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INTRODUCTION. COMPOSITION is the art of expressing ideas in written language.

To compose correctly, it is necessary to have a practical knowledge of Spelling, Punctuation, the Use of Words, and the Structure and Arrangement of Sentences.

To compose with perspicuity and elegance, it is also necessary to have a practical knowledge of the various qualities of Style, and of the use of Figurative Language.

To be able to write with facility, it is further necessary to have considerable practice in Original Composition.


1.-SPELLING. SPELLING is the art of expressing words by their pro

per letters.

Letters are of two forms, capitals and small letters.


CAPITAL LETTERS. CAPITAL LETTERS are used in the following situations :

1. The first word of every sentence.
II. The first word of every line of poetry.
III. The first word of a quotation in a direct form.
IV. The names of the Supreme Being.
V. Proper names, and adjectives derived from

proper names.
VI. The names of the days of the week, and of the

months of the year. VII. Any very important word; as, the Reforma

tion. VIII. The pronoun I, and the interjection 0.

IX. Generally the name of an object personified.


Correct the errors in the following passages :

I. The love of praise should be kept under proper subordination to the principle of duty. in itself, it is a useful motive to action ; but when allowed to extend its influence too far, it cor. rupts the whole character. to be entirely destitute of it, is a defect. to be governed by it, is depravity.

How many clear marks of benevolent intention appear every where around us ! what a profusion of beauty and ornament is poured forth in the face of nature ! what a magnificent spectacle presented to the view of man! what a supply contrived for his wants !

On whom does time hang so heavily, as on the slothful and lazy ? to whom are the hours so lingering ? who are so often de. voured with spleen, and obliged to fly to every expedient, which can help them to get rid of themselves ?

II. Restless mortals toil for nought ;

bliss in vain from earth is sought ;
bliss, a native of the sky,
never wanders. mortals, try;
there you cannot seek in vain,
for to seek her is to gain.

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