S. W. Silver & Co.'s Handbook to South Africa: Including the Cape Colony, Natal, the Diamond Fields, the Transvaal, Orange Free State, Etc. : Also a Gazetter and Map

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S. W. Silver, 1880 - 576 pages

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Page 44 - ... the claim of sovereignty over the new province must be renounced. It rests upon a conquest resulting from a war in which, as far as I am at present enabled to judge, the original justice is on the side of the conquered, not of the victorious party.
Page 428 - Sykes's hydrometer, and so in proportion for any greater strength than the strength of proof, and for any greater or less quantity than a gallon, viz.
Page 354 - River, along the centre of the former to the point nearest to Olifants Been ; from that point by Olifants Been, to the southern point of Langeberg ; along the top of Langeberg, to its north-western extremity ; from thence to the eastern point of Jammerberg; along the top of Jammerberg, to its northwestern extremity ; from thence by a prolongation of the same to the Caledon River...
Page 270 - Act are situate to vote in any election for such county in respect of any vacancy that may take place before the summoning of a future Parliament, but after such summoning no person shall be entitled to be registered as a voter or to vote in any election for any...
Page 266 - ... once at least in every year, so that a period of twelve months shall not intervene between the last sitting of the council in one session and its first sitting in the next session.
Page 321 - Samples must be sent in covers open at the ends, so as to be easy of examination. Samples, however, of seeds, drugs, &c.
Page 321 - Further, all legitimate binding, mounting, or covering of a book, &c., or of a portion thereof is allowed, whether such binding, &c., be loose or attached ; as also rollers in the case of prints or maps, markers (whether of paper or otherwise) in the case of books...
Page 44 - In the conduct which was pursued to- Dec. 26, wards the Kaffir nation by the colonists and the public authorities of the Colony through a long series of years...
Page 321 - ... or vellum, and the books or other publications, prints, maps, &c. may be either printed, written, or plain, or any mixture of the three. Further, all legitimate binding, mounting, or covering of a book...

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