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ARTICLE I. Section 1. Limits of the District of Co

lumbia. 2. How governed. 3. A municipal corporation.- Com

missioners' officers of District. 4. Laws continued in force.

ARTICLE II. 1. Two citizens and officers of en

gineers appointed and de

tailed. 2. Enter on duty July 1, 1878. 3. Officers detailed to perform no

other duty.- Salary of. 4. Qualifications of persons

appointed. 5. Commissioners shall elect a

president. 6. Shall take an oath of office. 7. Compensation of civil commis

sioners.- Give bonds. 8. Term of office of civil commis

sioners. 9. Commissioners and officers dis

qualified as bail. 10. Contractors disqualified as bail.


city limits.-All rights under

pending suits saved. 12. Shall submit estimates to Sec

retary of the Treasury. 13. Shall submit estimates for

bridges, charities, etc. 14. The United States retains its

present control of public

works. 15. Secretary of the Treasury to re

vise estimates. - Commissioners to report estimates to

Congress. 16. Congress to appropriate one

half. 17. One-half paid by taxation. 18. How taxes are assessed and col

lected. 19. Rate of tax on property

cities. 20. Rate of tax on agricultural

property in country. 21. Collector to publish notice of

payment of taxes. 22. Deduction of tax, when made. 23. Penalties under act of March 3,

1877, suspended.


1. Commissioners successors of old

board, whose functions cease

July 1. 2. Powers and duties of commis.

sioners. 3. Limitation of powers to con

tract. 4. Power over hack stands. 5. Penalty for violating orders in

reference to hacks. 6. Lawful taxes to be collected. 7. Taxes shall not be anticipated. 8. May borrow $200,000. 9. Power over officers and em

ployes. 10. Power to maintain lamps out of

ARTICLE IV. 1. May prescribe duties of asses

sors and times of payment of

taxes. 2. Taxes where paid, and how dis

bursed. 3. All accounts settled by Treasury

department. 4. Secretary of the Treasury is to

pay interest on the 365 bonds and credit amount to United States.


1. Costs for public works, repairs,

etc., how advertised. 2. Awarded to the lowest bidder.

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Section 3. Commissioners may reject all

bids. 4. Work not to be subdivided. 5. Contracts only made by the con

currence of all the commis

sioners. 6. Contracts invalid unless re

corded. 7. No pavement shall be accepted,

but of the best material and

work. 8. Contracts secured by penal

bonds approved by the com

missioners. 9. Contractors to keep work in re

pair five years. 10. Ten per cent of the cost of all

new works shall be retained

as an additional security. 11. Portion of public works charge

able to street railroad com

fanieg. 12. How tracks shall be paved. 13. United States pay half of all

costs under article 5, except that done by railroad com

panies. 14. Paid on warrants of commis

sioners by the Secretary of

the Treasury. 15. When the District to

pave tracks of railroad companies. 16. Commissioners may issue cer

tificates of indebtedness

against their property, etc. 17. If certificates are not paid prop

erty, to be sold. 18. Duties of railroad companies

where tracks intersect. 19. Water and gas mains and pipes

to be laid before streets are

Improved. 20. Washington Gas-light Company

to care for its mains, etc. 21. Two subordinate engineers de

tailed from army by


ARTICLE VI. 1. Metropolitan police board abol

Ished.- Board of trustees of public schools abolished.

Section 2. Commissioners appoint trustees

of public schools.

ARTICLE VII. 1. Sinking fund commissioners

abolished.- Duties performed by the United States Treasurer.

ARTICLE VIII. 1. Board of health exceeded by

health officers under control of commissioners.

ARTICLE IX. 1. Commissioners appoint sanitary

inspector of District.— Number

and qualification. 2. Inspector's report, how and

when. 3. Health officers report to com


ARTICLE X. 1. The commissioners may appoint,

on recommendation of health officer a reasonable number of clerks.

ARTICLE XI. 1. Salary of health officer. 2. Sanitary inspector's compensa

tion. 3. Salaries of the clerks.

ARTICLE XII. 1. Commissioners report to Con

gress.- Drafts of law. 2. To report annually their acts in


ARTICLE XIII. 1. The present debt of the Dig

trict not to be increased. 2. Penalty for increasing debt of

the District.

ARTICLE XIV. 1. The act of June 17, 1870, con

strued.--- Revised statutes of

District of Columbia. 2. Taxes remitted on school prop

erty. 3. Above act limited.

ARTICLE XV. 1. Repealing clause.

SECTION I. 1. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That all the territory which was ceded by the State of Maryland to the Congress of the United States for the permanent seat of the government of the United States shall continue to be designated as the District of Columbia.

2. Said District and the property and persons that may be therein shall be subject to the following provisions for the government of the same, and also to any existing laws applicable thereto not hereby repealed or inconsistent with the provisions of this act.

3. The District of Columbia shall remain and continue a municipal corporation, as provided in section two of the Revised Statutes relating to said District, and the Commissioners herein provided for shall be deemed and taken as officers of such corporation.

4. And all laws now in force relating to the District of Columbia not inconsistent with the provisions of this act shall remain in full force and effect.

SECTION II. 1. That within twenty days after the approval of this act the President of the United States, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, is hereby authorized to appoint two persons, who, with an officer of the Corps of Engineers of the United States army, whose lineal rank shall be above that of captain, shall be Commissioners of the District of Columbia.

2. And who, from and after July first, eighteen hundred and seventy-eight, shall exercise all the powers and authority now vested in the Commissioners of said District, except as are hereinafter limited or provided, and shall be subject to all restrictions and limitations and duties which are now imposed upon said Commissioners.

3. The Commissioner who shall be an officer detailed from time to time from the Corps of Engineers by the President for this duty shall not be required to perform any other, nor shall he receive any other compensation than his regular pay and allowances as an officer of the army.

4. The two persons appointed from civil life shall, at the time of their appointment, be citizens of the United States, and shall have been actual residents of the District of Columbia for three years next before their appointment, and have, during that period, claimed residence nowhere else.

5. And one of said three Commissioners shall be chosen president of the Board of Commissioners at their first meeting, and annually and whenever a vacancy shall occur thereafter.

6. And said Commissioners shall each of them, before entering upon the discharge of his duties, take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and to faithfully discharge the duties imposed upon him by law.

7. And said Commissioners appointed from civil life shall each receive for his services a compensation at the rate of five thousand dollars per annum, and shall, before entering upon the duties of the office, each give bond in the sum of fifty thousand dollars, with surety as is required by existing law.

8. The official term of said Commissioners appointed from civil life shall be three years, and until their successors are appointed and qualified; but the first appointment shall be one Commissioner for one year and one for two years, and at the expiration of their respective terms their successors shall be appointed for three years.

9. Neither of said Commissioners nor any officer whatsoever of the District of Columbia shall be accepted as surety upon any bond required to be given to the District of Columbia.

10. Nor shall any contractor be accepted as surety for any officer or other contractor in said District.

SECTION III. 1. That as soon as the Commissioners appointed and detailed as aforesaid shall have taken and subscribed the oath or affirmation hereinbefore required all the powers, rights, duties and privileges lawfully exercised by and all property, estate and effects now vested by law in the Commissioners appointed under the provisions of the act of Congress approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, shall be transferred to and vested in and imposed upon said Commissioners; and the functions of the Commissioners so appointed under the act of June twentieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, shall cease and determine.

2. And the Commissioners of the District of Columbia shall have power, subject to the limitations and provisions herein con

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