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And in the Capitol and senate's right,
Whom you pretend to honour and adore,
That you withdraw you and abate your strength;
Dismiss your followers, and, as suitors should,
Plead your deserts in peace and humbleness. 45
Sat. How fair the tribune speaks to calm my

Bas. Marcus Andronicus, so I do affy
In thy uprightness and integrity,
And so I love and honour thee and thine,
Thy noble brother Titus and his sons,
And her to whom my thoughts are humbled
Gracious Lavinia, Rome's rich ornament,
That I will here dismiss my loving friends,
And to my fortunes and the people's favour
Commit my cause in balance to be weigh'd.

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48 Here Goths have given me leave to sheathe my sword.



[Exeunt the Followers of BASSIANUS. Sat. Friends, that have been thus forward in my right, 56

I thank you all and here dismiss you all;
And to the love and favour of my country
Commit myself, my person, and the cause.

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Patron of virtue, Rome's best champion, Successful in the battles that he fights, With honour and with fortune is return'd From where he circumscribed with his sword, 68 And brought to yoke, the enemies of Rome. Drums and trumpets sounded, and then enter MARTIUS and MUTIUS; after them two Men bearing a coffin covered with black; then LUCIUS and QUINTUS. After them TITUS ANDRONICUS; and then TAMORA, with ALARBUS, CHIRON, DEMETRIUS, AARON, and other Goths, prisoners; Soldiers and people following. The bearers set down the coffin, and TITUS speaks.

Tit. Hail, Rome, victorious in thy mourning weeds!

Lo! as the bark, that hath discharg'd her fraught,

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For valiant doings in their country's cause?
O! if to fight for king and commonweal
Were piety in thine, it is in these.
Andronicus, stain not thy tomb with blood: 116
Wilt thou draw near the nature of the gods?
Draw near them then in being merciful;
Sweet mercy is nobility's true badge:
Thrice-noble Titus, spare my first-born son. 120
Tit. Patient yourself, madam, and pardon


These are their brethren, whom your Goths

Alive and dead, and for their brethren slain
Religiously they ask a sacrifice:

76 To this your son is mark'd, and die he must,


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Our Roman rites. Alarbus' limbs are lopp'd,
And entrails feed the sacrificing fire,
Whose smoke, like incense, doth perfume the

Remaineth nought but to inter our brethren,
And with loud 'larums welcome them to Rome.
Tit. Let it be so; and let Andronicus 148
Make this his latest farewell to their souls.
[Trumpets sounded, and the coffin laid
in the tomb.
In peace and honour rest you here, my sons;
Rome's rea liest champions, repose you here in

Secure from worldly chances and mishaps! 152 Here lurks no treason, here no envy swells, Here grow no danned drugs, here are no storms,

No noise, but silence and eternal sleep:

In peace and honour rest you here, my sons! 156


Lav. In peace and honour live Lord Titus long;

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Tit. A better head her glorious body fits Than his that shakes for age and feebleness. 188 What should I don this robe, and trouble you? Be chosen with proclamations to-day, To-morrow yield up rule, resign my life, And set abroad new business for you all? Rome, I have been thy soldier forty years, And led my country's strength successfully, And buried one-and-twenty valiant sons, Knighted in field, slain manfully in arms, 196 In right and service of their noble country. Give me a staff of honour for mine age, But not a sceptre to control the world: Upright he held it, lords, that held it last. Mar. Titus, thou shalt obtain and ask the empery.


Sat. Proud and ambitious tribune, canst
thou tell?

Tit. Patience, Prince Saturninus.
Romans, do me right:
Patricians, draw your swords, and sheathe
them not

160 Till Saturninus be Rome's emperor.

My noble lord and father, live in fame!
Lo! at this tomb my tributary tears
I render for my brethren's obsequies;
And at thy feet I kneel, with tears of joy
Shed on the earth for thy return to Rome.
O! bless me here with thy victorious hand,
Whose fortunes Rome's best citizens applaud.


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Bas. Andronicus, I do not flatter thee, But honour thee, and will do till I die: My faction if thou strengthen with thy friends, I will most thankful be; and thanks to men Of noble minds is honourable meed.


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I hold me highly honour'd of your Grace:
And here in sight of Rome to Saturnine,
King and commander of our commonweal,
The wide world's emperor, do I consecrate
My sword, my chariot, and my prisoners;
Presents well worthy Rome's imperious lord:
Receive them then, the tribute that I owe,
Mine honour's ensigns humbled at thy feet. 252
Sat. Thanks, noble Titus, father of my life!
How proud I am of thee and of thy gifts
Rome shall record, and, when I do forget
The least of these unspeakable deserts,
Romans, forget your fealty to me.



Thou com'st not to be made a scorn in Rome:
Princely shall be thy usage every way.
Rest on my word, and let not discontent
Daunt all your hopes: madam, he comforts you
Can make you greater than the Queen of Goths.
Lavinia, you are not displeas'd with this?

Lav. Not I, my lord; sith true nobility Warrants these words in princely courtesy. 272 Sat. Thanks, sweet Lavinia. Romans, let us go;

Ransomless here we set our prisoners free: Proclaim our honours, lords, with trump and drum. [Flourish. SATURNINUS Courts TAMORA in dumb show. Bas. Lord Titus, by your leave, this maid is mine. [Seizing LAVINIA.

Tit. How, sir! Are you in earnest then, my lord?


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