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DEUT. 1. 6, 7, 8, 19, 20, 21. The Lord our God spake unto us, saying-Take your

Journey and go to the Mount of the Amorites, and to all the Places nigh thereto, in the Plain, in the Hills, in the Vale, in the South, and by the Sea-side to the Land of the Canaanites, and unto Lebanon, unto the great River, the River Euphrates : Behold, I have set the Land before you: Go in and possess the Land.— And we went through all that great and terrible Wilderness, which you saw by the Way of the Mountain of the Amorites, as the Lord our God commanded us.-And-ye are come to the Mountain of the Amorites, which the LORD our God doth give us : Behold the LORD thy God hath set the Land before Thee : Go up and possess it, as the LORD God of thy Fathers hath said unto Thee : Fear not, neither be discouraged !




(Price Six Pence Lawful Money each Number.)


0. 1. p. 13. I last but 7, &c.--r-who, as Munday in his Chronicle

, —

records, was L Mayor of London in

1597, who was Son 1 last but 4,

-— Patentees I last but 1, &c.-r-Undertakers; the 1st Founder of

the Town, and 1st Member of the

Congregational Church No. 2. p. 59, 1 last but 2-r—May 8, (w) [Tuesday: rather 9, Wed

nesday, No. 3. p. 83. I last but 10—r-pursue Him :

p. 84. 1 8-r-Preparation made
p. 86. 1 945-Provision.

15—1—have Meal, Water and Salt
16—for (cc)-r-(c)
22, 23-5-[after, called Ipswich]

Further Explanations of Letters.

Cc, Connecticut Colony.
ih, James Howell's Letters.
Mb, Massachusetts Bay.
Mc, Massachusetts Colony.
N. E. New England.
Pc, Plymouth Colony.
Rc, Rhode Island Colony.
sc, Joshua Scottow, Esq; in Mss.


Wanting yet Accounts of these ancient Towns, viz.

Newtown, Woburn,
Groton, Dunstable,

in the Massachusetts.
Chelmsford, Manchester,


in Connecticut,
New-Haven, Stamford, S

in Plymouth Patent : The Rev. Ministers, or other Gentlemen of those Towns, are earnestly intreated, to enquire of their Records, Grave-Stones, and ancient People; and send the Remarkables of their History, from the Beginning, in a Chronological Order, to the Compiler of these Annals, with all convenient Expedition.

N. B. See the Articles at the End of this Cover.

K. of Spain.

K. of France. 1632 Lewis XIII. ||

K. of Great-Britain.

Charles I.

|| Philip IV.

throp]; after Evening Exercise, he tells the Sachim of it; and with some Difficulty causes him to make one of his Sanups to beat them, and then sends them out of Town: but brings the Sachim and the Rest of [his] Company to his House, and makes much of him (as he had done before) which he seems to be well pleased with ; but this Evening he departeth. (6)

At a Court not long before, two of Chickatabut's Men were convented and convicted for assaulting some English at Dorchester in their Houses, &c. were put in the Bilboes; and Chickatabut requir’d to beat them, which he

did. (10)

The Congregation of Boston and Charlestown begin the Meeting House at Boston : for which and Mr. Wilson's House, they had made a voluntary Contribution of about 1.120. (w)

Aug. 7. Court at Boston: Present (same as June 5.] (1) On further Consideration of Justice to be done upon the Murther of Walter Bagnal, and on reading a Letter from those of Plimouth in Answer to a Letter sent to them about it; order that a Boat be sent sufficiently mann'd with Commission to deal with the Plantation to the Eastward, and to join with such of them as shall be willing thereto, for Examination of the Murder of said Bagnal, and for apprehending such as shall be found guilty thereof, and to bring the Prisoners into the Bay : refer'd to the Gov to take Order therein : (2) Mr. William Pynchon chosen Treasurer for the Year ensuing, and till a new be chosen : (3) four take their Oath of Freemen, viz.

Samuel Wakeman, &c. (Mcr)

Aug 14. This Summer is very wet and cold, (except now and then a hot Day or two) which causes great Store of Musketoes and Rattlesnakes. The Corn in dry sandy Ground is much better than other Years, but in the fatter Grounds much worse ; and in Boston, &c, much shorn down close by the Ground with Worms. () The Summer proving short and wet ; our Crops of Indian Corn


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(for we have no other) are very small, and great Want threatens us. (ctr)

Mr. Oldham has a small House at Watertown made all of Clapboard, burnt down. (6)

The Braintree Company (which had begun to set down at Mount-Wollaston) by Order of Court removes to Newtown: These are Mr. Hooker's Company. (W)

Aug. 20. Gov. [Winthrop]'s Wife deliver'd of a Son, who is (on Aug. 26. bcr) baptiz’d by the name of William ; the Gov himself holds the child to Baptism, as others in the Congregation did use. (w)

Aug. 30. Notice being given of 10 Sagamores and many Indians assembling at Muddy River, Gov [Winthrop) sends Capt. Underhill with 20 Musketeers to discover &c: but at Roxbury they hear they are broke up. (1)

Sept. 4. Court at Boston : Present Gov, D. Gov, Mr. Ludlow, Capt. Endicot, Mr. Treasurer (Pynchon] Nowell, Winthrop, [jun] S. Bradstreet; (1) Sagamore John, &c, promise the next Year, and for ever after, to fence their Corn against all kind of Cattle : (2) Order a Man to be severely whipt for Cursing, Swearing, justifying the same and glorying in it ; [and (3) another) Man to be whipt and branded with a hot Iron on one of his Cheeks for selling (Mor) a Peece, a Pistol with Powder and shot to James Sagamore. (10)

By the Mediation of the Rev. Mr. Maverick, Warham and Wilson ; Gov Winthrop and D. Gov Dudley (are now happily reconciled.] Notwithstanding the Heat of Contention which had been between them ; yet they usually met about their Affairs, and that without any Appearance of any Breach or Discontent: and ever after keep Peace and good Correspondence together in Love and Friendship. (10)

One Jenkins late [of] Dorchester, [since] removid to Cape Porpus, went with an Indian up into the Countrey with Store of Goods to truck: and being asleep in a


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