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not to be endured. For my own part,

I shall omit no endeavours to render ' their persons as despicable, and their

practices as odious, in the eye of the
world, as they deserve.

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T HE following Letter comes to

me from that excellent man in

Holy Orders, whom I have mentioned more than once as one of that society who aslift me in my fpeculations. It is a thought in fickness, and of a very serious nature, for which reason I give it a place in the paper of this day.


h ung upon me, is at last grown a to such a head, that it must quickly

(make make an end of me, or of it self. You may imagine, that whilft I am in this

bad state of health, there are none of ? your works which I read with greater

Pe Thould with a Wer

6 I should be very glad if I could fur6 nich you with any hints for that day's " entertainment. Were I able to dress.

up several thoughts of a serious na, 'ture, which have made great impres, 6 fions on my mind during a long fit 6 of sickness, they might not be an < improper entertainment for that occa. 6. fion ; ," . ! Among all the reflections which u

sually rise in the mind of a fick man, 6 who has time and inclination to con• sider his approaching end, there is none more natural than that of his going

to appear naked and unbodied before - Him who made him. When a man

confiders, that as soon as the viral & union is dissolved, he shall fee that < Supreme Being, whom he now cons C templates at a distance, and only in his works; or, to speak more philo, sophically, when by some faculty in the Soul he shall apprehend the Dir


. vina

• vine Being, and be more sensible of • his Prefence, than we are now of the • Presence of any object which the eye e beholds, a man must be loft in care« lessness and stupidity, who is not a• Jarmed at such a thought. Dr. Sherlock, in his excellent treatise upon death, . has represented, in very strong and • lively colours, the state of the Soul • in its first separation from the Body, • with regard to that invisible world • which every where furrounds us, tho' & we are not able to discover it through o this groffer world of matter, which is • accommodated to our senses in this life. & His words are as follow.

That death, wbich is our leaving this Ĉ world, is nothing else but our putting off these bodies, teaches us, that it is only

our union to these bodies, which intercepts the fight of the other world: The other

world is not at such a distance from us, * as we may imagine ; the throne of God indeed is at a great remove from this

earth, above the third beavens, where he * displays his glory to thofe blessed Spirits which encompass bis throne; but as foon

ras we step out of, these bodies, we step $ into the other world, which is not so pro

perly another world, (for there is the Fame heaven and earth fill) as a new state of life. To live in these bodies is to live in this world; to live out of thene is to remove into the next : For while our Souls are confined to these bodies, and can look only through these material casements, nothing but what is material can affe&t us; nay, nothing but what is so

gross, that it can refleet light, and con6 vey the mapes and colours of things with ( it to the eye : So that though within this 6 visible world, there be a more, glorious

scene of things than what appears to us, 6. we perceive nothing at all of it; for this & veil of fles parts the visible and in6 visible world : But when we put off these bodies, there are new and surpri< zing wonders present themselves to our views; when these material Spectacles are s taken off the Souls with its own naked reyes, sees what was invisible before: And " then we are in the other world, when we o can see it, and converse with it: Thus 6 St. Paul tells us, That when we are at 6 home in the body, we are absent from


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