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My parts, my title and my perfect soul
Shall manifest dme rightly. Is it they?

lago. By Janus, I think, no.

Oth. The servants of the Duke, and my lieutenant. -
The goodness of the night upon f you, friends!
What is the news?

Cal. The Duke does greet yolu, General;
And he requires your hafte, poft bafte, appearance,
Even on the instant.

Oth. : What's the matter, think you?

Cal. Something from Cyprus, as I may divine; It is a business of some heat. ' The gallies Have fent a dozen " sequent messengers This very night, at one another's heels : And many of the i confuls, rais'd and met, Are at the Duke's already. You have been hotly call'd forg When, being not at your lodging to be found, The Senate k hath sent about three several quests, To search you out.

Oth. 'Tis well I am found by you. * I will but spend a word here in the house, And go with you.

[ Exit Othello. Cas. Ancient, what makes he here?

$ The Ift q. your.

c H. reads part.

J. council. d for me rigbely; the ad q. reads, my * So the fo's, R. J. and C; the rest rigbt by.

omit barb. e The fo's read Dukes.

I So the fo's, R. and C; 7. reads out

for about; the rest, above. * So the qu's; the rest, What is. m The 1 st q. reads, Íle Spend a word,

# The aft q. reads frequent for leo &c. The 3d and 4th fo's, I will f; end quent.

but a word, &c. i T. reads counsellers; H. counsel ; A No direction till R. C


Iago. 'Faith, he to-night hath boarded a ° land-carrack; If it prove lawful prize, he's made for ever.

Cal. I do not understand,
lago. He's married.
Cal. To P whom?
Iago. Marry, to – Come, captain, will you go?

Enter Othello.
Orh. Have with you.
Cas. Here comes another troop to seek for you.

[blocks in formation]

Enter Brabantio, Roderigo, and others with lights and

lago. It is Brabantio : General, be advis'd;
He comes to bad intent.

Oth. Holla! ftand there.
Rod. Signior, it is the Moor.
Bra. Down with him, thief!
lago. You, Roderigo.? Come, fir, I am for you

Oth. Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will ruft'en.
Good Signior, you shall more command with years,
Than with your weapons.

• The 3ft q. reads carrick; the 2d, * So the qu's and C: the rest, Ester Carriach; the ift f. carra&t; the other Brabantio, Roderigo, with officers and fo's, R. and P. carrac.

forcbes. A carack is a huge ship of burthen, s Here R. and all after but C. direa used by the Spaniards and Portuguese. (They draw on borb fades. But the foreItal. Caracca. H.

going direction for the entrance with P Firft q. ift f. and C. wbo for weapons (which we are to suppose al. subom.

ready drawn) makes this direction us4 The ift q. reads, Ha, wirb wbo? necessary. The 2d, Ha'wirb yox,


Bra. O thou foul thief ! where hast thou stow'd my

Damn'd as thou art, thou haft enchanted her ;
For I'll refer me to all things of fense,
* If she in chains of magick were not bound,
Whether a maid fo tender, fair, and happy,
So opposite to marriage that she shurn'd
The "wealthy,* curled v darlings of our nation,
Would ever have, to incur a general mock,
Run from her guardage to the footy bosom
Of such a thing as thou; to fear, not to delight?
2 Judge me the world, if 'tis a not gross in fense,
That thou haft practis'd on her with foul charms,
Abus'd her delicate youth with drugs or minerals
That 6 weaken notion. I'll have 't disputed on;
'Tis portable, and palpable thinking.
I therefore apprehend and do attach thee
. For an abuser of the world, a practicer
Of arts inhibited and out of warrant.
Lay hold upon hiin; if he do refift,
Subdue him at his peril.

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· The if q. ibing.

are fix. u The 11t q. omits this line.

à The ad q. reads to for not. W H. reads, wealebinjt.

b The ad q. and fo's, weakens x T.'s duodecimo and W. read culled H. waken. for curled; this is wi's emendation. c This is an emendation of T. fol. H. reads cull'a.

lowed by P.'s duodecimo, W.J. and C; y The three ift fo's, dearling ; 4th, the rest tead motion, darling for darlings.

So the 28 9; the reft, probable for, z The lines in italic are omitted in * portabic. the il q. P. calls them five lines, and • The if q. reads, Such an aburing 7. scores them accordingly; but they &c. C2


Both you

Oth. Hold your hands,


my inclining, and the rest, Were it my 8 cue to fight; I should have known it Without a prompter.

Where will you that I go
To answer this your charge?

Bra. To prison, till fit time
Of law, and course of direct session
Call thee to answer.

Oth. What if " I' do obey ?
How may the Duke be therewith satisfied,
Whose messengers are here about my side,
Upon some present business of the state.
To " bring me to him?

Offi. 'Tis true, moft worthy Signior,
The Duke 's in council; and your noble self,
I am sure, is sent for.

Bra. How! the Duke in council?
In this time of the night? Bring him away;
Mine's not an idle cause. The Duke himself,
Or any of my brothers of the state,
Cannot but feel this wrong as 'twere their own;
For if such actions may have passage free,
Bond-llaves, and P Pagans, shall our statelinen be. [Exeunt.

f The 4th f. reads band.
g The aft q. reads Qu. for cue.

h The fo's and R. read Wbilber for Wbere.

i P. omits ebat, and the after-editors, except C.

* The oft f, omits I.

I P. and H. omit do.
m The qu's beare for bring.

n So all before P. who omits 'Tis ; followed by the reft, except C..

o The ad f. nigb.

PT. reads Pagrants for Pagars. See Heslb in loc.


[blocks in formation]

. Duke and Senators, set at a table with lights and attendants.

Duke. There is no composition in these news, That gives them credit.

i Sen. Indeed they are disproportioned; My letters say, a hundred and seven gallies.

Duke. And mine, a hundred and forty.

2 Sen. And mine, two hundred;
But though they jump not on a just account,
As in these cases where they waim reports,
'Tis oft with difference; yet * do they all confirm
A Turkish fleet, and bearing up to Cyprus,

Duke. Nay, it is possible enough to judgment:
I do not fo secure me y in the error,
But the main 2 article I do

approve In fearful sense,

- Sailor within.] What ho! what ho! what ho!

4 In the fo's and R. this is Scene III. u The fo's, R. H.W. and C, read be

r Before Duke the qu's insert Enter. for obey. The fo's and R. read, Enter duke, sena * The ift q. aym'd for aim. tors and officers, omitting set at a table, * P. and H. omit do. &c.

y Qu's, to for in. s Firft f. There's, &c.

2 The ist q. reads articles. The 2d q. reads bis for tbefe; the a T.W. and 7. read failors. fo's and R. ibis.

[blocks in formation]
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