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Denunciation, I. ii. 146, formal
Deputation, I. i. 23, deputyship.
Determin'd (determined), III. i.
80, limited; Hen. VI, IV. vi.


Determines, I. i. 44, assigns.
Discover, III. i. 213, expose; IV.
ii. 185, recognize.
Dispenses with, III. i. 154, par-
dons; Errors, II. i. 108.
Disproved, V. i. 188, three sylla-

Dissolution, III. ii. 220, death, de-

struction; Rich. II, II. i. 269.
Dis-valued, V. i. 251, discredited.
Disnouch'd (disvouched), IV. iv.
3, contradicted.

Drawne (drawn) in, II. i. 209,

Dressings, V. i. 68, adornments;

Sonn. 123. 4.

Dribling dribbling), I. iii. 4,

Edict, II. ii. 117, stress on second

Effect, IV. ii. 171, token; V. i.
226, action; effects, III. i. 26,

Eld, III. i. 38, old age, the aged.
Emmew, III. i. 104, force to cover.
En-shield (enshield), II. iv. 88,

for the past participle,'enshielded,'
covered with a shield.
En-skied (ensky'd), I. iv. 38, en-
shrined in heaven.
Entertaine (entertain), III. i. 87,
cling to, keep; Mer. of Ven.,

i. 99.
Entertainment, III. ii. 210, ex-

Escapes, IV. i. 70, sallies.
Essence, II. ii. 147, nature.
Estimation, IV. ii. 26, reputation.
Exists (exist'st), III. i. 22, second
person singular, existest; for
the 't' omitted with a verb end-
ing in 't'; cf. splits, II. ii. 143.
Extirpe (extirp), III. ii. 101, ex-
tirpate, root out.

Fact, IV. ii. 148, V. i. 481, deed,

Fall, I. i. 9, perhaps transitive,
let fall; Temp., II. i. 326.
False, II. iv. 53, unlawful.


| Falsely, II. iv. 51, unlawfully.
Fault, I, ii. 157, error.
Favor, IV, ii. 32, 185, face.
Feare (fear), II. i. 4, frighten;
Tam. of Shr., I. ii. 213.
Fedarie feodary), II. iv. 133,
accomplice; Cymb., III. ii. 23.
Few, III. i. 247, few words, brief.
Fewnes fewness) and truth, I.
iv. 43, briefly and in earnest.
File, III. ii. 135, body, number;
Cor., I. vi. 45.

Fine, II. ii. 562, punishment.
Fine, II. ii. 561, fin'de (fined),
III. i. 132, punish, punished.
Flawes flames), II. iii, 14, pas-
sions; Macb., III. iv. 80.
Flourish, IV. i. 86, colour, justify;
cf. Love's Lab., ÍI. i. 17.
Flowrie (flowery), ill. i. 96,

delicate as a flower.
Fond, II. ii. 178, trivial; II. ii. 220,
V. i. 129, deluded.
Fondnesse (fondness), II. iv. 31,

Foppery, I. ii. 130, folly, giddi-

ness; Mer. of Ven., II. iv. 37.
For, I. ii. 151, favourable to; for
vaine (vain), II. iv. 14.
For, II. i. 32, because in vain.
Forfeite forfeit), III. ii. 191,
liable to punishment.

Forfeites (forfeits), V. i. 357,

Forth, V. i. 289, further, to the
Foyson (foison), I. iv. 47, rich
harvest; Temp., II. i. 170.
Free, V. i. 430, generous.
French crowne (crown), I. ii. 51,
a coin worth four or five shillings,
a bald head.

Garden-house, V. i. 240, summer-
house, pavilion.
Generall (general), II. iv. 30,
populace; Ham., II. ii. 465.
Generation, IV. iii. 97, race.
Generative, III. ii. 111, born with-
out a male parent, or possibly
meant for ungenerative.'
Generous, IV. vi. 19, to be under-
stood as superlative like gravest;
noblest born; Oth., III. iii. 326.
Ghostly, IV. iii. 51, V. i. 151,
spiritual; Rom. & Jul., II. ii


second syllable; demand.
Imposition, I. ii. 187, penalties im-

Giglets, V. i. 384, pert, wanton | Importune, I. i. 64, stress on
girls; cf. Cymb., III. i. 38.
Giving out, I. iv. 60, apparently a
misprint for the plural, 'givings
out'; public statements.
Glassie (glassy), II. ii. 147, per-
ishable as an image reflected in a

Glimpse, I. ii. 157, luster, glit-


Gnarled, II. ii. 143, two syllables.
Grace, I. iv. 75, good fortune.
Gradation, IV. iii. 107, gradual


Grange, III. i. 284, solitary farm-
house; Oth., I. i. 118.
Gratulate, V. i. 584, gratifying.
Gravel, IV. iii. 70, stony.
Guard, I. iii. 56, posture of de-
fence; Temp., II. ì. 357 ; gardes
(guards), III. i. 111, trim-
mings; Much Ado, I. i. 276.
Gyves, IV. ii. 12, fetters.

