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Sofford Cluny, R. } Hounting

St Paul, Mimbury} Wilts.

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Dispensar ca se beld tws Livings. the following experiments: Let, says he, a Cha, Willis, Breane, R. 2 Somerset

couple of grills of malt be taken of equal Updaill, R.} fhire.

number of bushels, and let it be owned that Ms Hodson, Huntingdon, R.

both have been cured on the kiln as they topshire.

ought to be ; the one to be the thortest and

plutpeft that can be got, which is now adays John Coplon, Pemble. V. 3

thougbi to be the best, and the other to be

acrospired in the growth till the flour be New Members,

quite wasted: yet, tho' I grant that there Place, Elected. In room'f will be a very great disparity in taeir weight,

I will venture to say, and I know I have Sal-frary*, Sam. Eyre, Julines Beckford, d.

truth on my fide, that, when both have been Bridport, Ben. Way, Sir G Napier, deci

steeped in ihe brewing, with an equal quanBraidley, Vile. Hinchinbroke, Ad.Dickenson. Hasis, Sir Rich. Mill, Rc Hon. H. B. Legg.

tity of liquor, the latter thall produce one Warwick.

third more of wort, and five times fatter, Wm Bromley, Lord Craven. Pembroke, Sir R. Philips,

bis farber, dec.

finer, and Itronger beer than the other, &thac

the more age ibat beer shall have, the more Tbe elitlir for ibis city is in the ways and

it will mend, while the contrary hall be che corporation. confting of 56 gentlemen of which case of the otber. 26 witb tbe mayor polied for Mr Eyre, and 24 -The method of brewing he lays down, is spirb be depuiy recorder for ibe Hon. Charles

this. Let your malt be ground, and put ic' Datburk ; tbe rejt of tbe cs poration were abseti. into your tun firit ; and while your liquor is B-KTS.

heating, watch that it do not boil ; but as G. Tayle of Si Sepulchre's, London, {word

soon as you see the little bubbles rise, or rabiit-maker,

ther the whites begin to roll, dip your four Ichn Lewis Ballisant of Chelsea, vi&tualler.

fiftgers in, and it you find it bite fharp, then Ć. Hution of St Giles. Cripplegate, gold (mith

damp and let off into the malt. To boil and Tho. Marshall of Prescott,' Lancah. kinner.

cool makes a corrupt and uncertain liquor. Joha Morris of Haverford-West, dealer.

Your whole quantity of liquor being all off John Green of Firebam, Hants, maltfter.

in your malt, your next care must be, to fee Tho. Lambert Hiil of Little Wallingham,

that it be well broken up. Grudge sot your Norfolk, merchant.

time, but look over and point out whe-e it Tho. Lewington of Monmouth-Atr. Calefroan. may want to be put down; for your mala Tho. Plant of Fenchurch Street, victualler,

will need no more Airring for that brewing. Fr. Wright of Norwich, money-scrivener.

Your mash being now quite over, let it Jo. Gibbons, and Cha. Freeman of Lambeth,

stand about half an hour, and then begin so soap boilers.

spend tap : for as there commonly go two Anc. Ducan Lavalette of Wardour-Atreet, So

worts to the strong, we would not rob the ho, merchant.

second too much; for the better it is, the Cha, Pution of S: Olave's Silver-ft. goldsmith

sooner it will boil off, Janais Dowker of Weft-Smithfield, hofier. Your copper of liquor for the second should Tho. Ams of Wifbeech, Ise of Ely, mercht.

be in the same quality as the other. Fred. 'Treldder of Penrin, Cornwall, mercer,

The next math that follows is for final T. Pearson of S: Baiolph, Aldersgate, innholder

beer, commonly called the tail of small. Thin Johs Squiic of London, merchant,

last is commonly laid on in cold liquor, out John While of B-idol, apothecary.

of the liquor back: for as the goods have Tona Trift of Iveichefter, mercer.

betore pafled thro' two heats, it is judged that Joseph Boooke of Clerkenwell, leather-dresler.

a contrary quality will Arike or extrad more Butler Symons, late of Antigua, merchani.

of the efience that is in them, than if they sa. Losegrove of Henley on Thames. malifter

had another heat, Tho. Baker of Wolverhampton, vidualier.

