids them to defraud one another, 1 Cor. vii. 5. Another piece of that faithfulness is keeping by one another, and not embracing a stranger, which is that horrible breach that diffolves the bond of marriage.

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9. Lastly, A due concern for one another's foul and eternal welfare, 1 Pet. iii. 7. They must be helpful to one another in the way of the Lord, doing what they can to advance one another's eternal intereft; watching over one another, joining together in holy duties; inftructing and admonishing one another lovingly and meekly, each one propofing to themfelves the falvation of their relative, as well as their own, í Cor. vii. 16.

This is a weighty point, which few lay to heart, &'c. [To be continued in the third volume.]


EDINBURGH, August 9. 1773.

The Tranfcriber and Preparer of this work for the prefs hereby gives notice, that, at the defire of feveral minifters and Chriftians in different places of the country, he will speedily iffue





Of the remaining



The late Reverend and Learned

Minister of the Gospel at Ettrick,

Author of this and many other excellent Pieces.

The propofals will fpecify the titles and texts of the discourses to be contained in each volume,

The price of each volume will be only 2 s. fewed in a blue paper cover, or 2s. 6d. bound, to be paid on delivery.


A volume will be published every other month.

As no more fermons of this author are defigned for publication, it is hoped that the encouragers of his former works will fhew a difpofition to promote this laft publication of the author.

If a fufficient number of fubfcribers do not offer in five months from this date, the defign will be entirely laid afide, however much it may be to the lofs of the public, and contrary to the inclination of feveral who have fignified the frongest defire to see the last remains of this great and good man.

And the tranfcriber hereby gives further notice, that if this defigned publication fhall meet with fuccefs, the author's Memoirs will fpeedily follow; but if it fhall fail of fuitable encouragement, the publication of the Memoirs will also be laid afide.

It is almost unneceffary to fay, that these fermons, and the memoirs, are intended to be published by the confent and under the infpection of the Rev. Mr MICHAEL BOSTON, the author's grandfon," who furnishes the manufcripts to the transcriber, and compares the tranfcript with the original before printing; and that the tranfcriber is the fame perfon, who has prepared all Mr Boston's pofthumous tracts and fermons that have been hitherto published, except the fermons on afflictions and church-communion, first published in 1737,

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