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and a-half; till he had received a severe wound in his right arm; and till all his masts and guns had been disabled, and eleven of his crew killed and forty-nine wounded. Captain Windsor died on the 20th of February, 1793.]



Sunday evening, January 24, 1779. I THINK, sir, your affairs are in as fine train as they can be. As to the thing, which is really, nay, serious in its nature, your opus magnum, happily there is no room for the shadow of a doubt. You have hit me off exactly,

me off exactly, — in angulo cum libello,—and as it is not very likely that I shall

“ set my foot in a wide place,” as the Psalmist saith, and with the number of pensioners I am crowded with, it is pretty lucky that I can while away time, not discontentedly, with a book in a corner. I'll assure you I will never want money to keep it warm, —at least with tobacco.

But, sir, I have just had a piece of good luck here. This poor girl of a sister that I have here was not in a way either to her mind or mine, and I was afraid of having her again entirely upon my hands, from which, indeed, she has never been entirely off. The best thing in the world

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