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was to Socrates, 'the image or phantom of the living and animated word.'

This book contains representative poems, both classic and modern, that are adapted for use in oral English classes, classes in English and American literature, and classes in oral expression and public speaking. It may also be found useful as a source of supplementary reading in connection with any regularly adopted school reader, furnishing much material that is new and of present-day interest. The collation may be differentiated from other anthologies in the following particulars:

1. The selections, more than is ordinarily the case, conform to the highest poetic standards, and may therefore well be studied and assimilated for the mental and spiritual enrichment of the child or youth.

2. The poems are particularly adapted to oral expression, whether read from the book or delivered from memory.

3. While offering a wide variety in matter and structure, the poems have a uniformity in general high character. Selections in dialect, or selections requiring any great degree of impersonation, or that in other respects fall within the category of the socalled "dramatic reading," have been rigorously excluded.

4. Each poem is preceded by a head-note which aims to give the reader such information as is necessary to furnish an adequate mental background, brief and direct suggestions being given to guide

both teachers and pupils in the correct oral interpretation.

The aim of the editors throughout has been to furnish a usable school text containing representative poems for intensive study through an intelligent, sincere, and sympathetic vocal interpretation.

E. D. S. D. E. W.

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