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Acquired Character, in Flax, B. B. ROBINSON, 242
ADAMS, F. D., Rainfall and Run-off, 500
ADAMS, L. A., Banana Stowaways, 218

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at Inst. of Chemistry, C. D. HURD, 549

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ALLEN, E., Chromosomes of Moina Macrocopa, 18

ALLISON, V. C., Deposits in Jacobs Cavern, 70

American Association for the Advancement of Science,

A-113; B-114; C-115; D-116; E-116; F-118,

141; G-21, 120; F and G-124; H-1, 125; I-24,

126; K-126; L-126; M-5, 127; N-47, 128, 385;

0-128; Q-129; Organizations not related to any

section, 130; Officers, 11, 97; Nashville Meeting, Gen-

eral Reports, 77, Prize, 81, News Service, 83, Council

Roll, 85, Legislative and Executive Proceedings, 88,

Roll Executive Committee, 88, Annual Conference Sec-

tion and Society Secretaries, 91, Report of the Trea-

surer, 91, Resolutions, 91, Financial Report, 93, Report

of Committee on Place of Science in Education, 95,

Grants for Research, 96, Special Notes, 99, 131, Re-

sponse to Address of Welcome, A. A. NOYES, 109,

Reports of Sessions of Sections and Societies, 113;

Future Annual Meetings, 98; The Newly Élected

President, B. E. LIVINGSTON, 111; Science and the

Newspapers, W. E. RITTER, 279; Science Week in New

York, H. F. OSBORN, 411; New York Meeting, B. E.

LIVINGSTON, 432; and Affiliated Societies, G. T. HAR-

GITT, 481; Spring Meeting of the Executive Committee,


Americanists, International Council of, F. BOAs, 503
Amphibian Record from Kansas, C. E. BURT, 630
ANDREWS, E. A., Tree Frogs and Pitcher Plants, 269
Angström in English, E. F. B. FRIES, 652
Anthropology and Medicine, A. HRDLIČKA, 385
Antiquity of Man in Oklahoma, O. P. HAY, 442
Apparatus, W. SOUDER, 298

Apportionment of Representatives, E. V. HUNTINGTON,

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BAKER, W. C., The Adhesion of Mercury to Glass, 74

BALDWIN, H. I., Journal of Swedish Forestry Soc., 152

Banana Stowaways, L. A. ADAMS, 218; G. WAGNER, 422;

E. R. WARREN, 422

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BARGER, G., International Relations in Science, 405
Barnes, Charles Reid, Award of Life Membership in the
Amer. Soc. of Plant Physiologists, 264

BARNEY, I., Romance of the Sun, M. Proctor, 444

Barnum, William, I. M. GREY, 548

Barro Colorado Island Station, V. KELLOGG, 389

BARTLETT, B. W., Atmospheric Phenomenon, 195

BARUS, C., Cathode and Anode Points, 248; The Little

Circle of Reference, 530

BASS, C. C., Parasitology and the South, 454

Bather, F. A., Dr., 17

BATSON, O. V., The Anatomy of the Corium, 198

Battelle Memorial Institute, 62

Bayliss, William M., Proposed Memorial to, 414

BEAN, R. B., Stature throughout the World, 1

BEARCE, H. W., The Liter and Cubic Decimeter, 511
BEAUMONT, A. B., and G. J. LARSINOS, Growing Small-
seeded Plants under Sterile Conditions, 350

Bees, Foulbrood of, A. G. LOCHHEAD, 159
BEHREND, B. A., Scientific Research, 272
Belgium Acad. of Sciences, Award of Prizes, 622
"Believe, "" a Word to Replace, E. C. L. MILLER, 319
BENEDICT, H. C., Teeth in Ultra-Violet Rays, 442
BERKEY, C. P., Geological Society of America, 140
BERMAN, L., Psycho-Endocrinology, 195

BERRY, E. W., Paläobotanik, M. Hirmer, 319
Berthelot, Marcelin, A. SEIDELL, 180, 497
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Survey, Bureau of, Budget, 288; Sciences, 290
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Colorimetric Methods in, F. B. SUMNER, 271; Federa-
tion of Amer. Societies of, E. D. BROWN, 496
BISSELL, M. H., Climate, C. E. P. Brooks, 298
BLACK, D., Hominid Remains of Quaternary Age, 135
BLACKWELDER, E., A Plate that Penetrates Haze, 275
BLISS, S., The Amide Nitrogen of Blood, 515
Blood, The Amide Nitrogen of, S. BLISS, 515; Serum,
Modification of the Viscosity of, L. DU NOUY, 563

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BODMAN, G. B., Soil Color Analysis, 446

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BOLAND, J. C., Immobilization of Paramecium, 654

Boron and Tomato Plant, E. S. JOHNSON and W. H. DORE,


Bosmans, Henri, F. CAJORI, 362

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BOUYOUCOS, C. J., Soil Moisture, 167; Soils Analysis, 587
BRADLEY, W. H., Zeolite in Green River Formation, 73
BRANSON, E. B., and M. G. MEHL, Triassic Fossils, 325
BRASCH, F. E., Commemoration of Newton, 255
BREDER, C. M., JR., Fresh-Water Jelly-Fish, 241
British Association, Glasgow Meeting, 599

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