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Remarkable Events in 1788.Queensbury, relative to their horses The House of Lords met purDash and Sir Peter Teazle.

suant to adjournment. 8. Intelligence received of the 31. Died at Rome, Charles Eddeinolition of the famous Concs at ward Lewis Caslimer Stuart, comCherbourg,

monly called the Pretender. - Died, the Right Rev. John Harlev, bishop of Hereford.

FEBRUARY. -- Their roval highnelles the 1 and 4. Petitions presented to prince of Wales, and the dute of

ilie Hlousc of Commons against the York, arrived at Plymouth, on a Slave Trade. visit to prince William Henry; 4. Sir Elijah Impey appeared

9. Accounts arrived of the hur- at the bar of the Commons, 10 ricane at Honduras, and other make his defence. parts of the West Indies, which 5. On a Debate in the House of had kappened on the first of Sep. Lords respecting the election of a teiber, 1787

Scotch leer, the Prince of Wales - Battle between Humphries divided with the minority. and Mendoza, at Odiham, in

Masquerade at the OperaHampshire, which terminated in

houfc. favour of Humphries.

10. Formal Declaration of War 10. Election came on at Edin- made at Vienna, against the Turks. burgh for a Scotch Peer-Dumfries 13. Thc Trial of Warren Harto against Cathcart-the latter chofen ings, Esq. for hiigla crimes and mifby a majority of one.

demeanors, commenced before the A'dreadful fire at the corner High Court of Parliament in Weft. of Bow-street, Covent-Garden. minster-hall.

Theatrical exhibitions com- Accounts received of disputes benced at Blenheim, with the between the Emperor of Germany Maid of the Oaks.

and the Univerliiy of Louvain. 12. An Ediet registered at Paris 19. Fire broke out in the Waxis favour of protestants.

Chamber, Westminster-Hall. Mr. Gallini, the manager of 21. Debate in the House of the Opera-house, created a KRINT Commons, on Naval Promotions. by luis holiness the Pope of Rome, 28. Lord George Gordon re

14. A battle in Siepney-fields ceived sentence from the Court of between Love and Kelcher-gain. King's Bench to be imprisoned five cd by the latter.

years in Newgate; pay a fine of 15. Account of the carlof Dun- sool. and find Turetics for his good morc's arrival at Nallau, on the behaviour for fourteen years, under 27th of October, as governor of the penalty of 60,000l. the Bahama İhlands. 17. Dicd Mr. Pillon, the Dra

MARCU. matic author.

1. Their Majesties attended the 18. The Queen's birth-day ce- Richmond-honle Thcatre, to Ice lebrated with extraordinary splen- the performance of the Wonder, dor.

with the Guardian. 27. His royal highness the duke

5th and 7th. Debates in the of York visited the goal of New- House of Commons on the Decla. gate.

ratory Act, 30. Hubbard examined at Bow- 8. General Carpenter throw him. street, for atteinpting to defraud self into the Serpentine River, and the duke of York of gol.

was drowned.

10. Protest 10. Protest in the House of

Lords against the Declaratory Aa. 5. Debates on the Budget.

15. Spirited Remonstrance pre- 9. Debates on the impeachment sented by the Parliaincnt of Paris of Sir Elijah Impey. to the French King.

- Quarrel in the Houfe of Com. 20. The Declaratory Act passed. mons between Sir J. Johntone

28. Final Arrangement of his and Lord Mornington. Najesty's Houshold Troops.

12. Died, Duke Louis of Brunf30. Shocking murder of Mr. wick, in the 70th year of his MʻIntosh, at Hermitage Bridge. age.

31. Died the celebrated Lady 15. The Emperor of Morocco's Viscountess Vane.

declaration of war announced,

16. Singular Proceedings on APRIL .

holding a Bed of Justice at Ver5. Marchesi's first appearance at

sailles. the Opera.

18. Alarming Storm of Light8, The Duke of Northumber- ning, which did considerable da. tand invested with the Order of the

mage in the Temple. Garter.

19. Grand Installation of Knights - Died, at Bath, the Right Hon. of the Order of the Bath. Richard Rigby.

23. Debate in tho House of 14. The King inspected a new Lords on the Insolveno Debtors temporary Military Hospital, ercet- Bill. erl on the terrace of Somersct- Mr. Crespigny, is passing a house.

long the Strand, attacked and Account received of the de- wounded by the Bank-guard. struction of Coringa, in the East 25. Debate on the Regulation of Indies.

Provincial Theatres. - Particulars brought over of 27. Installation Supper and Ball, the loss of the Gangos East India- held at the Pantheon. man, Capt. Frazer, on the 23d of

28. The dispute between Lord May, 1787.

Orford and Locatelli the ftatuary, 1-4. Treaty of Alliance ratified

decided by arbitration. between the King of Prussia and Violent Diffentions in France the States of Holland.

respecting the assembling of their 17. Batile between Death and Parliaments. Crab-in which the former was 29. The St. Eustatius Cause of beaten.