Suppols now your first worts to be in the Tho. Hillman of Welt-Smiibfield, hofier. coppis.

Allow two pounds of good nout hops to Lift of BOOKS publisbed, since our laft.


The two grand noftrums or fecrets which Treatise on fhip-building and Daviga our celebra ed working brewers do much

the 2d edition ; by Mungo Mur value themselves upon, are there, 'ift, the say; with the addition of a supplement. taking of the first liquors on the malt, alPrice il. 1. Millar. --The fupplement may ready described ; and 2d, the myflery of boil. be bad separate at si

ing to truth ; which is as follows : Ap answer to all that is material in letters Your worts and hops being infused, let just published under the name of Mr Hervey; them boil smartly for about a quarter of an by J. Welley. 4d. Keith

hout, or lets, and then, with a dith, or jer, the complete malster and brewer, 2:Nicol. taice up a litle to the light and see if the

The author, who writes, as he says, from liccle nits appear thick in it; then, if they ko ye are experiens e, takes a great deal of pains do, continue boiling till they become large to explode thos!!. ', as he calls all the malts curds, or tags, as we call them. This is FLOW 10 Betis

which are round and whole myftcry of boiling. plung, and 4:

odio eftablith long Tne method of fcimenta: nieks, which

own in the ci your firft worts are off th copy Ren. Toe

* proposes till in ihe back, lecs




botez hoc, into your working tun, just to lower Considerations upon the policy of entails in che bottom half an inch deep, or less; to let Great Britain, occasioned by a scheme to apthat lie will it be as cold as the weather will ply for a statute to let the entails of Scotand make it, and then to put in your yeast defign dic out, by John Dalrymple, Esq; Baldivin. ada for store, and let it lie until the other A pońscript to the letters concerning juries, worts are in temper to let down to it. Ob &c. od Almon. férve, that when the weather is very warm,

An authentic narrative of some remarkable they cannot be too cold; but in cold weather and interesting particulars in the life of ****, they must be blood warm. When the great communicated by the Rev. "Mr Haweis. est part is down, stir it weil together, then 23 6d Jobnilon. fut up the cun close, and let it lie, to see The laws and policy of England relating to whether the liquor goes to sleep or to work, trade. 35 Harrison, If it seems to Deep, stir it up again to wake it,

DIVINITY. and mind to keep back a little of the second The morality of the New Testament, diworts, for a tail to let down just before you gested under various heads, corr.prehending cleanse. This will keep the beer working the duties which we owe to God, to ourselves, due time in the barrel; for the more it and our fellow-creatures. Yobnjon, works in the barrel, the less bottom it will A volume of sermons by the late Charles have in the drawing,

Churchill, dedicated to the Bishop of Glove The signs by which to know when it is

cefter. 5s Flexney fit to cleanse is, that the top of the head will The rise and fall of the holy city and temple begin to turn thick and fift, like yeast, and of Jerusalem ; an argument in defence of be ready to fab down. Then is the time to Christianity; by De Sharp, mafter of the Temcleanse ; for that head should not be suffered ple. Is Hawkins, to fall in the tun.

SERMONS. N. B. If the weather chances to be very,

Before the House of Lords, on Jan. 30 by cold, care must be taken not to under baum the Bp of Carlisle. 6d Sa-dhy. the wort.

At a visitation at Coventry; by T. Hindes, A fupplement so all former treatises on R. of Avon-daffet, Warwicksh. 60 Fletcher. quadrille. Becket.

Thirteen on the parable of the len virgins, Foreign essays on agriculture and arts, to be preached at Warcham, by T. Reader, Field continued occahonally. IS Wilkie.

Price of STOCKS, on Course of EXCHANGE, A digest of the law of England, by the late

Feb. 27, 1765.

