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this city for $4,000,000, for the work they generously allowed the larger apof the Young Men's and Young Wo- portionment of the funds to be given men's Christian Associations? "It was

to the women's work, and on through the greatest money campaign in the the days, as personally they kept in world's history,” said Mr. Charles S.

the background. There was evident Ward, the director of the campaign.

no lack of appreciation of what the To those men and women and

women who worked so untiringly were there were one thousand of them en

doing, for as a member of one of the rolled on the teams—whose privilege

men's teams remarked after it was all it was to participate in the raising of

over, “It took the women to put the the $4,052,501 it will stand out as one

zip into things." of the most unique and thrilling ex

No one regretted that it was necesperiences of their lives. To the inter

sary to extend the time a day over the

allotted two weeks, for it brought the ested onlooker, there were certain out

close most fittingly on the eve of our standing and significant characteristics Thanksgiving Day, and those present of this first whirlwind campaign in the at the final gathering of workers who history of New York.

lifted their voices in the singing of the “New York rose to the occasion as Doxology after the announcement was it always does,” said one of the lead- made that the goal had been reached, ers, and this applied equally to both felt with Secretary Daniels of the workers and generous contributors. Navy Department that "this campaign Men and women with a maximum of is not significant so much because of business and social engagements put the large amount of money raised as everything aside and announced em

because it emphasized the fact that phatically, “This one thing I do.”

these Associations are appraised at There was no swerving from the orig- their true value. It is a matter for inal purpose and they plunged into sincere thanksgiving that the leaders the work with as much zest as if it in the churches recognize the need of were the first whirlwind campaign in reaching young people and of employthe world's history. And what shall ing this new and modern agency. we say of the democracy of the individual gifts, 17,344 of them, ranging from two cents to over $500,000, many of them representing real sacrifices but Getting Ready for the Panama Exposition given willingly as "an investment in A committee of the Department of futures" for the youth of this great Method called the Panama Exposition city. It was the number of givers and Committee is working hard at plans the large number of small gifts that for some national contests designed to prompted some who had already prom- interest all types of Association memised large sums to increase their bers and stimulate constructive work pledges and others who had not given of permanent value. The contests will at all to give generous sums unsolic- be started early in the spring, and ited.

their concrete results will be exhibited The generosity of the New York at the Exposition. There are to be papers in the matters of space exceed- competitions in the making of model ed the expectations of the most san- wardrobes, the writing of stories, guine, for when the stock of clippings plays, songs, etc., and in the line of was taken it was found that 600 full thrift, health and community service. columns had been devoted to editori- Valuable prizes will be awarded in all als and news of the campaign, together classes. Associations reaching certain with a generous use of pictures. standards of excellence will be placed

The chivalrous attitude of the men on an Honor Roll. Watch for the was evident from the very start when details !

Summer School Course for Physical Directors cation of Wellesley College will give

Summer schools abound. The a special course in advanced gymnaswould-be summer student may make

tics. This will be a graduate course. choice among them according to geog

His association with Miss Homans, raphy, merit or special application to

the head of the department at Welthe vocation to which each is related lesley, gives added value to Dr. SkarsIn offering a summer course for phys

trom's remarkable qualifications and ical directors the National Training


Miss Homans herself hopes to be School of the Young Women's Christian Associations is not competing with

able to adjust her summer plans so other schools nor is it duplicating their

as to be free to accept the school's

urgent invitation to be its guest for work. This school has its own unique

some days in some part of the school mission, which is to provide Associa

term. If she can be present she will tion training for Association people. give a brief course of lectures on the There is no other place where this Ethics of the Profession. training can be had.

