Transactions of the New Hampshire State Agricultural Society

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Page 76 - Where low.browed baseness wafts perfume to pride. No; men, high.minded men, With powers as far above dull brutes endued In forest, brake, or den, As beasts excel cold rocks and brambles rude; Men who their duties know, But know their rights, and knowing, dare maintain...
Page 76 - What constitutes a State ? Not high-raised battlement or labour'd mound, Thick wall, or moated gate ; Not cities proud with spires and turrets crown'd ; Not bays and broad-arm'd ports Where, laughing at the storm, rich navies ride ; Not starr'd and spangled Courts Where low-brow'd Baseness wafts perfume to Pride ; No ! Men, high-minded Men...
Page 60 - From what has been already stated, it will be seen that the prevalent offences were violence and rapine. Men had not forgotten the period antecedent to all law, when every man claimed the right to avenge himself. Indeed, this right is expressly acknowledged in the laws of King Alfred, No. 42, Tit.
Page 38 - As Messrs. Caleb Howe, Hilkiah Grout, and Benjamin Gaffield, who had been hoeing corn in the meadow, west of the river, were returning home, a little before sunset, to a place called Bridgman's fort, they were fired upon by twelve Indians, who had ambushed their path.
Page 146 - The hard, benty hay of a poor soil is in little or no danger of firing in the stack ; and should, therefore, be put very early together, in order to promote a considerable perspiration, as the only means of imparting a flavour to such hay, which will make it agreeable to horses and lean cattle : it will be nearly unfit for every other sort of stock. " It is the succulent herbage of rich land, or land highly manured, that is...
Page 98 - The improvement depends on this principle, that the power of the female to supply her offspring with nourishment, is in proportion to her size, and to the power of nourishing herself from the excellence of her constitution. The size of the...
Page 40 - ... forest ; the moss-clad rocky wall, weeping with crystal springs; winding streams, gleaming lakes, and peaceful villages below ; and in the dim, misty distance beyond the lower hills faint glimpses of the sacred bosom of the eternal deep, ever heaving as with the consciousness of its own immensity — all mingled in one indescribable panorama by the hand of the Divine Artist.
Page 39 - I could wish — and in Europe have seen all that is most attractive, from the Highlands of Scotland to the Golden Horn of Constantinople— from the summit of the Hartz Mountains to the Fountain of Vaucluse— but my eye has yet to rest on a lovelier scene than that which smiles around you as you sail from Weir's Landing to Centre Harbor.
Page 30 - The reaping machine from the United States is the most valuable^/ contribution from abroad, to the stock of our previous knowledge, that we have yet discovered.
Page 6 - The Executive Committee shall take charge of and distribute or preserve all seeds, plants, books, models, &c., which may be transmitted to the Society ; and shall have...

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