Feb. 27, 1765. Chicf-Baron Comyns. Vol. III. Horsfield. A revisal of Shakespeare's text ; wherein

Bank Stock, 130

Amft. 36 7 2 U the alterations innoduced into it by the mo. E. India ditto, 1521 ditro at fight 36 5

S. Sea ditto, dern editors and critics are particularly consi.

Rotterd. 7 2 U dered 6s 63 Jobafton. (See p. 65.)

Ditto Old An. Antwerp. No Price The objection to the taxation of our Ame Ditto New An. Hamb. 10 2 U rican colonies briefly considered. 6d Wikie. 3 per Ce reduced, 876 Paris 30$ A narrative of the proceedings relative to 3 ditto control. 87%

ditto at 2 U 30 1 the discovery of the longitude; by Mr Harri 3 ditto India, Bourdeaur fon. 64 Sandby. See p. 87.)

3} Bank 1758, 2 Ulance A treatise on domestic pigeons. 256. Stevens 3, ditto 1758,

Cadiz 38€
A second letter to the Re Hon. Charles 4 per Cent 5763, 984 Madrid 39
Townshend, in which the merits of the Bud IndiaBonds prem. 635. Bilboa 38
get are examined. Is.

Erch. Bills 1763, Leghorn 491

Genoa 48 The maid of the mill; a comic opera, pero Long Annuities, 26% Venice so formed at Covent Garden theatre. 18.60 Nicole Navy 4 per Cent. 983 Lisbon $ 56

The inefficacy of fatire ; a poem, 6d Hawes. 4 per Ct. 1763, 98 loporto 541
Parthenia, or the loft shepherdess, an At

Bill of Mortality from Jan. 22 10 Feb, 29 17653 cadian dream. If Newberry, Fortune, an apologue ; by J. Cunningham,


Chriftened comedian. 64. Dodfey.


6972 The parasue. 2 vols. 6s, Burnet, Females 9575 Females 6303

132T Pharnaces, an opera ; by T. Hull; performed at Drury-lane. Is Tonjon. (See p. 55.)

Under 2 Years old 596 The laureat, a poem ; to the memory of

Between 2 and 5 139

Buried. Mr Churchill. Is 64 Ridley.

5 and jo


Within the walls 1.39 : The man of the mill; a new burlesque o.

Jo and 20

72 20 and 30 -165

Without the walls465 pera. IS Coote.

Mid. and Surry 958 Mumbo Caumbo, a tale ; with a characte 30 and 40

40 and so riftical print. Is Becket.


City & Sub. Wcf.357. New amusements of the German Spa. 2

50 and 60

1917 wols, 6s Owen,

153 Amana ; a dramatic poem ; by a lady. 70 and 8o -115 Fabrforie.

8o and 90

48 Weekly Jan. 29 423 Marage, an ode. 3 Dodfiey.

90 and 100


Feb. 5 435 amvirate, or authentic memoirs of ico and 104



;}1917, Males


60 and 70

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London Gazette
Daily Advertiser
Old London Spy
Lordon Evening
Gen. Evening
Whitehall Ev.
Public Advert.
London Chron.
Lloyd's Evening

Monday, Wed
sesday, Friday.
Public Ledger
Univ. Chron.
North Briton

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Country News.
Coventry 2
York 2 papers
Doblin 3
E lingburgh
Brifiol 2

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more in Quantity and greater Dariety than any Book of the mind and Price.
1. Exir. et from a popular pamphlet, entitled, , XVI. Jeanot and Colin, a moral storv.

The State of the Nation, wiib a preliminary XVII. Letters of the Marquis de Ryfelle on
Defince of obe BUDGET, &c.

the conduct of youth in love and marriage, II. The grievances of the c!ergy, from a new XVIII. Remarks on some passages in the Alteration in the marriage-act.

Gent. Mag. for February.
III. Celebrated Frencb painters pointed out. XIX. Same account of the late Mr Churcbi!!,
IV. Merbod to discover poisonous inuscles. from Mernoirs of his Life just published.
V. The merits of the conteft concerning East XX. A remarcable letter of his to a friend.
India directors impartially stated.

