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Printed for J. BELL, No. 148, Oxford - Street;
By G. Sidney, Northumberland-Street, Strand.


Confessions in Elysium.

In pursuing those remarkable events which have occurred to such quick succession....from the day I left Delphos till my banishment from Athens,....I have neglected 'to say one word relative to my beloved Psyche. 'Neither time or circumstances....

t *

however, had power to drive her from my mind, wher£ she reigned the adored empress of my heart.

1 I commissioned-every creature

whom business or curiosity led to

foreign enquire after her I

had numberless copies taken from her portrait.......which I distributed the

better to insure success ;....and offered

large rewards to any who should bring me intelligence of her.


All this I did from an apprehension that the enraged priestess would use every artifice to conceal her from my enquiries perhaps sell her to a merchant, who might transport her to some foreign clime, where, cliange of name and distance, would preclude all possibility of our reunion.

Her diabolical machinations succeeded too well Hitherto, all my

anxieties have been unrewarded by the leajst^tracje of my charming innocent.

To return......! left Athens without

a sigh of regret and continued travelling eastward for many days,,, --.

One evening almost spent with

fatigue I found myself at sun-set

surrounded by a wood I had been traversing the whole day, without finding an outlet to conduct me. to an habitation; pf (any sort. , :(;r .- -,;;

I despaired of bettering my situation now night was coming on...and strolled in search of some convenient spot

to stretch out my wearied limbs

when I discovered a hill close by.

This reanimated me......and in the

expectation of distinguishing some

lights from the top I determined to

ascend. .

I proceeded with much difficulty

through a very narrow winding

path overgrown with briars which

were matted across and made it

almost impossible to advance....My impatience increased every moment.....

for the more I persisted the more

distant the summit appeared from me.

At perfect despair, I

threw myself down almost breathless resolving to give up the attempt.

Nothing could give a more lively idea of the sports of fortune than the miserable situation to which I now

found myself reduced who, but a

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