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To the Honorable the Legislature of Wisconsin:

At a meeting of the Board of Regents of the State University, held on the 21st inst., the undersigned were appointed a special committee to make a report of the doings of that body during the year, ending September 30, 1859, to the Legislature, in the temporary absence of the Chancellor.

Owing to the severe and protracted illness of Dr. Barnard, he was unable to reach Madison and enter on his duties as Chancellor, until the latter part of May, or to meet with the Board of Regents, in special session, until the 22d of June following. At that meeting he submitted a communication, which is hereto appended, setting forth briefly the general policy which he wished to have pursued. At his request Dr. Lathrop continued to discharge the duties of internal administration until the close of the term. On the commencement day, July 27, 1859, Dr. Barnard was formally inducted into the office of Chancellor, in the presence of the State officers, the Judges of the Supreme Court, the Regents, Professors and Students of the University, the Regents of Normal Schools, the officers and members of the State Teachers' Association, and a large concourse of the friends of the institution. Copies of the addresses of the Hon. Carl Schurz, on the part of their Board, and of Julius T. Clark, Esq.; in behalf of the Normal Regents, and the inaugural address of Chancellor Barnard, on that occasion, were requested for publication, under the direction of the Executive Committee.

All facts relating to the management and financial concerns of the institution during the year past, will be found in detail in the accompanying appendix.

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