XXI A Norib Briton Extraordinary, publish-
VI. Copy of an original letter from Ham ed at Edinburgb.

bourg, on the death of K. Cbarles I. XXII. The story of an amorous fria:, and VII. Confiderations on the policy of entails the pranks he played with phosphorus, in Great Britain.

XX111. Authentic copy of a Scots bank-cote VIII Sequel to the extracts from the revifal for one penny Englib of Shakespeare's text.

XXIV. Remarks on 'ihe paper currency of
IX. Aventures of a young English officer a Scotland,
mong the American Ravages.

XXV, The phrase of having a monib's mind
X. An:odo es in the Latin of M. HUIT. for a thing, explain a.
XI. Credu'ily of the Swedes expried. XXVI. POLTRY. Verres to Mr Garrick;
XI. Cinfiderations on the leadirty of Keneral an imitation of the Curfus Glacialis in ine

war.anis, and the propriety of a parlia Alufæ Anglicanæ ; a Grek Fp gram; fran-
mentary regulation of the fame.

riun; Betcriprions of inc play-koule by XIII. Charity Rrongly recommended.

Iwo young scholars; the uronize , Verica XIV. Description of Queen's-Cross at Hard. ascribed to the Q-n, C. & C. ing fure in Norrbampronibire.

XXVII. Select aruicles from the papers.
XV. An American expedient to prevert po- XXVIII. Hifter ical Cbunicie. Address so the
verty, and to retrieve a man's affairs.

Prince of Wales ;
With an aanrare Map of the Road from London to Bristol, and two difinet Banchings to

Bath; also the Road from Darbe to Brijlo!; and a distinct Mep of the Cross R jau frum
Brifislt. Worcefier, being in Length có miles,

LONDON: Printed by D. HENRY, at St JOHN S GT


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N extract from a popular -Specimen of the author's manner 126

phlet jutt publithed, entitled, The -Encomiums on Richardson's Clarissa

ftate of the Nation, with a preliminary


detence of the Bulget, &c. 103

Remarks on fome pallages in the Gent.

The grievances of the clergy from a Mag. for February


new alteration in the marriage act 106 -A paslage in Shakespear, illuftrated it
C-lebrated French painters 107 - A correction in the description of
Poisonons muscles, how known ib Oxford

The merits of the contest concerning Some account of the late Mr Churchill,

E.Ind.directors impartially itated 108 from the Memoirs of bis Life just
An original letter from Henry Parker


at Hamborough, to the Hon. Wm Len. His family and education. Rejec.

tball, speaker of the H. of Commons tion at the university, & c. 128

on the death of K. Charles I


-Takes holy orders - Retires into
-Mischiefs meditating against Eng Wales ---Takes a curacy, and opens
land in divers foreign states ib a cyder-cellar

Considerations on the policy of entails -His distresses, quarrel with his wife,
in Greut Britain

ib and resolution of quitting the

The nature of entails explained 110 gown


And how extended in Scotland ib -Letter to his friend-turns gentle.
Sequel to the extracts from the revisal

man-gets money by his facires-
of Shakespeare's 'Text.

ib his liberality', profufion, and death
Adventure of a young English officer

among the American savages

A North Brilon extraordinary, pub-

-Hospitality of an old Indian

lithed at Edinburgh


Anecdotes from the Latin of M. Huet -Comparative qualities of the Scots

of Christina Q. of Sweden

ib and English


--Of Salmahus, Des Cartes, &c. 113 -Advantages of the Union on the

-Credulity of the Swedes, in old tra. fide of the latter


ditiorral tales

114 -Ungenerous charges of the English
-An odd imposition on travellers at refuted

ib -The diitinction of country odious

Considerations on the legality of ge. and impolitic


nei al warrants, &c.

ib Story of an amorous friar 134

-Necessary in cases of murder and -His ftratagems to accomplish his
ib wishes


- Jukified by the practice of the courts - Is discovered and disgraced 135

of law

116 Authentic copy of a Scotch bank note

--Treasonable, no improper description for one penny English


of libels

117 -Remarks on the paper credit of

-Propriety of the amendments to a Scotland


late motion

ib The phrase, a month's mind 10 a thing,

Chaitity Jecominended as a cardinal explained



ib POETRY. Verses to Mr Garrick -

- Milton's description of it

An imitation.--Greek epigram. La.
Feanot and Colin, a remarkable story tin translation


from the french

ib -English translation-Description of

Instability of fuddenly acquired the play house by two young scho.