Had as liefe (lief), I. ii. 34, a
genuine idiom, in which the ad-
jective lief, pleasing, originally
agreed with the object clause or

Hanniball (Hannibal), II. i. 177,
for 'cannibal.'

Happely (happily), IV. ii. 103,
perhaps; Tam. of Shr., IV. iv.

[blocks in formation]

Home and home, IV. iii. 159, to
the quick.
Hot-house, II. i.



In (me), I. iii. 48, perhaps a mis-
print; in place, V. i. 554, pres-


Incertaine (incertain), III. i.
146, vague, unsteady.
Inequality, V. i. 79, injustice.
Inforce (enforce), V. 1. 301, urge.
Informall (informal), V. i. 268,
Inriched (enriched), I. i. 15,
Inrolled (enrolled), I. ii. 165, three


Insensible of, IV. ii. 156, indiffer-

ent to.

Instance, IV. iii. 144, token,

Invention, II. iv. 5, imagination.
Inward, III. ii. 129, intimate.
Is, III. ii. 45, are, especially so
used before there.
Issues, I. i. 42, purposes.

Journall (journal), IV. iii. 96,
diurnal, daily; Cymb., IV. ii. 15.
Just, III. i. 78, V. i. 230, even so,

Keepes (keeps), I. iv. 13, III. i.
12, V. i. 20, stay, are to be

Know, II. i. 11, reflect.

Leaven'd, I. i. 59, fermented,


Leiger, III. i. 66, resident agent,

Let, II. iv. 84, supply 'me' as

Like, V. i. 91, please.
Like, V. i. 128, probable.
Limit, III. i. 235, appointed time.
Lists, I. i. 9, bounds; All's Well,
II. i. 59.

How, II. iv. 64, what; Temp., II. Loathed, III. i. 147, two syllables.

i. 278.

Ignomie (ignomy), II. iv. 120,
ignominy; perhaps a misprint
Impartiall (impartial), V. i.
194, taking no part.
Imports, V. i. 132, carries with it.

Longs, II. ii. 79, belongs; Tam.
of Shr., IV. ii. 48.

Losse (loss), II. iv. 98, absence.
Lover, I. iv. 44, mistress; As You,
III. iv. 42.
Luxurie (luxury), V. i. 556,
licentiousness; Mer. Wives, V.


Me, I. ii. 165, II. i. 122, IV. ii. 7, | Passes, V. i. 408, acts.

ethical dative; I. i. 77, myself.
Meal'd, IV. ii. 89, spotted.
Meane (mean), II. iv. 103, means;
Two Gen. of Ver., III. i. 41;
Wint. Tale, IV. iv. 106, 107.
Medlar, IV. iii. 190, a fruit which
decays easily.

Meere (mere), V. i. 179, used in
place of the adverb.
Miscarried, III. i. 230, was lost;
2 Hen. IV, IV. i. 136.
Moe, III. i. 42, more, transposed
with the numeral; Much Ado,
II. iii. 74:

More, II. ii. 26, V. i. 269, double
comparative; Temp., I. ii. 24.
Mortallitie (mortality), I. i. 50,
life and death.

Most, IV. i. 48, utmost, longest.
Mother, I. iv. 97, abbess.
Mysterie, misterie (mystery), IV.
ii. 33, 34, etc., art, trade.

No, IV. iv. 26, denial.
Not, II. i. 21, before the verb as if
the auxiliary 'do' were used;
Temp., II. i. 122, etc.
Nuptiall (nuptial), III. i. 234, V.
i. 567, like the plural, wedding;
Temp., V. i. 362.

Obstruction, III, i. 137, stagnation
of the blood; Tw. Night, III. iv.


Office, V. i. 401, service.
Omit, IV. iii. 80, pass by.
Opposite, III. ii. 162, opponent.
Other, II. iv. 97, other thing,
thing else.

