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SCHWEPPE and Co., the original Inventors, and still by far the largest manufacturers world, of these invaluable preparations, respectfully caution the Public against the Spurious Articl under their names, containing not a particle of Alkali, and but an imperfect impregnation of Ca Acid. The temptation to the inferior Water is its low cost to the retailers, although in many cas consumer is charged the same. To preserve the latter from this imposition, Schweppe's Waters distinguished by a Label with their Name, bearing the Royal Appointment. Their lettered bottle is no criterion, as many unprincipled makers fill these bottles with their own manufacture, and Tol. XXX off as SCHWEPPE'S. It is requisite, therefore, to see the label, and that it represents the na SCHWEPPE only.

Is an agreeable, refreshing beverage, and, as a relief in cases of Fever and other inflammatory compl
is universally recommended by the faculty; and they also strongly recommend their

HAPPY NET An elegant preparation, which their long experience in the manufacture of Alkaline Waters enables ACAULAYS to produce in a state of the greatest purity and strength. This valuable Anti-Acid is a certain reI THOIR OF I in cases of Gout, Heart-burn, Acidity of Stomach, and is particularly useful for Children during period of Dentition. In Bottles at ls., 2s. 6d., and 4s. 6d. each.

HOOSE LEAV It is with much pride J. S. and Co. refer to the fact, that they continue regularly to supply the AUTOBIOG Palaces at Windsor and London with the above Waters; a distinction which they have enj SCHEMES through many successive reigns, and that no other manufacture of the kind is so decidedly preferre POVALI the Aristocracy and the Public generally of the United Kingdom. GERMAN SELTZER WATER.

IN EVENIN In Pints and Quarts.

SNOW PICT FOREIGN WINES, which they have been for some years most carefully selecting, LONDON FR prising the whole range of Wines usually in demand, and at prices graduating from those high quotat men attendant on high and rare qualities down to the lowest prices at which genuine, unadulterated W. THE SY

THE SWED can be obtained. List of Prices sent on application. Cellars, 27 Marshall st., Regent st.Office, 51 Berners st., London, THE NAT


THE SEL Economical Radiating Stove Grate Manufactor curen

THOUG 5 JERMYN STREET, REGENT STREET. PIERCE respectfully solicits an examination of his Newly-Invented method of WARMII

and VENTILATING, by means of his

PATENT PYRO-PNEUMATIC STOVE CRATE, which from the Novelty of its Principle, simplicity of its arrangement, and elegance design, combined with its great Economy in use, renders this Grate suitable for any situat where a powerful degree of warmth and the cheerful open fire are desirable, PIERO having at length succeeded in producing that long - sought desideratum-a healthful a salubrious atmosphere, such as is felt on a pleasant summer's day; which can, by means his Patent Pyro-Pneumatic Stove Grate, be enjoyed during the most dull and dreary our winter months. It may be seen in daily use, as above.

PIERCE has also to offer this Season, some NOVEL and ELEGANT DESIGNs of his much approved

RADIATING STOVE GRATES, With Ornamental Hearths and Fenders, quite Unique, adapted both in style and colourst the decorations of any room for which they may be desired. PIERCE also invites attention to his

IMPROVED METHOD OF WARMING Churches, Mansions, Galleries, Staircases, and Entrance Halls, by Hot Water, whereb Warmth is combined with Ventilation, and the salubrity of the air produced from its use with its perfect safety from accident, have fully established its reputation.


Warm Baths fitted up from the Boiler of the Range, or & Servant's Room,

which are always ready at a minute's notice.
Kitchens, Laundries, and Drying Rooms, fitted with every Improvement,

and on the most Economical Principle.

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enne return of the season which leads merchants to balance their books,

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On the 15th of January, Post Octavo.

LIFE AT TWENTY. By ALPHONSE DE LAMARTINE. Translated with the Sanction of the Author, and published, by special arrangement, simultaneously with the original in Paris.

London: JOHN W. PARKER, West Strand.

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that, though times are undoubtedly very bad, they mignt nave vecu wulor. Our trade is stagnant, our operatives are out of employ, our public finances are in a state of almost unexampled embarrassment ; we might have had Communist workshops set up by command of a Provisional Government, and a Republic supported by the bayonets of half a million of National Guards. - The Whigs still sit in the ministers' chairs, and blunder through the affairs of a United Kingdom, in the Queen's name, after a fashion. There might have been no crowned Queen to sanction the decisions of the legislature; or the kingdom might have been rent in twain, or else kept in a comfortless integrity by civil war. Let us be thankful for mercies which, however small as making up the sum of a people's prosperity, place England in striking contrast with most of her continental neighbours. Again, we continue to bear the burden of an Income-tax, which, when first proposed, was limited in its duration to three years. We might have had it doubled. It is certainly not the fault of our present rulers that it was not raised last April, from threeand-a-half to five per cent. In like manner the advantages promised by the repeal of the Corn-laws and the application of the free-trade principle to the commerce of the nation are still in nubibus. The price of bread has not materially fallen; our general exports do not appear to be increasing ; pauperism is not diminished, either in town or country; and the saving of one hundred millions annually – which Mr. M'Gregor, the intelligent member for Glasgow, pro



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