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Wanchancie, unlucky, nie a weary body, many ill-omened, inauspi

a different person. cious.

Weason, weasand. Wanrestfu', restless, un- Weaving the stocking. easy.

See Throwing the
Wark, work.

stocking, page 89.
Wark-lume, a tool to Wee, little.
work with.

Wee things, little ones.
Warl, or Warld, world. Wee bit, a small matter,
Warlock, a wizard. Weel, well.
Warly, wordly, eager oni Weelfare, welfare.
amassing wealth

Weet, rain, wetness.
Warran, a warrant; to Weird, fate.

We’se, we shall.
Warst, worst.

Wha, who
Warstí'd, or Warsl'd, Whaizle, to wheeze.

Whalpit, whelped,
Wastrie, prodigality. brought forth.
Wat, wet: I wat, I wot, Whang, a leathernstring,
I know.

a peice of cheese, Water-brose, brose made bread, &c; to give the

of meal and water sim strapado.
ply, without the addi- Whare, where
tion of milk, butter, Whare'er, wherever.

Whase, whose.
Wattle, a twig, a wand. Whatreck, nevertheless.
Wauble, to swing, to reel. Whaup, the curlew a kind
Waught, draught.

of water-fowl. Waukit, thickened, as Wheep, to fly nimbly, to fullers do cloth.

jerk : penny-wheep, Waukrise, not apt to small-beer. sleep.

Whid, the motion of a Waur, worse; to worst. hare, running but not Waurt, worsted.

frighted; a lie. Wean, or Weanie, a Whidden, running as a child.

hare or coney. Wearie, or Weary; mo- Whigmeleeries, whims.

farcies, crotchets.

ted, gay,

Whingin, crying, com- Wilfu', willing, full of

plaining, fretting. will. Whirligigums, useless or- Willyart, bashful, reser

naments, trifing ap ved, timid. pendages.

Wimple, to meander, to Whirrin", whirring; the run very irregularly.

sound, made by the Wimpl't ineandered. flight of the partridge Wimplin, waving, mean&c.

dering. Whisht, silence ; to hold Win to wind, to winnow.

one's whisht, to be si- Wn't winded, as a botlent.

tom of yarn. Whisk, to sweep, to lash. Win', wind. Whiskin,large, sweeping Win's, winds. Whiskit, lashed. Winna, will not. Whissle, a whistle ; to Winnock, a window. whistle.

Winsome, hearty, vaunWhitter, a hearty

draught of liquor. Wintle, a staggering moWhun-stane, a whin

tion; to stagger to reel.

Winze, an oath. Whyles, whiles, some Wiss, to wish, to have a times.

strong desire.. Wi', with.

Withouten, without Wick, to strike a stone Witless, simple, easily

in an oblique direction imposed on. a term in curling.

Wizen'd, hide-bound, Wicker, willow (the dried, shrunk. smaller sort.)

Wonner, a wonder, a Widdiefu', wrathful, an contemptuous appella

gry, raging ; one de tion.

serving the gallows. Wons, dwells, resides. Widdle, struggle, bustle, Woo', wool. effort.

Woo, to court, to make Wiel, a small whirlpool. love to. Wifie,a diminutive or en Woddie, a rope, more

dearing term for wifc. properly one made of


withis or willows, a hal

Y. ter, a gallows. Wooer-hab, the garter 'Ye; this pronoun is fre

knotted belowthe knee quently used for thou.

with a couple of loops. Year, is used both for sinWordy, worthy

gular and plural, years. Worset, worsted. Yearlings, born in the Wow, an exclamation of

same year, coevals. pleasure or wonder. Yearns, longs much, deWrack, to tease, to vex. sires earnestly. Wraith, a spirit, ghost; Yel), barren, that gives

an apparition exactly no milk. like a living person, Yerk, to lash, to strike, whose appearance is

to jerk. said to forbode the Yerkit, jerked, lashed person's approaching

struck. death.

Yestreen, yesternight, Wrang, wrong; to wrong the night before. to injure.

Yett, a gate, such as is Wreeth, a drifted heap usually at the entrance of snow.

into a farm-yard or Writers, attorneys, law field. yers.

Yill, ale. Wud-mad distracted, Yird, earth. wild.

Yokin, yoking, a bouts Wumble, a whimble, an Yont, beyond.

instrument for boring Yoursel', yourself. holes.

Yowe, an ewe. Wyle, beguile.

Yowie, dimin of yowe. Wyliecoat, a flannel vest Yule, Christmas. Wyte, blame ; to blame,

to accuse.





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