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Enter Lodovico and Gratiano, Pat a distance.

Caf. What, ho! No watch? No passage? Murder, murder!
Gra. 'Tis some mischance; the ? cry is very direful.
Caf. Oh help!
Lod. Hark!
Rod. O wretched villain !

Lod. Two or three groans. It is a heavy night;
These may be counterfeits : let's think 't unsafe
To come into the cry, without more help.
Rod. Nobody come ? then shall I bleed to death.

Enter Iago, . in his shirt, with a light and sword.
Lod. Hark
Gra. Here's one comes in his shirt with light and

weapons. Iago. Who's there? Whose noise is this, that cries out

Lod. * I do not know.
Iago. * Did not you hear a cry?
Caf. Here, here. For heaven's fake help me.
Iago. What's the matter?

P at a disance, first added by T. " ligbe end sword, farther added by T.

9 So the qu's; the rest, voice for + The qu's, ligbts. ery.

u The qu's and two is fo's, on for r The fo's and R. groan. 'Tis bearry out. nigbt, &c.

w So the qu's; the res, We for I. s in bis shirt added by R; with a x So the qu's; the reft, De for Did.


Gra: This is Othello's Ancient, as I take it.
Led. The same indeed, a very valiant fellow.
lago. What are you here, that cry fo grievously?

Cas. Iago ? oh I am spoild, undone by villains !
Give me some help.

lago. O Y me, lieutenant ! what villains liave done this?

Caf. I think? that one of them is hereabout; And cannot make away.

lago. Oh treacherous villains ! What are you there? Come in and give some help.

[To Lod. and Gra. Rod. O help me there. Caf. That's one of them. lago. O murderous slave! O villain! [b Iago stabs him. Rod. O damn'd lago! O inhuman dog! 0! O! O! lago. Kill d men i' th' dark? Where be these bloody

thieves! F How filent is this town! ho, murder, murder ! What may you be? are you of good or evil?

Lod. As you shall prove us, praise us. lago. Signior Lodovice ? Lod. He; fir. lago. I cry you mercy! Here 's Caffio, hurt by villains, Gra. Caffio ?


y The ift q. my for me.

c All but the qu's and C. omit 01 2 The qu's, tbe for sbar.

0!0! a The qu's and C. bere for sbere. d The ist g. him for men.

• This direction by R. C. directs © The qu's, obese for sbese. (lago sets down bis lig be; makes towards Here C. directs, [counterfeiting de Rod. in tbe dark, and fabs bim. The 2d search. 4. Thrusts bim in.



lago. How is it, brother?
Caf. My leg is cut in two.

lago. Marry, heaven forbid ! Light, gentlemen, I'll bind it with





Enter Bianca.

Bian. What is the matter, ho, who is 't that cried?
Iago. Who is 't that cried?

Bian. Oh my dear Caffio,
: My sweet Callio, oh Caffio, Caffio, Caffio.

lago. O notable strumpet ! Callio, may you suspect Who they should be that, thus have mangled you?

Caf. No.
Gra. I am sorry to find you tlus: I have been to seek you.

lago. Lend me a garter. So.-Oh for a chair To bear him easily hence.

Bian. Alas, he faints. Oh Caffio, Caffio, Caffio! - Iago. Gentlemen all, I do suspect this trash * To be a party in this ' injury. Patience a while, good Caffio. Come, come, Lend me a light. Know we this face, or no? Alas, my friend, and my dear countryman, Roderigo? no--yes, fure-"O heaven! Roderigo.

? The qu's, O my sweete Casio, Cafe i The i ft q. onits this speech. fio, Callio.

* The qu's, To bear a part in, &c. h So the qu's; the rest, bave thus · 1 The aft q. omiis injury. for this baur.

m The :ft g. omhs Com, come.


Gra. What, of Venice?
lago. Even he, fir; did you know him?
Gra. Know him ? °ay.

lago. Signior Gratiano? I cry P you, gentle pardone
These bloody accidents must excuse my manners,

That so neglected you.

Gra. I am glad to see you.
lago. How do you, Caffio? Oh, a chair, á chair.
Gra. Roderigo?

Iago. 9 He, he, 'tis he. Oh, that's well said. The chair.
Some good man bear him carefully from hence;
I'll fetch the General's surgeon. For you, mistress,

[To Bianca.
Save you your labour. He that lies slain here, Caffio,
Was my dear friend. What malice was between you ?

Caf. None in the world; nor do I know tlie man.
"Iago. [To Bian.] What look you pale : -Oh bear him

out oth' air.
Stay you, good " gentlemen. Look you pale, mistress ?
Do you perceive the "gastness of her eye?
Nay, * if you y ftare, we shall hear more anon.
Behold her well, I pray you, look upon her;
Do you see, gentlemen? Nay, guiltiness
Will speak, though tongues were out of use.

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[blocks in formation]

Æmil. ? 'Lass, what's the matter? what's the matter,

husband ?
Iago. Casio hath a here been set on in the dark
By Roderigo, and fellows that are scap d.
He's almost Nain, and Roderigo dead.

Æmil. Alas, good gentleman! alas, good Caffio!

lago. This is the fruit of whoring - Pray, Æmilia,
Go know of Caljio where he supt to-night.
What, do you shake at that?

Bian. He supt at my house, but I therefore shake not.
lago. O did he fo? I charge you go with me.
Æmil. 4 Fie, fie upon thee, strumpet.

Bian. I am no strumpet, but of life as honest

that thus abuse me.
Æmil. As I? • fough, fie upon thee.

lago. Kind gentlemen, let's f go see
Come, mistress, you must tell 's another tale,

poor Caffio dreft.

2 So the qu's and C; the reft, Alas, d So the Ift q; the 2d, Fie but once ; (wbat is the matter wwbar is the matter, the rest, Ob fie upon ibee, &c. &c.

e So the iftq; the 2d, now for fougb; 2 T. W. and . read there for bere. the rell, except C. omit fougb. b The fo's and infert quite before | So all before P; he and all after,

except C. omit go. The fo's and R. fruils.


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