Lindo againit Rodney confirmed 18. Debate in the Commons 'on in favour of Lindo. the promotions of Flag Officers.

30. Mr. Middleton's examina- Klerisk, a frontier fortress of tion in Westminster-hall, concludEuropcan Turkey, taken by the ed. Emperor.-Several skirmishes be

31. Spang, a hair-dresser, got tween the Turks and Austrians. clandestinely into the Quecn's Pa

29. Trcaty of Defensive Alliance lace, with a design of making love ratified between his Britannic Ma. to the Princess Elizabeth: for jesty and the States General. which he was confined in Bedlam.

The Emperor of Morocco threatened a declaration of war

JUNE. against Great Britain.

2. Died, Mr. Hefle, of the Adel31. Several capital houses in the phi. cotton branch stopped payment, 3. Mr. Sheridan made his celeto the arpount of nearly one mila' brated speech on Hastings's trial. sion,

- Lord

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a filver cup:

Lord Mansfield refigned the much other damage sustained in ftation of Chief Justice of the various parts of the town. Court of King's Bench, after hold- · A dreadful fire at Bere Reges, ing it thirty-two years.

in Dorset, which burnt down forThe Ambassadors from Tip- ty-two houses, poo Saib arrive at Paris.

- Lukins, a notorious impoftor, 5. Sir Lloyd Kenyon resigned pretended to be polletled with sethe Mastership of the Rolls, and ven devils. was made Chief Justice of the King's Bench, in the room of Lord

July. Mansfield.

1. Several skirmishes at Grenoble - Protest presented from the in France, between the people and Princes of the Blood of France, to the military. his Majesty at Versailles.

2. Advice of a battle between 9. Rebellion in the French Pro- the Austrians and Turks, near vinces, particularly Brittany. Bender, in which the latter loft Sailing Match at Vauxhall for

near 12,000 men.

3. Barrington taken at New 10. Mr. Smith's last performance caitle. at Drury-lane.

4. The Prince a new ship of 11. The fleet of the Empress of ninety guns, launched at WoolRussia, gained a complete victory wich. over the Captain Pacha (the Turk- - The Citizens of Philadelphia ish commander), whofc fleet was celebrated the establishment of their either burnt, taken, or fled :-two new constitution in a most splendid of the line were taken, together manner. with the Pacha's flag, and 4 or 6. Thomas Cradock, a baker, 5000 prisoners.

threw himself from the top of the 13. Mr. Sheridan concluded his monument. selebrated speech on Haftings'strial. 9. Royal Artillery reviewed at

14. Powel, the famous Walker, Woolwich, returned from performing his jour- 10. Mr. Sheridan purchased Dr. ney to York.

Ford's shares of Drury Lane The16. A smart rencontre near Bel. atre. grade between the Imperialists and 11. Parliament prorogued. Turks, in which the former were - New arrangements of the Adfuccessful.

miralty Board. 19. Remonstrance from thc Par- 12. At half past six in the mornliament of Brittany to the French ing, their Majcities, accompanied King.

by the Princesses, set off on their Final Decision of the Cause journey to Cheltenham, where. between Strathmore and Bowes. they arrived about five in the even22. Riot in St. Giles.

ing. 23. Account of hoftilities having -- Te Deum sung at Petersburgh, been commenced between the on account of the victory obtained Swedes and Russians.

over the Turks. The King of Sweden set out 13. A vacancy for Westminster from his capital, to embark on declared, in consequence of Lord board the fleet destined against the Hood's promotion in the Admiralty. Rusians.

14. Act of Guaranty for preferv. 28. A violent storm of thunder, ing the Stadtholderian form of gosain, &c. by which part of the vernment entered into by the States Tower-wall was debwoyed, and of Holland.


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Definitive Treaty concluded 28. The Baron de Breteuil ren between Great Britain and Prussia. Signed, and a general change took

- A meeting of the Indepen- place in the French Ministry. dent Electors held at the Shake- 29. Meeting of Shopkeepers at {peare,and Lord John Townshend the Crown and Anchor, proposed as candidate. 15. Robbery of Devonshire

AUGUST. houle, of a considerable quantity 2. Died, the celebrated Mr. of diamonds, medals, his Grace's Gainsborough, the painter. George, &c.