Miss Maude March. of Teachers' The course is offered for physical College will have charge of the course directors in the Association and ac- in Normal Diagnosis. cepted candidates for Association po- The popular course in swimming sitions, whether recent graduates with- given last year will be repeated under out experience or directors who have Mr. George H. Corsan. been instructors in other institutions. Dr. Anna L. Brown gives four lecIn the Young Women's Christian As- tures on department organization and sociation the physical director is more four on administration of the departthan a teacher, she is the executive of ment of hygiene and physical educaa department. She works with a com- tion. mittee under the cirection of a board The Bible course offered will conand its executive. Her field is the sist of fifteen studies in the Life of community and all her work factors Paul by Miss Ethel Cutler. Miss Elizin the life of the community whether abeth Wilson gives three lectures on she will or no.

the Association Movement. The school does not provide all the A complete announcement will be iscourses offered in the purely tech

sued at an early date. The expenses nical department of physical educa are a fee of $5, payable at time of tion of the ordinary summer school. registering (applicants should register It is not its aim merely to furnish before May I) ; tuition charges, which “material,” but it offers the best ma- are $20 for lectures and practical terial available as illustrative of the work, and $5 for use of gymnasium Association's policy and working pro- and pool, and living expenses of $9 gram.

per week for full room and board at The course in hygiene is to be given the National Training School. by Dr. William McCastline, recently in charge of the physical education department of the Columbia University summer school and now the University The Annual Conference of the National

Board physician. This will be not alone a course of instruction in personal and For the first time the entire national community hygiene, but also in con- leadership of the Young Women's structive method for creating senti- Christian Association will be reprement and organizing community sery- sented in the annual conference meetice.

ing at headquarters February 4 to 7. Dr. William Skarstrom of the de- This is true in part because December partment of hygiene and physical edu- has seen the inclusion of the one re


maining part of the country into the Of greater importance to us, howfield system, with the organizing of ever, has been the expressed apprethe new Southwest Field, and in part ciation we have received in letters of because it is already assured that at encouragement and thanks. One of least three field committee members or these letters we wish to quote as showsecretaries from each field will journey ing a constructive gratitude of value to New York for this purpose, while

to us.

It urges another necessity in from many fields the representation the use of THE ASSOCIATION MONTHwill be far larger. It is beyond estimate to think of what, through these repre

"Once upon a time when I was a general sentatives, this conference may mean secretary, a group of young women of to the some 650 women who have ac- leisure were organized into an Association cepted the national leadership of the Chapter. The first essential was to teach Association.

these girls something of the all-around

work of the Young Women's Christian AsBesides reports and technical hours

sociation, as they knew very little about it. there will be seminars on subjects cal- So we studied 'The American Girl and her culated to focus the study of this gath- relation to the Association. ering upon critical and characteristic

"1. In the city.

"2. In college. phases of girl life in this country,

"3. In industry. somewhat apart from purely Associa- "4. In the country. tion connection. A set of slides is be

"I marked the articles in the MONTHLY ing prepared for special illustration of that I thought would help us, and gavę these subjects. Dr. John Henry Jow- them to the program committee. We found ett has consented to conduct one of

our whole year's work in this interesting

text-book. Surely no general secretary is the devotional hours. Immediately after this gathering the ring to do her work without the help and

of annual conference of the secretarial

A ONE TIME GENERAL SECRETARY. staff will be held for three days, beginning on Monday, February 9. The program for these days makes good

The expected publication of the reading: "What do we mean when we study of Paul, to be called “Some talk of a democratic organization”: Friends of the Tentmaker," has been "The initial approach: to the immi- indefinitely postponed, inasmuch as grant, the freshman, the highly paid Miss Helen M. A. Taylor, who was business woman, etc."; "The princi- to have prepared this text, found it ples of the Country Life Movement"; impossible to complete it before leav"Our Commission Work"; "Where ing recently for a year's absence does the responsibility rest for the re- abroad. ligious work of the Association”; etc.

