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Showing where to find each Psalm or Hymn by its bir kunt ut

Beginning ng


.no А Page

Page GAINST all those 45 In deep distress 1784 As pants the Hart 57 In Judah the

102 A length, by certain 97 | In thee I put

93 B In vain, O man

70 Behold, O God, 110. Judge me, O Lord, 33 Bless God, my soul 141 | Just Judge of heav'n, Bless God, ye servants, ' 192 I waited meekly 54 D

L Defend me, Lord, 38 Lét all the just Deliver me, O Lord, 771 Let all the lands, Do thou, O God, 74 | Let all the lift'ning F

Let David, Lord, 191 Fór ever bless'd

203 Let God, the God For thee, O God, 83 Lord, hear my cry, From lowejt depths 190 Lord, hear my pray'r, : 202 From my youth

189 Lord, bear the voice G

Lord, bear the voice 82 Give ear, thou Judge 72 | Lord, let thy just 95 God in the great 114 Lord, not to us,

102 God is our refuge 63 | Lord, save me, for 71

? God's temple crowns * 120 Lord, thou haft H

Lord, who's the bappy 16 Had not the Lord,


M Happy the man 56 My crafty foe, with... 48 Have mercy, Lord, 68 My God, my God, 119:27 Hear, O my people ; 104 My soul for belp.. 80 He's bleft whose fins 41 My foul, infpirid 140 He that bas God

127 My soul with grateful 104 How good and


N Hold not thy peace,

115 No change of time ! 219 How bless'd are they, 167

o How bleft is be,

3 O all ye people,... 363 How long wilt

150 come, loud anthem's » 132 How many, Lord, 4 Of mercy's never '1 137 How vast mult

192 O God, my gracious ri81 I

O God, my beart 9.155 Jehovah reigns,

134 O God, whose former, 156

136 O God of Hosts, 117 I'll celebrate by

37 O God, to whom 130


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Febovab reigns ;

: من

1. Page



I 22



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Venti Page O God, who bat

79 The Lord unto my Lord 159 o Ifrael's Shepherd 111 The blest that 189 O Lord, I am not 190 The wicked fools

71 O Lord, my God, 8 Though wicked men O Lord, my rock,

36 Thou, Lord, by en 198 O Lord, our fathers 59 Thy chafi'ning wrath, O Lord, the Saviour 126 Thy dreadful anger,

7 O Lord, that art my 5 Thy mercies, Lord, O Lord, to my 92 Thy mercy, Lord,

75 On thee, who dwell's 186 Thy presence why O praise the Lord, for 165 Through all the

43 O praise the Lord in

To bless thy chofen

86 O praise the Lord, and 206. To celebrate thy

10 O praise the Lord with 207 To God I cry'd, 103 Opraise the Lord zeith one 193 To God, in whom

32 "O praise ye the Lord, 210 To God, our never 113 O render thanks, 145' To God the mighty


194 < render thanks to 148 To God, with 0 Thou, to whom all

Ta God your grateful

152 "O'Twas a joyful 185 To my complaint, 119 P To my juft plea

is the Lord;

159 To thee, my God I Preserve me, Lord,

199 To thee, Ő God, Protect me from my

17 | To thee, O Lord,
To Sion's bill

185 Resolu'd to watch

We build with

138 Save me, O God, 90 When I pour out


138 Since godly men

When Israel by

162 Since I have plac'd 13

When Sion's God 187 Sing to the Lord


Who place on Sion's ib. : Sing to the Lord

When we, our

196 Speak, Oye judges

With my whole

197 Sure wicked fools 15

While I the King's

61 T Whom should I fear,

34 That man is bleft 160 Why hast thou cast 99 Thee I will bless,

204 Wiih cheerful notes 165 The Heav'ns declare 24. With glory clad, 130 "The king, O Lord, 26 With one confent, 137 The Lorib bath [poke, 67 With refiless and

3 The Lord bimself,


Y The spacious earib

31 Ye boundless realms 208 The Lord, the only 64 | Ye princes, that

37 The Lord to tby

re saints and servants

Praise ye

121 101 200


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224 229 ib.

228 217


AL L-glorious God, what hymns of praise
Ad are we now brought near to God,

Christ from the dead is rais'd, and made
Come, Holy Ghoft! Creator, come,
Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,

From whence these direful omens round,

God of the seas ! thine awful voice
Go forth, ye Heralds, in my Name,
Go preach my Gospel, faith the Lord,

Hear what the voice from heav'n declares
He's come ! let ev'ry knee be bent,

Lord! for the just thou doft provide ;

My God, and is thy Table Spread?
My God, since thou haft rais’d me up,

may the God of grace and pow'r

S Salvation doth to God belong ; Since Christ our Pasover is sain,

The God of life, whose constant care
The Lord my pasture Mall prepare,
The spacious firmament on high,
Thou, God, all glory, honor, pow'r,

When all thy mercies, O my God,
When dangers, woes, or death are nigh.
When, rising from the bed of death,
When we are rais'd

from deep distress,
While Angels thus, O Lord, rejoice,
While Shepherds watch'd their flocks by night,

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