3. Four Peers of France, who 16. Meeting of the Prerogative had been imprisoned in the Bastile, Elettors at the Cannon Coffee-house. released by order of his Majesty,

17. Action between the armies 4. Insurrection at Brabant, in in Transylvania, in which the consequence of the Emperor's seTurks were defeated with mucha verity: lors,

At three o'clock the election 18. Extraordinary meeting of for Westminster ended, when Lord ihe Whig Club to support the cause John Townfhend was declared of Lord Townshend.

duly elected by a majority of 823, – The Westminster Election After which his Lordship. was commenced :-at the close of the chaired, and carried through the first day Lord Townshend had a principal streets of Westminiter, at majority of 280.

tended by one of the most splendid A violeni riot took place in cavalcades ever appearing on a Covent Garden, by Lord's fimilar occasion :-The Friends of party, armed with bludgeons, &c. Freedom afterwards assembled at making an attack on the friends of the Crown and Anchor Tavern, their opponents.

where they concluded this joyful 21. Admiral Gower returned 10 day, Causand, after a cruise of three - As the procesfion was moving weeks, with Prince William Hen- down Brydges-street, Covent-Garo ry; immediately after which his den, a large stone was thrown at Highness failed for Hallifax, on Mr. Fox, who was seated in an board the Andromache.

22. A fracas occasioned by the 5. Declaration of the Empress sio!ous proceedings of Lord 'T-'s of Russia against the Swedes. mob-the Guards called out, two 8. First meeting of the new of whom, with fixed bayonets, Constitutional Club. made a thrust at Mr. Fox, and sea 9. Mr. Gainsborough, the late verely wounded his black scrvant. celebrated artist, buried in Kew They also pointed their bayonet's church-yard. at, and rushed against Mr. Sheri- - A new Wrestling Society elta dan. Several gentlemen were au- blished at Belvidere-house. daciously asTaulted ;-though in 10. Celebration of the Regatta general the soldiers behaved with at Keswick, in Cumberland. as much moderation as men pofsi- 12. Grand Cricket

match bę. bly could—who were called upon tween Kent and Surrey, at Boura. to exercise their arms in civil but- Paddock, decided in favour of the chery.

latter by 37 notches. - The Imperial and Ruffian 14. Order of the Horfe-shoc, troops made a bold but unsuccess- augmented by a present from his ful attack upon Choczim.

Royal Highness the Duke of York. 24. His Majeậy vifited the city 16, The Royal Family quitted of Gloucester,


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Remarkable Events in 1788.
Cheltenham, and arrived at Wind- 28. The French Parliament al-
for the same evening.

18. The Turkish army marched
into the Bannat of Temeswar.

21. First Court Day after their 1. Brodie executed at Edinburgh.
Majestics' retum.

2. Definitive Treaty of Alliance - Arret published by the French between Great Britain and Prussia King, stating the deplorable titu- ratified. ation of the nation's finances.

8. The Anacreontic Society held 22. An inhuman mallacte com

their first meeting: mitted by the Pacha of Scutari. 11. The Archbishop of Canter

25. The fortress of Dubicza bury's Palace robbed of a confitaken by the Austrians.

derable quantity of plate. 29. A change in the French Mi- 14. Died, Right Hon. Lord nistry; the Archbishop of Sens Dudley and Ward. disgraced, and Mr. Necker ap- 30. Milton, the foldier, tried for pointed Minister and Dircator Ge- assaulting and stabbing Mr. Cresneral of the Firances.

pigny, found guilty of the assault,

and sentenced to twelve months SEPTEMBER.

1. Intelligence from Sweden of
great dissentions prevailing in the


4. Being the century of King - A large encampment formed William's landing at Torbay, was at St. Omers.

celebrated through most parts of 2. Died, his Grace the Duke of Great-Britain, and particularly by Manchester.

the Wusg Club in London, with 6. The Rev. Mr. Fay tricd in

every demonstration of joy. Dublin for forgery, and found 6. His Majesty, who had been guilty.

indisposed for some time, was at6,'Various engagements at sea tacked by a change in his disorder, between the Turks and Russians. aticnded with the most unfavour

- Reformation of the Irish able symptoms. Ordnance.

13. A Form of Prayer ordered 16. A ccllation of arms between for his Majesty's recovery. Russia and Sweden.

14. A dreadful fire broke out in 17. The musical festival of St. a coachmaker's in St. Martin'sCecilia, held at Salisbury,

lane. - Barrington called up to the 20. The Court-marshal on Cape Old Bailey, and addressed the Re- tain Dawson ended at Portsmouth; corder in a speech of fome length. - sentenced to be disiniffcd his Ma.

-- Insurrections in Brittany. jesty's servicc.
19. The Turkish garrison of A general scarcity of water
Choczim furrendered to the Impe. throughout England, from the un-
rial arms.

cominon long drought.
20. The Emperor retreated from
Illova, but was pursued and sc-

verely harrassed by the Turks. 3. The House of Lords met pur-

23. Foundation stone laid of a suant to adjourninent: and a Comnew bridge at Leith.

mittee was appointed to examine 24. Operations of the Swedish his Majesty's Physicians respecting

his disorder, 26. Dicd, Sir Robert Taylor,

5. Ls. Strong debates in both architect,


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