Owe, I. iv. 93, possess; Temp.,
III. i. 56.

Pace, IV. iii. 147, teach to go;
Per., IV. vi. 57;

Paine (pain), II. iv. 94, pen-

Pain'd, V. i. 427, put to trouble.
Parcell (parcel), II. i. 70, partly,


Part, I. i. 47, office.

Partiall (partial), II. i. 34,
modifies nothing that is partial.
Particular, IV. iv. 28, private,
personal; Cor., IV. v. 91.
Passe (pass), IÍ. i. 26, passing,
II. i. 22, pass sentence.

Paved, V. i. 482, two syllables.
Peaches, IV. iii. 13, denounces,
charges with being.
Pelting, II. ii. 139, paltry; Lear,

II. iii. 19.

Perdurablie (perdurably), III.
i. 132, everlastingly.
Permissive, I. iv. 43, permitted;
only here in Sh.

Planched, IV. i. 34, two syllables;
made of planks.

Plucke (pluck), II. iv. 159, draw,


Possest possessed), IV. i. 48,
informed; Mer. of Ven., I. iii.

Practise (practice), V. i. 131,
148, conspiracy.

Precept, IV. i. 43, instruction.
Precise, II. i. 61, undoubted.
Prefers, I. i. 62, puts forward,
considers first.

Pregnant, I. i. 14, proficient, ex-
pert; II. i. 26, evident.
Prenzie, III. i. 108, 111, prim,

Present, IV. ii. 219, immediate.
Presently, IV. iii. 85, immediately.
Preserved, II. ii. 182, three sylla-

bles; kept from harm, pure.
Prints, II. iv. 141, impressions.
Probation, V. i. 88, novitiate; V. i.
184, proof.

Profession, IV. iii. 4, business.
Prolixious, II. iv. 176, superflu-


Prompture, II. iv. 192, impulse.
Prone, I. ii. 182, expressive (?)..
Proper, I. i. 36, peculiarly; I. ii.

126, III. i. 32, V. i. 452, own.
Propogation (propagation), I. ii.
148, increase.
Proportion, I. ii. 24, measure;
proportions, V. i. 249, fortune,
portion; Two Gen. of Ver., II.
iii. 5.

Provinciall (provincial), V. i.
352, under the jurisdiction of an
ecclesiastical province.

Put, I. i. 8, made; 2 Hen. VI, III.
i. 46.

Putting on, IV. ii. 128, inciting,
urgency; Cor., II. iii. 270.

Qualifie (qualify), IV. ii. 89,
moderate, check.

weight; I. 1. 73, conscientious

Question, I. i. 52, II. iv. 98, con- | Scruple, I. i. 43, small measure of
sideration, consultation.
Quest (quests), IV. i. 69, spyings.
Quit, V. i. 455, 551, requite, pay
back; 538, absolve from, pardon.

Race, II. iv. 174, nature; Temp.,
I. ii. 420.

Racke (rack), IV. i. 72, distort;
V. i. 351, strain by torture.
Ravyn, I. ii. 126, swallow eagerly.
Rebate, I. iv. 66, dull.

Receive, I ii. 177, begin; received,
II. iv. 90, three syllables; under-

Record, II. ii. 56, stress on second

Refeld (refell'd), V. i. 117, re-


Referre (refer), III. i. 265, betake.
Remembred, II. i. 111, be re-
membred, remember.
Remission, V. i. 553, pardon; Two
Gen. of Ver., I. ii. 68.
Remonstrance, V. i. 434, demon-

Remorse, II. ii. 73, V. i. 123, com-

Remove, I. i. 49, absence, depar-
ture; Ant. & Cleo., I. ii. 220.
Renouncement, I. iv. 39, renuncia-

Resolution, III. i. 188, determina-

[blocks in formation]

Sea (See), III. ii. 216, papal au-

Secondary, I. i. 52, subordinate.
Sects, II. ii. 8, classes; Ham., I.
iii. 30.

