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PAGE Chap. XIX. - The Testimonies of

several great,learned, and virtuous
Personages among the Gentiles,
urged against the Excesses of the

Age ........ 296 to 382 Chap. XX. — The Doctrine and

Practice of the blessed Lord Jesus and his Apostles, the primitive Christians, and those of more ;* . modern Times, in Favour of the

Discourse .......382 to 422 Chap. XXI.-The serious Appre.

hensions and Expressions of several aged and dying Men of Fame

and Learning... 422 to 466 Chap. XXII.-An Exhortation to

all, profefling Christianity, to embrace the foregoing Reasons and Examples .... 466 0.477

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S. 1. Of the necessity of the Cross of Christ in

general; yet the little regard Christians have to it. §. 2. The degeneracy of Christendon from purity to lust, and moderation to excess. S. 3. That worldly lusts and pleasures are hecone the care and study of Christians, so that they have advanced upon the impiety of infidels. §. 4. This defection a second part to the Jewish tragedy, and worse than the first :

the scorn Christians have cast on their Saviour. • S. 5. Sin is of one nature all the world over;

finners are of the same church, the devil's children : profession of religion in wicked men makes them but the worse. §. 6. A wolf is not a lamb; a finner cannot be, whilst such, a faint. $. 7. The wicked will perfecute the good; this, false Christians have done to the true, for non-compliance with their supersti

tions : the strange carnal measures false Chrife tians have taken of Christianity ; the danger

of that self-seduction. S. 8. The sense of that has obliged me to make this discourse for a dif

* Suasive against the world's lusts, and an invia' tation to take up the daily cross of Christ, as the way left us by him to blessedness. 8. 9. Of the self-condemnation of the wicked; that religion and worship are comprised in doing the will of God. The advantage good men have upon bad men in the last judgment. S. 10. A Supplication for Christendom, that she may not be rejected in that great asize of the world. She is exhorted to consider, what relation be bears to Christ; if her Saviour, how saved, and from what: what her experience is of that great work. That Christ came to save from jin, and wrath by consequence : not to save men in fin, but from it, and so from the wages of it.

3.1. 1 HOUGH the knowledge and obedie ence of the doctrine of the cross of Christ be of infinite moment to the souls of men, for that is the only door to true Christianity, and that path the ancients ever trod to blessedness; yet, with extreme affliction let me fay, it is so little understood, so much neglected, and what is worfe, so bitterly contradicted by the vanity, superstition, and intemperance of professed Christians, that we must either renounce to believe what the Lord Jesus hath told us, Luke xiv. 27. That whosoever doth not bear his cross, and come after him, cannot be his disciple: or, admitting that for truth, conclude, that the generality of Christendom do misemadly deceive and disappoint themselves in the

great business of Christianity, and their own salvation.

$. II. For, let us be never so tender and charitable in the survey of those nations, that intitle themselves to any interest in the holy name of Christ, if we will but be just too, we must needs acknowledge, that after all the gracious advantages of light, and obligations to fidelity, which these latter ages of the world have received by the coming, life, doctrine, miracles, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ, with the gifts of his Holy Spirit; to which add the writings, labours, and mar. tyrdom of his dear followers in all times, there seems very little left of Christianity but the name ; which being now usurped by the old heathen nature and life, makes the professors of it but true heathens in disguise. For though they worship not the same idols, they worship Christ with the same heart : and they can never do otherwise, whilst they live in the same lusts. So that the unmortified Christian and the heathen are of the same religion. For though they have different objects, to which they do direct their prayers, that adoration in both is but forced and cerea monious, and the deity they truly worship, is the god of the world, the great lord of lufts: to him they bow with the whole powers of soul and sense. What shall we eat ? What shall we drink? What shall we wear? And how shall we pass away our time? Which way may we gather wealth, increase our power, enlarge our territories, and dignify and pera

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