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Write, to pronounce confidently.
Writhled, wrinkled.
Wrong, hurt.
Wroth, misfortune.
Wrought, worked, agitated.
Wrung, pressed, strained.
Wry, to deviate.

Wondered, able to perform won

ders. Wood, crazy, frantic. Wooden thing, an awkward busi

ness. Woodman, an attendant on the

forester. Woolward, wearing wool. Work, a fortification. Workings, thoughts. World to see, wonderful. Worm, a serpent. Worship, dignity. Worth, wealth or fortune; full

quota. Worts, herbs. Wot, to know. Wreak, to revenge; resentment. Wrest, an instrument for tuning

the harp.

Wrested, obtained by force. Wretch, a term of fondness. Writ, writing

Wide, remotely from, wide of the

Wilderness, wildness.
Will, wilfulness.
Wimple, a hood or veil.
Winchester-goose, a courtesan.
Winking-gates, gates closed in

haste from fear of danger.
Winnowed, examined.
Winter-ground, to protect against

Wis, to know.
Wise-woman, a witch, a fortune-

Wish, to recommend.
Wit, to know.
Witch, to bewitch.
Wits, senses.
Wittol, knowing, conscious of; a

contented cornuto.
Witty, judicious, cunning.
Woe, to be sorry.
Woman-tired, henpecked.

Yare, nimble, handy.
Yarely, nimbly, adroitly.
Yearn, to grieve or vex.
Yellowness, jealousy.
Yeoman, a bailiff's follower.
Yerk, to kick.
Yesty, foaming, frothy.
Yield, to inform of, condescend to.
Young, early

Zany, a buffoon.
Zealous, pious.
Zed, a term of contempt.


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