An outline of devotional readings entitled "The Christian Social Order,"

by Richard H. Edwards, International The Association Monthly Campaign Young Men's Christian Association Although The AssociATION Month- Secretary for Social Study, will be LY campaign is as yet not fully ready in January for use during the launched, we have had gratifying re- second half of the college year. It turns in response to our editorial in has been prepared for the members the December number. Aside from of voluntary study groups in colleges ninety new individual

individual subscribers.

subscribers, and universities in connection with there have been three large clubs of mission and social study. one hundred and fifty members to add As the work during the second semto our list. We trust this month will ester, according to the correlated promultiply these figures to our most op- gram of study, is devoted to mission timistic fulfillment.

or social study, the members of such classes will be glad of the Biblical Western City-Estes Park, Col., August readings, so well adapted to supple

14 to 24.

Western Student-Estes Park, Col., Augment their class work. The course of

ust 25 to September 4. reading is selected from the Gospels Central City-Lake Geneva, Wis., August and extends over thirteen weeks. It 14 to 24. may be ordered through the publication Central Student—Lake Geneva, Wis., department: When ordered with a

August 25 to September 4.
mission or social study textbook, five
cents; ordered separately, ten cents.

Keep your copy of the Association Year

Book up to date by noting therein all sec-
A new price list of the publications

retarial changes. and importations of the national pub

HEADQUARTERS lication department has just been is

Leslie Blanchard, formerly general secsued. It is twice the size of the former

retary at Stanford University, California, one and three times the number of to be special worker for State universities pages-proof positive that the old for the National Board. one should be discarded at once and

Rebecca McKillip, formerly extension sec

retary at Pittsburgh, Pa., to be social the new one sent for. A post card

secretary for the National Board. request will bring it to your desk, and Estelle Paddock, formerly national secyou will find its descriptive lists, its retary for China, to be special worker in mention of especially pertinent books

the publication department of the National

Board. by other publishers, and its title in

FIELD dex, a satisfaction in your day's work.

Edith Helmer, formerly student secretary at Iowa State College, Ames, Ia., to be student secretary for denominational schools

for the North Central Field Committee. The little study of familiar country

LOCAL impressions, by Miss Elizabeth Wilson, called "How My Five Senses

Kate Coltrane, to be student secretary at
Teach Me to Love the Country," is the University of Texas, Austin, Texas.
much in demand, and is suitable as a Marion Hopkins, to be acting general
card of greetings for any time of secretary at Richmond, Va.
year. Price ten cents.

Mary Lehman, to be general secretary at
Norristown, Pa.

Virginia Wells, formerly Bible teacher at
Pittsburgh, Pa., to be acting general sec-

retary at the same place. Summer Conferences for 1914

The Department of Conventions Olive Brown, to be physical director at and Conferences announces the Con- Winona, Minn. ferences for 1914 as follows:

Edith L. Deadrich, formerly assistant

secretary at Mobile, Ala., to be physical Southern General-Blue Ridge, Black director at Asheville, N. C. Mountain, N. C., June 2 to 12.

Mrs. Dowding, to be house secretary at School Girls'-Eagles Mere, Pa., June 12 Topeka, Kans. to. 19.

Hazel Flynn, to be assistant physical Northwest General-(Date and place not director at Toledo, Ohio. settled).

Leila Hickcox, formerly announced as Eastern Student-Silver Bay, on Lake house secretary at Bay City, Mich., to be George, N. Y., June 19 to 29.

lunchroom director at the same place. Eastern City-Silver Bay, Lake Blanche Leeming, to be physical director George, July 21 to 30.

at Keokuk, la. East Central Student-Eagles Mere, P.2., Margaret Moore, to be physical director June 23 to July 3.

at Yonkers, N. Y. Pacific Coast Student-Asilomar Grounds, Ruth Potter, to be domestic science and near Pacific Grove, Cal., August 4 to 13. cafeteria director at Keokuk, Ia.

Pacific Coast City-Asilomar Grounds, Mrs. Helen G. Wagoner, to be house secnear Pacific Grove, Cal., August 14 to 24. retary at Fort Wayne, Ind.





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