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mama, to see if she observed it, and would take her leave.

Harry watched them both, and stretching out his arms, embraced Frank tenderly, and said :

“ You will live to be a Crystal Palace,' darling. Only promise me one thing, before you go : that you

will never, never cease to pray about it.”

Mrs. Scott now rose, and wished them hastily to leave the room, for she saw her son was very faint; and before Frank and Mrs. Grey had left the house, Harry had gone to take possession of his mansion !

His Grandmamma did not inform him, for she thought it would too much excite him ; but after sitting silent in the carriage for a time, Frank said :--

“Grandma'! I never will forget one word that dearest Harry said to me; nor will I cease to pray that both George Grant and I may each become a living Crystal Palace.”


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