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tion of the woman whom he had seduced, sat down to play with his friend Mr. Flash. A slight contradiction was given ; Lord Percival was enraged; they came to high words; they met with the instruments of death ready primed, and firing at the same instant, at the same moment were called to render up their great account.

Dreadful contemplation ! the mind shrinks from it in horror!

Miss Wodehouse always continues the same deifier of common sense she has ever been : the wise laugh at her, and the illiterate fear her; but she is perfectly harmless, and an admirable wife to Surrey.

He is the same good-natured simpleton we have ever known him; always ready to tell one of " his confounded good stories,” he is never so happy as when he can persuade some one whom he estimates highly, to listen to him. Without any exalted capacity for happiness,


passes through life in perfect content with himself and all around him, and only dissatisfied lately with the information that a person deep in the secret of things of that kind, has volunteered to him, that five-inch waists, the same quantity of shirt-collar, lowcrowned hats, and buckram attitudes, will soon be speedily out of vogue, for they have actually got on the persons of vile, plebeian tradesmen and mechanics, making it imposs ble for the gentlemen of Bond-street to patronise them any longer; “ confoundedly unlucky,” Surrey says to his wife : “nothing can

be more becoming to me; not that I have so ill-formed a neck and forehead as many of them, either!"

Lord Montague still continues to observe and to speculate on man, but it is with pleasure on which he had never dared to calculate. He appreciates life in a manner totally different from that which he had formerly adopted; and, as he once understood every trifling figure that composes the aggregate of human misery, so now he is attaining to the just estimation of human happiness.

Beloved with a devotedness of feeling intense as that which exists in his own bosom, Lord Montague no longer doubts the affection of Isadora. In gratitude and reverence he adores that God who gave him so bright a star to enliven his path through life, and to shine cheeringly on the evening of his days.


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