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That from the sense of all civility
I thus would play and trifle with your reverence,
Your daughter, if you have not given her leave,
I say again, buth made a gross revolt;
Tying her duty, beauty, wit, and fortunes
y In an extravagant and wheeling stranger,
Of here and every where. Straight satisfy yourself,
If she be in your chamber, or your house,
Let loose on me the justice of the state,
7 For this deluding you,

Bra. Strike on the tinder, ho !
Give me a taper. Call up all my people,
This accident is not unlike my dream,
Belief of it oppresses me already,
Light! I say, light !

(Exit from abovi, lågo. Farewel; for I must leave you, It seems not meet, nor wholesome to my place, To be produc'd (as, if I stay, I shall) Against the Moor. For I do know, the state, · However this may gall him with fome check, Cannot with safety cast him. For he's embark'd With such loud reason to the + Cyprus! e wars, Which even now i stand in act, that, for their souls, Another of his fathom they have 8 not

y So all before P. who reads To for c The ist q. Now ever ibis, &c. In; followed by the reft, except C, who d The qu's, Cipres. reads On.

e C. war. 2 The ift q. reads, For ibis delitfion. f All before P. read Aands; fo C. · The ift q. pate for place.

& So the ift q. and C; 'all the rest The fo's read produ&ted for producido scad none for noi.

To lead their business . In which regard,
Though I do hate him as I do ' hell's pains,
Yet, for necessity of present life,
I must fhew out a flag and sign of love,
Which is indeed but fign. That you shall ' surely fing

him, Lead to the m Sagittary the raised search; And there will I be with him. So, farewel. [Exit.

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Enter Brabantio in his night-gown, and servants with torches.

Bra. It is too true an evil. Gone she is And what's to come of my " despifed time, Is nought but bitterness. Now, Roderigo, Where didst thou see her ? - Oh unhappy-girl! . With the Moor, ofay'st thou?-Who would be a father? How didst thou know 'twas fhe? - Oh, 2 thou deceiv'it me Past thought. - What said she to you? - Get more tapers, Raise all my kindred. -- Are they married, think

, you ? Rod. Truly. I think they are.

h C. reads on after bufiness, to make m The if q. Sagitlar ; followed by ap the measure; but business is a word C. of three syllables, and might be pro ^ W. reads defpired, i. e. vexatious, nounced as such formerly.

See Healb in loc. i For Hell's pains, the ift f. reads Hell o T.'s duodecimo, H. W. and F. read apines ; the others fo's, Hell only. faid A.

k So all before P. who reads may for P So the 11t q. and I ; the ref, me fall; followed by the rest, except C. deceives me, &c. 1 H, omits furely.

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Bra. O heaven! how 9 got the out? O treason of the

r blood !
Fathers, from hence trust not your daughters' minds
By what you see them act. • Are there not charms,
By which the property of youth and 'maidhood
May be abus'd? Have you not read, Roderigo,
Of some such thing?

Rod. » Yes, fir, I have; indeed,
Bra. Call up my * brother.-Oh, ' would you had had

-Some one way, fome another-Do you know
Where we may apprehend her and the Moor?

Rod. I think I can discover him, if you please To get good guard, and go along with me.

Bra. ? Pray you, lead on. At ev'ry house I'll calls 1 may

command at moft. Get weapons, ho ! And raise fome special officers of a might. On, good Roderigo, I'll deserve your pains, [Exeunt.

9 So all before R. who reads gat; followed by the rest, except C.

* So the qu's, ift f. and C; the rest, tny for the. s The qu's and ift f. is for are.

The qu's read manbood. u The ad g. reads ebings,

w The Ift q. reads, I baue, for, for, Yes, fir, I bave, indeed.

* The 3d and 4th fo's, R. P. and H. read broibero

y The ist q. that for wauld.

2 The ist q. reads, Pray lead tie org &c.

a The ift q. nigbt for migbe.


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Enter Othello, lago, and attendants with torches. lago. Though in the trade of war I have flain men, Yet do I hold it very • stuff o'th' conscience To do no contriv'd murder. I lack iniquity * Sometimes to do me service. - Nine or ten times I 8 had thought to have s jerk'd him here under the i ribsk

Oth. k 'Tis better as it is.

lago. Nay, but he prated,
And spake such scurvy and provoking terms
Againft your honour;
That with the little godliness I have,
1 did full hard forbear him. But I pray', fir,
Are you faft married ? - for, be sure of this,
That the Magnifico is much belov’d,
And hatli in his effect à voice potential

o In the fo's and R. this is called cept C. Sc. II.

h The fo's and R. yerl'd for jerkda Ć No description of the scene in ci. i The 4th f, and R. read Rib. ther qu's or foʻs. R. and P. The street k So all before P. who reads Ii's for only. The description above is T.'s. 'Tis; followed by the rest, except C.,

• The ist q. puse of conscience. 1 After pray the fo's and R, insert

e The 2d and 3d fo's read lake for you. lack; the 4th and R, ruke.

m Thc fo's, R. and C. omit for. I The fo's and R. Sometime.

5 The fo's and R. read, B: affur'd of & P, omits bad; so all after fim, ex- ebis, &c.


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As double as the Duke's : he will divorce you,
Or put upon you what restraint P and 9 grievance

The law, with all his might t' enforce it on, : Will give him cable.

Oth. Let him do his spight :
My · services, which I have done the Signory,
Shall out-tongue his complaints. 'Tis yet to know,
( Which, when I know that boasting is an honourg
I shall w promulgate) 1 fetch my life and being
From men of royal * height, and my

May speak, Y and bonneted, to as proud a fortune
As this that I have reach'd. For know, lago,
But that I love the gentle Desdemona,
I would not my unhoused free condition
Put into circumscription and confine,
For the sea's worth. But look, what a lights come * gonder?

[blocks in formation]

Enter Caffio, with officers and torches.
Iago. These are the raised father, and his friends :
You were best to go in.

Otb. Not I: I muft be found.

o Second q. Duke for Duke's. * So the if ( ; the ad, bigbl; the P So the qo's; the reft, or for and. reft; fiege. 9 The 2d q. reads greevances.

Ý So T. J. and C; P.'s duodecimo * The il q. reads That for Tht. and W. unbonneting, i. c. without pulls The qu's, Weele for Will.

ing off the bonnet; H. reads can bomo • The ad q. service.

nered; the reft, unbonneted. u The aft q. omits, Which when I 27. reads light comes, &c. know.

a The fo's, R. and C. read gond, . The sf q. reads provulgate,

So the qu's ; the reft, Tbose for

Tbefc. 4


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