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To the Worshipful the

MASTERS of the Bench,

And the Rest of the

Members of the Two Honourable Societies


TEMPLE. My much honoured Friends,

NE Reason of Publishing this plain Discourse is, because I cannot now preach

to you, as formerly I have done, and have no other Way left of discharging my Duty to you, but by making the Press fupply the Place of the Pulpit

. Part of this you have already heard, and should have heard the rest, had I enjoyed the same Liberty still; which God restore to me again when he sees fit; if not, his Will be done.

And the only Reason of this Dedication is, to make this publick and thankful Acknowledgment (before I am forA 3


ced from you,

if I must be so unhappy) of your great Respects, and many singular Favours to me; which have been always so free and generous, that they never gave Time, nor left any Room for me to ask; especially that obliging Welcome you gave me at my first Coming, I mean your Present of a House, which, besides the Conveniencies and Pleasure of a delightful Habitation, has afforded me that which I value much more, the frequent Opportunities of your

Conversation. Tho' I am able to make you no better Return than Thanks, I hope that Great MASTER whom I serve will; and that GOD would multiply all temporal and spiritual Blessings on you, is, and always shall be, the fincere and hearty Prayer of,

Your most Obliged,

and Humble Servant,




The Introduction,

Page 1

С НА Р. І. The several Notions of Death; and the Improvement of them,

3 Sect. I. The First Notion of Death, That it

is our leaving this World; with the Improvement of it,

5 SECT. II. The Second Notion of Death, That it is our putting off these Bodies


29 Sect. III. Death confidered as our Entrance

upon a new and unknown State of Life, 57

Concerning the Certainty of our Death, 74
Sect. I. A Vindication of the Justice and

Goodness of God, in appointing Death for all

Sect. II. How to improve this Confideration,
That we must certainly die,



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CH A P. III. Concerning the Time of our Death, and the proper Improvement of it,




Sect. I. That the general Period of human

Life is fixed and determined by God, and that it is but very short,

Page 106 Sect. II. What little Reason we have to com

plain of the Shortness of human Life, SECT. III. What Use to make of the fixed Term of human Life,

119 SECT. IV. What Use to make of the Shortness of human Life,

133 Sect. V. The Time, and Manner, and Circum

stances of every particular Man's Death, are not determined by an absolute and unconditional Decree,

152 SECT. VI. The particular Time when we are to die, is unknown and uncertain to us,

161 Sect. VII. That we must die but once, or that

Death translates us to an unchangeable State; with the Improvement of it,


CHAP. IV. Concerning the Fear of Death, and the Remea dies against it,

272 Ibe Conclusion,



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