119 Jars. - To St Valentine'


-Cunuary eficits of riches acquired The Surprize.- The Grumbler.
by induitry

Verres afcribed to her M-y. To
The reverses of fortune, how treat Maria.--Epigram on the death of a




- Uncommon instance of true friend. Miscellan. Articles froin the papers 139


Hin. Chronicle. Address of the Antient

An american expedient to prevent pu Britons to the P. of Wales



123 Uncommon loss out of hackney coach

-Form of notices posted up for that



ib Acts palled; resolution of House of

A description of the famous cross at Cuinmons, &c.


Harding fone in Nortbampionfire 194 India House robbed


-Inscription upon it

tb --Advices from the East Indies ib

An account of the letters of the Marq. Litts, of births, deaths, &c.

De Rofille la:ely published 125

Books pubiided, Sc.



I 21

1 22

144 5


Gentleman's Magazine;

For MARCH 1765.

The State of the NATION, with a Pre

why bas not this author laid bis fino liminary Defence of tbe BUDGET.

ger upon that error in my citimate,

which he presumes to have led me GHER E has lately been wrong, and the avoiding of which, he

published a pamphlet, fuppofes to have led him right? Why T

entitled, Remarks on the A has he not specified the different ways Budget, &c*. by the that we have uled the same papers, hand of some one con. and justified his method in preference versant in office; an to mine ? An error there must be on

unlucky hand indeed! one fide or the other, and it is the ina for so many errors scarce ever were dispensable task of a writer who comes ret with in so small a volume. As second in the debate, to denionftrate a national point of the greatest im the errors in the account to which he portance is involved in the debate, B replies ; for after all my eftimate ftill and as such pains have been taken to ftands unimpeached. deceive the public, and to conceal I Aall now ftate the argument be. those evils, which, if not averted, mult tween the Author of the Budget and end in the public ruin, I cannot retrain the Remarker. In the firit place, it; from doing the best that is in my is allowed on all hands, that the out. power to tiate these mitters in perfect ftanding debt is upuards of 10,000,000. clearness. I proteit, exclusive of mea The next queilion is, how are we sures as connected with men, I have C to pay this debt off : The minifter no vich for any one minister before has undertaken this task without layanother. But the queition whether ing any new taxes, and has declared: public credit fall be placed upon a that he will accomplif it, by the fire hrm basis, or left upon hollow ground, plus monits of the linking rund. This is that upon which every laud hold annual surplus is, fpecified in the reer, ttock-holder, and merchant, in the marks, as amounting to 1,150,000 ; kingdom, has a right to call aloud for D in the Budget it is only italed at fatistaction.

220,000. The main object in view, and that The difference between us lies in in which the public is alone concern. tuo articles; uz, the produce of the ed, is, the true Hate of the nation, finking fund, and the amount of the with regard to its annual income, ex prace eltablishment. As to the propenditure, and unfunded debt. In duce of the linking fund, as stated in itating these, the remarker, in his er. the Budget, no one has, or can, re. timale of the smking fund, has made e prove any single article: Im3tf use of the same public papers that are iberefore proceed io den:onftrate that used in the Budget, and has brought the eflinale of the sinking fund in the out a different conclusion.-But what remarks, is false, The Remarker does this psove? Not the lealt in the says, that 1.943,000 l. having been it's world that the one is right, and the true average produce for the last fix other wrong; for any one may easily years, he muit fuppose that it will imagine that a juggler in ellimates produce as niuch in every tataneyear, may bring out forry different con- f and plexiges luis seputation on the clusions from the same papers, wliich most iaitlul examinariri, chiar one may all pais for fleriing upon those of the funds incorporeeridilte 175*, who are not conversant in the science. winlike linking tund, can Ierlen thar But as it is impossible for more than funil. Now, what is one to think o€

one conclufion to

be the

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