Seednes (seedness), I. iv. 46, sow-


Seemes (seems), V. i. 81, the sub-
ject, a
relative pronoun,
Seeming, II. iv. 163, III. ii. 39,

Selfe (self), II. ii. 154, singular
because outs is singular in

Severall (several), II. iv. 4,

Severe, II. ii. 58, stress on first

Sheepe (sheep) -biting, V. i. 391,
thieving (?), or malicious; cf.
sheepe-biter, Tw. Night, II. v. 7.
Shie (shy), III. ii. 129, V. i. 66,

Shield, III. i. 161, forbid.
Shrewd, II. i. 246, harsh, mis-

chievous; Much Ado, II. i. 20.
Shrift, IV. ii. 219, absolution.
Sickles (sicles), II. ii. 178, shekels.
Siege, IV. ii. 106, seat.
Sildome (seldom) when, IV. ii.
92, seldom, it is seldom that.
Skin, II. ii. 164, cover with a

skin; Ham., III. iv. 157.
Snatches, IV. ii. 7, repartees.
Soone (soon) at night, I. iv. 99,
this very night; Mer. Wives, I.

iv. 10.

Sort, IV. iv. 18, rank; Hen. V,
IV. vii. 144.


Soule (soul), I. i. 20, affection,
heart; Temp., III. i. 55.
Spare, II. ii. 39, forbear
offend; Errors, IV. i. 86.
Spirit's, IV. ii. 94, time of one

Splay, II. i. 228, castrate.
Spleenes (spleens), II. ii. 149,
mood, fit of laughter; Love's
Lab., V. ii. 123.

Splits (split'st), II. ii. 143, split-
test; cf. exists, III. i. 22.
Stage, I. i. 77, make a show of;
cf. Ant. & Cleo., III. xiii. 35.

Stagger in, I. ii. 164, am in doubt

Staies (stays) upon, IV. i. 51,
waits for.

Starkely (starkly), IV. ii. 68,

Steed (stead), I. iv. 21, serve,
help; Temp., I. ii. 194; steed
up, III. i. 270, supply.
Stew, V. i. 355, cauldron.
Stings, I. iv. 65, impulses.
Storie (story), I. iv. 34, mock,
object of jest.

Straitnesse (straightness), III.
ii. 252, strictness, severity.
Strange, V. i. 46, strangely, the
-ly being supplied from the pre-

vious adverb.

Stricture, I. iii. 115, strictness,

Subject, III. ii. 135, V. i. 22,

Subscribe, II. iv. 97, admit.
Succeed, ÍI. iv. 134, inherit.
Successive, II. ii. 123, stress on
first syllable; succeeding, fol-

Sufferance, III. i. 92, pain.
Supposed, II. i. 158, deposed,


Sweat, I. ii. 78, plague.
Sweetnes (sweetness), II. iv. 49,

Swing'd, V. i. 156, beaten; Two
Gen. of Ver. II. i. 81, III. i. 375.

Taxe (tax), II. iv. 87, accuse.
Tane (ta'en), IV. i. 41, taken.
Temporary, V. i. 172, concerning
temporal matters.

There, III. i. 193, in that opinion.
These, II. iv. 87, those now


They, I. i. 37, them, object of
waste; Rich. III, II. ii. 81.
Thirsty, I. iii.
127, causing

This, I. iii. 24, these, the years
being regarded as a single space
of time; Much Ado, III. iii.
123; V. i. 157,
this is.
Throughly, V. i. 294, thoroughly.
Ticke-tacke (tick-tack), I. ii. 189,
a game like backgammon.

Tilth, I. iv. 48, tillage.

[blocks in formation]

Unpregnant, IV. iv. 21, unready,

Unshun'd (unshunned), III. ii.
60, inevitable.

Unsisting, IV. ii. 95, unyield-

Untrussing, III. ii. 176, undress-

Unweighing, III. ii. 138, incon-

Uprighteously, III. i. 220, hon-

Use, I. i. 46, interest; I. iv. 68,
customary practices.
Usuries, III. ii. 6, loans of use of
body and of money.

Vaile (veil), IV. vi. 6, cover;
(vail), V. i. 26, lower.
Vantage, V. i. 457, benefit.
Vastiditie (vastidity), III. i. 79,


Vertuous (virtuous), II. ii. 201,
powerful, operative; Oth., III.

iv. 131.

Viewlesse (viewless), III. i. 142,

Voice, I. ii. 179, name.
Vouch, II. iv. 170, attestation;
Hen. VIII, I. i. 219.
Vulgarly, V. i. 187, publicly.

Warpe (warp), I. i. 17, deviate;
warped, III. i. 162, two sylla-
bles; unnatural.
Wear, III. ii. 73, fashion.
What, IV. ii. 140, V. i. 519,

Tongue, IV. iv. 26, speak of; Whiles, IV. iii. 87, while.

Cymb., V. iv. 153.

Who, I. ii. 188, which or whom.

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