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AA I. Sc. 9. Ad II. sc. 5, 6, 10, 13. Defil.mona, Daughter to Bra- A& Ilļ. Sc. 3, 4, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12. bantio, and Wife to Othello, Act IV. Sc, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13. A& V.

Sc. 6,9.

A& II. Sc. 5, 6. A&. III. Sc. 1, 3, 4, Æmilia, Wife to lago,

6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12. A& IV. Sc. 8, 9,

10, 12, 13. A& V. Sc. 5, 7, 8, 9. Bianca, Miftress to Cafio,

SA& III. Sc. 13. A& IV. Sc. 4. Ad {AQ

V. Sc. 40 S.
Officers, Gentlemen;

A& II. Sc. 11. AA III. Sc. 3.
Messengers, Musicians, A& III. Sc. ti
Sailors, and Attendants.

SCENE, For the first Act in Venice; during the rest of the Play,

in Cyprus.


[blocks in formation]


Sc. I. Street in Venice. Enter Rod, and lago. Iago's

hatred to the Moor and Caffre. They alarm

Bra. Sc. II. Bra. appears above at a window. They inform him

that the Moor is run away with his daughter Def,

Exit lago.

Sc. III. Enter Bra, and servants. Rod. goes with them in

search of Oth, and Des. Sc. IV. Another street before the Sagittary. Enter Othe

lago and attendants with torches. Talk of Othe's situation with Bra. on account of stealing his

daughter. Sc. V, Enter Caf. and officers with torches. Caf. informs

Oth. that the Duke and Senate fend for him on

business of state, Sc. VII. Enter Bra. Rod. and others. Bra. tasks Oth. about

his deluding his daughter; accuses him of having used spells for that purpose; and insists upon his

being carried to prison : which Orb. evades by telling him he is sent for by the Duke on business.

Exeunt. Sc. VII. The senate-house. Duke and Senators at a table,

with lights and attendants. News have arrived that

a Turkish fleet is failing against Cyprus. Sc. VIII. To them, enter Bra. Oth. Caf. Rod. and officers.

Duke tells Oth. he must go against the Turksa Bra, complains to the Duke of Othe's having stolen his daughter, and corrupted her by spells and medicines. Oth, defends himself, that he had used no unlawful arts in gaining her; but that, in telling the story of his life and adventures, he had gotten

her affections. Sc. IX. Def. (being sent for) enters, and confirms the truth

of Othi's assertion. The Duke endeavours to reconcile Bra. to the step his daughter has taken in marrying Oth. but tells Oth, he must imme-diately depart from Cyprus; which Oth. agrees to; and Def. prevails that she may follow him. Ex

eunt. Sc. X. Manent Rod. and lago. Iago encourages Rod. in

pursuing Def: (with whom that Rod. is in love was

hinted in the 1st, 2d, and 3d scenes) although mari ried to Oth, and advises him to raise money, and

follow her to Cyprus. Exit Rod. Sc. XI. Manet lago, who in the soliloquy discovers his des

sign of fleecing Rod. and his jealousy of the Moor and Caf. with his wife Æmil, and lays a plot to make Otb. jealous of Def. with Caf.


[blocks in formation]

Sc. I. The capital city of Cyprus. Enter Montano the Go

vernor, and two gentlemen. A violent storm; Sc. II. Which, a 3d gentlemen brings news, hath ruined the

Turkish flect, but that Caf. in a Venetian ship is safe

arrived, and that Oth. is on the sea, Sc. III. Enter Caf. His concern for Othello's safety. Sc. IV, News of lago's arrival with Def. Sc. V. Enter Def. Iago, Rod. and Æmil. After mutual fa

Jutations, Iago’s abusive satire against the women. Sc. VI. Enter Oth, and attendants. He expresses his joy in

meeting Def. which lago maliciously resolves to

spoil. Exeunt. Sc. VII. Manent lago and Red. lago persuades Rod. that

Def. is of a loose, inconftant character, is in love with Cas. and therefore may be brought to love him (Roderigo); lays a plot that Rod. shall provoke Caf, to strike him, which may cause a mutiny, and be the occasion of Cas's losing his place : and tells him this will make his way easier to Def. Exit

Rod. Sc. VIII. Manet Iago. Soliloquy; that he is jealous of the

Moor and Caf. with Æmil. his wife; and resolves to

be revenged of them both. Exit. Sc. IX. The street. Enter herald, and proclaims a triuinph,

feast, and merry-making, on account of the de

struction of the Turkis fleet. Exit. Sc. X. The castle. Enter Uth. Def. Caf, and attendants.

Oth. charges Caf. to look to the guard; Caf. informs him he hath deputed lage for that purpose, but ne


vertheless will himself overlook the watch, Exit Oth, and Def. Enter Iago. Talk of Def. lago prevails with Caf. to drink with him and some gallants. Exit Caf. lago's foliloquy, the likelihood that Caf. will be drunk and commit some action

that will give offence, and be to his disgrace. Sc. XI. To lago, enter Caf: Mon. and gentlemen. lago

fings, and encourages Caf, to drink, till he is in

toxicated. Exit Caf. Sc. XII. Iago represents Caf. Mon. as å man given

to drink. Enter Caf. pursuing Rod. Mon. stays hiin, and tells him he is drunk. They fight. laga bids Rod. go out, and cry a mutiny. Exit Rod.

Bell rings

Sc. XIII. Enter Oth. and attendants. Mon, is wounded.

Oth. enquires into the cause of the quarrel; and Caf. appearing to be the guilty person, is degraded from being Othe's lieutenant. Enter Def. attended,

with whom exit Oth. and attendants. Sc. XIV. Manent lago and Caf, Cafis indignation at him

self for being drunk. lago encourages him, that all inay be well again; and advises him to make intereft with Def. for a reconcileinent with Otha

Exit Caf: Sc. XV. Iago's foliloquy—that the above advice has the face

of honesty, lincerity and probability; but is given to answer his villainous design of making Oth. jealous; for white Caf. is plying Des. to plead to Cafo's cause, lage will be abusing Othi's ear by hinting Tomething that may be a foundation for his jealouly'; so that the more she ftrives to serve Caf. 'the more Osha will be exafperated against theñ both.

Sc. XVI.

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