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the just and merciful God: it would be a noble example of gravity and temperance to foreign states, and an unspeakable benefit to ourselves at home.

Alas! Why should men need persuasions to what their own felicity fo necessarily leads them ? Had thefe vitiofos of the times but a sense of heathen Cato's generosity, they would rather deny their carnal appetites, than leave such noble enterprizes unattempted. But that they should eat, drink, play, game, and fport away their health, estates, and, above all, their irrevocable precious time, which should be dedicated to the Lord as a necessary introduction to a bleffed eternity, and than which, did they but know it, no worldly solace could come in competition ; I say, that they should be continually employed about these poor, low things, is to have the Heathens judge them in God's day, as well as Christian precepts and examples condemn them. And their final dooma will prove the more astonishing, in that this vanity and excess are acted under a profession of the self-denying religion of Jesus, whose life and doctrine are a perpetual reproach to the most of Christians. For he (blessed man) was humble, but they are proud; he forgiving, they revengeful, he meek, they fierce; he plain, they gaudy; he abstemious, they luxurious; he chaste, they lascivious; he à pilgrim on earth, they citizens of the world: in fine, he was meanly born, poorly attended, and obscurely brought up; he lived despised, and died hated, of the men of his own nation. O you pretended followers of this crucified Jesus! examine yourselves, try yourselves; know you not your ownselves; if he dwell not, if he rule not, in you, that you are reprobates? Be ye nor deceived, for God will not be mock. ed, (at last with forced repentances) such as you sow, fuch you must reap in God's day. I beseech you hear me, and remember you were invited and intreated to the salvation of God. I say; as you fow, you reap: if you are enemies to the cross of Christ, and you are so, if you will not bear it, but do as you lift, and not as you ought, if you are uncircumcised in heart and ear, and you are so, if you will not hear, and open to him that knocks at the door within, and if you resist and quench the Spirit in yourselves, that strives with you, to bring you to God (and that you certainly do, who rebel against its motions, reproofs, and instructions) then you low to the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof, and of the flesh will you reap the fruits of corruption, woe, anguish, and tribulation, from God the Judge of quick and dead, by Jesus Christ. But if you will daily bear the holy cross of Christ, and fow to the Spirit; if you will listen to the light and grace that comes by Jesus, and which he has given to all people for salvation, and square your thoughts, words, and deeds thereby, which leads and teaches the lovers of it, to deny all ungodliness, and the world's lusts, and to live

* I. Cor.xüi. 5. Gal. 6.7.8. 1 Rom, ü. 8.

soberly, righteously, and godly in this present evil world, then may you with confidence, look for the blessed hope, and joyful coming and glorious appearance of the great God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Let it be fo, O you Christians, and escape the wrath to come! Why will you die? Let the time past fuffice: remember, that No Cross, No Crown. Red deem then the time, for the days are evil, and yours but very few. Therefore gird up the loins of your minds, be sober, fear, watch, pray and endure to the end ; calling to mind, for your encouragement and confolation, that all fuch, as through patience and well-doing wait for immortality, shall reap glory, honour, and eternal life in the kingdom of the Father ; whose is the kingdom, the power, and the glory


for ever.

{ Tit.ü. 11, 12, 13.

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The End of the First Part.


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Men eminent for their GREATNESS, LEARNING OF


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· And that of divers Periods of Time, and Nations of

the WORLD.

All concurring in this one TESTIMONY, That a Life of strict VIRTUE, viz. To do well, and hear ill, is the Way

to lasting Happiness.

Collected in Favour of the TRUTH delivered in the

First Part,

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