English Cataloguing Rules

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University of the State of New York, 1902 - 46 pages

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Page 151 - Christian name; the name of the family, if ascertained, to be added in brackets. The same to be done for those known under their first name only, to which, for the sake of distinction, they add that of their native place, or profession, or rank. Patronymics, or denominations, derived from the ancestors or names of other persons, to be used as surnames. 7 The respondent or defender in a thesis to be considered its author, except when it unequivocally appears to be the work of the praeses.
Page 183 - All persons generally known by a fore-name are to be so entered, the English form being used in the case of sovereigns, popes, ruling princes, Oriental writers, friars, and persons canonized.
Page 151 - Any act, resolution, or other document purporting to be agreed upon, authorized, or issued by assemblies, boards, or corporate bodies, (with the exception of academies, universities, learned societies, and religious orders, respecting which special rules are to be followed,) to be entered in distinct alphabetical series, under the name of the country or place from which they derive their denomination, or, for want of such denomination, under the name of the place whence their acts are issued.
Page 161 - ... be supplied either positively or by approximation. The latter to follow according to their date, whether apparent in any part of the book, or supplied. Editions by the same editor, or such as are expressly stated to follow a specific text or edition, and editions with the same notes or commentary, to succeed each other immediately in their chronological order after the, entry of that which is, or is considered to be, the earliest.
Page 171 - ... 11. When only the initials or pseudonym of an author occur in the book, it is also to be regarded for the purpose of headings as anonymous ; and a cross-reference is to be made from the initials or pseudonym to the first heading, the last initial being placed first, followed by the others in round brackets. 12. Under the pseudonyms of the writers, unless the book be already entered under two headings, in which case a cross-reference ie to be made from the pseudonym to the first heading.
Page 152 - ... which he enjoyed any eminent honorary distinction, or office for life, not lower than that of knight, admiral, or general, to be stated in italics. Younger sons of dukes and marquesses, and all daughters of dukes, marquesses and earls, when not enjoying a distinct title, to have the designation Lord or Lady prefixed to the Christian name. All other younger branches of the nobility to have the word Hon. prefixed. The words Right Hon., in the same situation, to distinguish privy councillors.
Page 180 - The title is to be an exact transcript of the title-page, neither amended, translated, nor in any way altered, except that mottoes, titles of authors, repetitions, and matter of any kind not essential, are to be omitted.
Page 181 - Books are to be entered under the: Surnames of authors when ascertained, the abbreviation "Anon.
Page 182 - Books having more than one author or editor are to be entered under the one first named in the title, with a crossreference under each of the others.
Page 153 - All w:orks in Oriental characters or languages to be separately catalogued in supplementary volumes, according to special rules to be framed. The Bible and its parts, however, in whatever language or characters, to be entered in the general catalogue as hereafter directed. 23 Works in more languages than one, accompanied by the original, to be entered in the original only, unless the title be accompanied by a translation or translations, in which case such translation also to be given. If no original...

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