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SERM. Soul, in the beginning of your Distemper,
I. ere your Spirits fail you, or your Senses are

disordered; whilft you are capable of con-
versing and hearkening to his Exhortations,
and of joining in those Prayers which he
offers for you ; rather than stay till your
bodily Physician gives you over, and de-
spairs of your recovery; when the whole
Office often dwindles almost into Forma-
lity, and there can little else be done, but
to pray for such as are no longer in condi-
tion of praying for themselves.

Next to this be free and impartial in the
opening of your case, that he may see the
better how to apply fit Remedies to your
spiritual Diseases, and impart to you the
benefit of his spiritual Advice and Com-
fort. Consider him as one whose Office
binds him to Fidelity and Secrecy. Re-
member of what moment it

may your own welfare, that your case be fairly stated; and beware left by your backwardness in this affair, you prove false to yourselves and to your real interest.

Finally, brethren, pray for us, as I in return shall think it my Duty to pray

for you, that the word of the Lord


have free course, and be glorified among us *; that both I

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$may have

courage to speak

2 Theff. iii. 1.


boldly, as I ought to speak *, the words of Serm. truth and soberness of ; and you in like man- I. ner attending without prejudice or partiality, and laying apart all filthiness and superflúity of naughtiness, may receive with meekness the engrafted word, which is able to save your souls , through Jesus Christ our Lord, to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost, be all Honour and Glory now and henceforth for evermore. Amen.

* Eph. vi. 20. + A&s xxvi. 25. | James i. 21.

ADVERTISEMEN T. IN the former Edition of this Sermon, I printed by the Author immediately after it was preached; (chiefly for the Use, and at the particular Request, of his Parishioners ;) there was added an Appendix containing,

1. Å Colle£tion of some Rubricks relating to Infant Baptism; together with the xxixth Canon ; which forbids the admission of the Parent to answer for the Child in the place of a Surety ; (for that would weaken the Security, required by the Church, for the Christian Education of the - Child :) and directs that none should be Godfathers and Godmothers, but those only who have rea. ceived the Lord's-Supper. And,

II. A long quotation out of Dr. WaLL'S History of Infant-Baptism*, and the Defence of it; arguing against the too common Practice of uhng the Public Form of Baptism in private Houses; and suggesting fever al Particulars upon that Subječt, worse thy of serious Confideration. But, as these Paljages may easily be consulted, in the je veral Places from whence they are taken : It has been judged proper, to omit, and not reprint them bere.

I am further to advertise the Reader, that in the following Sermon upon Family Religion, as first printed, only fome Copies bad the Author's name at the end of the Dedication; and St. Andrew's Undershaft, was mentioned in the Title Page: whereas, the largest part of the impression (which was published to the world) bad no mention of the Author's name or place where it was preached; but only the Sermon was said, in the Title, to be preached to a Parochial Congregation; and the Dedication concluded without a name.

I have been advised also to reprint the Dedication as it tood in the Copies which the author gave to his Parishioners . and other Friends, which accordingly follows in this place.

* See Part 1. Chap. 15, Sect. 7. $. 3. and Defence, p. 407.



OF THE ..;


BRETHREN, N r hearts defire and prayer. IV to God for you is, that ye may be saved *. And though I have reason to be satisfied with my present situation upon many accounts: yet I shall esteem it the greatest happiness of my ministry among you, and the crown of all my labours, if I may be any way instrumental in leading you to Heaven, and directing you to obtain the end of your faith, even the falvation of your souls t. In order whereunto, as it is highly necessary that those of a maturer age should be

* Rom. x. I. t 1 Pet. i. 9. VOL. III. E excited

excited to the duties of a christian practice, so that they be particularly careful to instruct the growing generation in such a sense and knowledge of their duty, that our religion may be faithfully handed down to our pofterity, and the people that mall be born may praise the Lord *

I am fatisfied, nothing could be more useful to cure the degeneracy of the times, and the present lamentable defection from the faith and practice of the gospel. Nothing could more effectually defeat the attempts of deceivers of all kinds, who take the advantage of undifciplin’d and uninstructed minds, and easily insinuate the belief of error, where the knowledge of the truth is wanting.

What a surprising growth have a few years produced of Deism and Scepticism, a latitude of principles,

* Plaļm cii. 18.


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