Rump: or An Exact collection of the choycest poems and songs relating to the late times

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Printed for Henry Brome at the Gun in Ivy-lane, and Henry Marsh at the Princes Armes in Chancery-lane., 1662

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Page 42 - WHat Creature's this with his short hairs, His little band and huge long ears, That this new faith hath founded, The Puritans were never such, The Saints themselves, had ne'er so much, Oh, such a knave's a Roundhead.
Page 1 - And list to my relation : This is the day, mark what I say, Tends to your renovation . Stay not among the Wicked, Lest that with them you perish, But let us to New-England go, And the Pagan People cherish ; Thenfor the truths sake come along, come along, Leave this place of Superstition : Were it not for we, that the Brethren be, You would sink into Perdition.
Page 243 - tis the Indian's pride to be Naked on frozen Caucasus : Contentment cannot smart. Stoics we see Make torments easy to their apathy. These manacles upon my arm I, as my mistress' favours, wear ; And for to keep my ankles warm I have some iron shackles there ; These walls are but my garrison ; this cell, Which men call jail, doth prove my citadel.
Page 194 - And not devout, neither in speech nor gesture ; And I could not one word answer again, Nor had not so much grace to call her sister ; For ever something did offend her there, Either my broad beard, hat, or my long hair.
Page 145 - WHat though the Zealots, pull down the Prelates, Push at the Pulpit, and kick at the Crown, Shall we not ever, strive to endeavour Once more to purchase our Royal Renown ? Shall not the Roundhead first be confounded ? Sa, sa, sa, sa boyes, ha...
Page 237 - Boldly I preach, hate a cross, hate a surplice, Mitres, copes, and rochets ! Come hear me pray nine times a day, And fill your heads with crotchets.
Page 242 - Then strike, Affliction, for thy wounds are balm. That which the world miscalls a jail, A private closet is to me : Whilst a good conscience is my bail, And innocence my liberty : Locks, bars, and solitude, together met, Make me no prisoner, but an anchoret.
Page 291 - Or Peer, but in name or show ; Come Clowns, and come Boys, come Hoberdehoys, Come Females of each degree, Stretch out your throats, bring in your Votes, And make good the Anarchy ; Then thus it shall be, sayes Alse, Nay, thus it shall be, sayes Amie, Nay, thus it shall go, sayes Taffie, I trow, Nay, thus it shall go, sayes Jemmy.
Page 22 - Therefore as others from th' bottom of their souls, So we from the depth and bottom of our bowls, According unto the bless'd form you have taught us, We thank you first for the ills you have brought us : For the good we receive we thank him that gave it, And you for the confidence only to crave it. Next in course, we complain of the great...
Page 269 - I'le shew by my drinking. He that drinks well, does sleep well ; he that sleeps well, doth think well ; He that drinks well, doth do well ; he that does well, must drink well.

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