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foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked*.

Wisdom would therefore teach us, to direct our inquiries rather inward than outward; instead of useless speculations upon the world, to pursue those which may lead us into a better acquaintance with ourselves, with God, and the world to come.


It would teach us also to lie as close and compact in life, as our civil and social duties will allow; since, to do otherwise, would only be to expose a broader mark to the arrows of fortune, to multiply our trials and temptations, and, at the same time, to abridge our present comfort, and obstruct our future happiness.

A taste for retirement, for calm occupations, and simple pleasures, ought diligently to be cultivated by every one who is ambitious of solid contentment, or who aspires after the dignity of independence. Sir William Temple, in a letter to the king, tells him, that should the court not suit him,

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he knew the way back to his garden. For want of this power of abstraction, or, as Paschal says, because so few can sit quiet in their own chamber, the world is filled with so much competition and uproar.

But after every other resource, whether private or public, I would repeat it again (whatever the infidelity of the age may insinuate or affirm to the contrary) and repeat it as a sentiment that I wish to be ever impressed upon my own mind, and to leave impressed upon the mind of the reader,Religion is our only sure refuge in life and death. All human power and prudence, all the policy of government, and the wisdom of philosophy, can provide no adequate defence against the evils, present and future, to which we stand exposed. The name of the Lord is the only impregnable tower; the righteous runneth into it and is safe*.

* Prov. xviii. 10.


C. WHITTINGHAM, Printer, Dean Street.

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ON account of the Author's distance from the press, a few typographical errors have escaped, which the reader is desired to correct, as follows:

Page 23. 1. 16. for Ore, read Ere.

97. 1. 14. for a sudden, read an additional. 101. 1. 4, for desident esprimò, read desidentes primò; and 1. 6. for donce, read donec.

186. bottom line, for contracted, read controlled. 218. 1. 6. for carious, read curious.

272. 1. 21. for Thebis, read Thebes.

385. I. 11. for Ninevah, read Nineveh.
400. 1. 9. for dit, read dise.

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