Latin Classics ...: College

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Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1900

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Page 219 - On what foundation stands the warrior's pride? How just his hopes, let Swedish Charles decide; A frame of adamant, a soul of fire, No dangers fright him, and no labours tire...
Page 204 - Tis he, who gives my breast a thousand pains, Can make me feel each passion that he feigns; Enrage, compose, with more than magic art, With pity, and with terror, tear my heart; And snatch me, o'er the earth, or through the air, To Thebes, to Athens, when he will, and where.
Page 223 - As might, from the foregoing, be guessed, the well-worn phrase, mens sana in corpore sano, " a sound mind in a sound body,
Page 223 - Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.
Page 219 - The march begins in military state, And nations on his eye, suspended wait ; Stern famine guards the solitary coast, And winter barricades the realms of frost ; He comes, nor want nor cold his course delay ; Hide, blushing glory, hide Pultowa's day : The...
Page 203 - Waller was smooth ; but Dryden taught to join The varying verse, the full resounding line, The long majestic march, and energy divine : Though still some traces of our rustic vein And splay-foot verse remain'd, and will remain.
Page 177 - O how oft shall he On Faith and changed Gods complain : and Seas Rough with black winds and storms Unwonted shall admire : Who now enjoys thee credulous, all Gold, Who always vacant, always amiable Hopes thee ; of flattering gales Unmindful. Hapless they To whom thou untried seem'st fair. Me in my vow'd Picture the sacred wall declares t' have hung My dank and dropping weeds To the stern God of Sea.
Page 200 - To thee, the world its present homage pays, The harvest early, but mature the praise...
Page 202 - And rarely av'rice taints the tuneful mind. Allow him but his plaything of a Pen, He ne'er rebels, or plots, like other men: Flight...
Page 183 - Rejoices with a wholesome fear, And hopes in spite of pain ; If Winter bellow from the north, Soon the sweet Spring comes dancing forth, And Nature laughs again. What if thine Heaven be overcast, The dark appearance will not last ; Expect a brighter sky. The God that strings the silver bow Awakes sometimes the muses too, And lays his arrows by.

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