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Introduction to Lord Ashley-friendship with him and its issue 136-144



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The antecedents of Shaftesbury's chancellorship-Buckingham and other

members of the Cabal—the treaty of Dover—the declaration of

indulgence-the stop of the exchequer


Locke's position and duties as secretary of presentations—his connection

with political affairs-parliamentary writs during prorogation-the
opening of parliament in 1672-3—the test act-Shaftesbury's dis-
missal from the chancellorship-subsequent events

Locke's work as secretary to the council of trade and foreign plantations

- his farther relations with Carolina-his share in the company of

adventurers to the Bahamas


Pierre Nicole's 'Essais de Morale,' and the ' Discourses' translated from

them by Locke-Locke's religious opinions and standard of orthodoxy

-some of his clerical friends-Thomas Firmin


Miscellaneous occupations and correspondence between 1672 and 1675—

studies in political economy-correspondence with Mrs. Blomer and

Mapletoft-the Royal Society-letters from William Allestree and

others—Scandinavian customs and superstitions—Laplanders and Lap

witches-West Indian drugs and other curiosities—a Somersetshire

heiress—Locke's M.B. degree and medical studentship at Oxford. -

his annuity from Shaftesbury-increased illness-preparations for

going to France.

. 311-336

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The progress of political affairs in England during Locke's absence and

after his return-his occupations in connection with public business
and in Lord Shaftesbury's service—the parliaments of 1680 and 1681

-Locke's share in the education of Shaftesbury's grandson 410_424
Miscellaneous occupations and correspondence-letters to Thoynard-

Locke's temper at this time-his income--minor relations with his
friends-visits to Oxford and elsewhere


Medical pursuits and notes-Locke's account of his fever in 1679-his


consumption—'Extracts of Sydenham's Physic Books'-later work

with Sydenham .

445 -456


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