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Page. Well, what remedy?-Fenton, heaven give thee joy!

What cannot be eschew'd must be embrac'd. Fal. When night dogs run all sorts of deer are chas'd.

264 Mrs. Page. Well, I will muse no further. Master Fenton,

Heaven give you many, many merry days!
Good husband, let us every one go home,
And laugh this sport o'er by a country fire; 268
Sir John and all.

Let it be so. Sir John,
To Master Brook you yet shall hold your word;
For he to-night shall lie with Mistress Ford. 272

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Ang. Always obedient to your Grace's will,

I come to know your pleasure.


Enter DUKE, ESCALUS, Lords, and Attendants. There is a kind of character in thy life,

Duke. Escalus.

Escal. My lord?

Duke. Of government the properties to unfold,

Would seem in me to affect speech and discourse,
Since I am put to know that your own science 5
Exceeds, in that, the lists of all advice

My strength can give you: then no more remains,
But that, to your sufficiency, as your worth is able,
And let them work. The nature of our people, 9
Our city's institutions, and the terms
For common justice, you're as pregnant in,
As art and practice hath enriched any
That we remember. There is our commission,
[Giving it.
From which we would not have you warp. Call

I say, bid come before us Angelo.


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That, to th' observer doth thy bistory
Fully unfold. Thyself and thy belongings
Are not thine own so proper, as to waste
Thyself upon thy virtues, they on thee.
Heaven doth with us as we with torches do, 32
Not light them for themselves; for if our virtues
Did not go forth of us, 'twere all alike
As if we had them not. Spirits are not finely

But to fine issues, nor Nature never lends
The smallest scruple of her excellence,
But, like a thrifty goddess, she determines
Herself the glory of a creditor,


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We have with a leaven'd and prepared choice 24 Proceeded to you; therefore take your honours.

Our haste from hence is of so quick condition 53
That it prefers itself, and leaves unquestion'd
Matters of needful value. We shall write to you,
As time and our concernings shall importune, 56
How it goes with us; and do look to know
What doth befall you here. So, fare you well:
To the hopeful execution do I leave you
Of your commissions.

Yet, give leave, my lord, 60
That we may bring you something on the way.
Duke. My haste may not admit it;
Nor need you, on mine honour, have to do
With any scruple: your scope is as mine own, 64
So to enforce or qualify the laws

As to your soul seems good. Give me your hand; I'll privily away: I love the people,


But do not like to stage me to their eyes.
Though it do well, I do not relish well
Their loud applause and Aves vehement,
Nor do I think the man of safe discretion
That does affect it. Once more, fare you well. 72
Ang. The heavens give safety to your purposes!
Escal. Lead forth and bring you back in

Duke. I thank you. Fare you well. [Exit.
Escal. I shall desire you, sir, to give me leave
To have free speech with you; and it concerns me
To look into the bottom of my place:
A power I have, but of what strength and nature
I am not yet instructed.


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Second Gent. Yes, that thou hast, whether thou art tainted or free.

Lucio. Behold, behold, where Madam Mitigation comes! I have purchased as many diseases under her roof as come to

Second Gent. To what, I pray?
Lucio. Judge.


Second Gent. To three thousand dolours a

SCENE II.-A Street.


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First Gent. Thou art always figuring diseases in me; but thou art full of error: I am sound. 57 Lucio. Nay, not as one would say, healthy; but so sound as things that are hollow: thy bones are hollow; impiety has made a feast of. thee.



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more, within these three days his head to be Enter PROVOST, CLAUDIO, JULIET, and Officers. chopped off.

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Claud. Fellow, why dost thou show me thus
to the world?

Bear me to prison, where I am committed.
Prov. I do it not in evil disposition,


But from Lord Angelo by special charge.
Claud. Thus can the demi-god Authority
Make us pay down for our offence' by weight.
The words of heaven; on whom it will, it will;
On whom it will not, so: yet still 'tis just.

Re-enter LUCIO and two Gentlemen.


Lucio. Why, how now, Claudio! whence comes this restraint?

Claud. From too much liberty, my Lucio, liberty:


As surfeit is the father of much fast,
So every scope by the immoderate use
Turns to restraint. Our natures do pursue-
Like rats that ravin down their proper bane,—
A thirsty evil, and when we drink we die.

Lucio. If I could speak so wisely under an arrest, I would send for certain of my creditors. 92 And yet, to say the truth, I had as lief have the foppery of freedom as the morality of imprisonment. What's thy offence, Claudio?

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Pom. All houses of resort in the suburbs

of Vienna must be plucked down.



Claud. What but to speak of would offend


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Claud. One word, good friend. Lucio, a word [Takes him aside.

with you.

Lucio. A hundred, if they'll do you any good.

Mrs. Ov. And what shall become of those in Is lechery so looked after? the city?

Pom. They shall stand for seed: they had gone down too, but that a wise burgher put in for them.

109 Mrs. Ov. But shall all our houses of resort in the suburbs be pulled down?

Pom. To the ground, mistress.


Mrs. Ov. Why, here's a change indeed in the commonwealth! What shall become of me?

Pom. Come; fear not you: good counsellors lack no clients: though you change your place, you need not change your trade; I'll be your tapster still. Courage! there will be pity taken on you; you that have worn your eyes almost out in the service, you will be considered.


Mrs. Ov. What's to do here, Thomas tapster? Let's withdraw.

Pom. Here comes Signior Claudio, led by the provost to prison; and there's Madam Juliet.


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So long that nineteen zodiacs have gone round,
And none of them been worn; and, for a name,
Now puts the drowsy and neglected act
Freshly on me: 'tis surely for a name.
Lucio. I warrant it is: and thy head stands
so tickle on thy shoulders that a milkmaid, if
she be in love, may sigh it off. Send after the
duke and appeal to him.
Claud. I have done so, but he's not to be

I prithee, Lucio, do me this kind service.
This day my sister should the cloister enter, 188
And there receive her approbation:
Acquaint her with the danger of my state;
Implore her, in my voice, that she make friends
To the strict deputy; bid herself assay him: 192
I have great hope in that; for in her youth
There is a prone and speechless dialect,

Such as move men; beside, she hath prosperous

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Dead to infliction, to themselves are dead, 28
And liberty plucks justice by the nose;
The baby beats the nurse, and quite athwart
Goes all decorum.
Fri. T.

It rested in your Grace
T' unloose this tied-up justice when you pleas'd;
And it in you more dreadful would have seem'd
Than in Lord Angelo.


I do fear, too dreadful: When she will play with reason and discourse, Sith 'twas my fault to give the people scope, 35 And well she can persuade. 197 'Twould be my tyranny to strike and gall them Lucio. I pray she may: as well for the en- For what I bid them do: for we bid this be done, couragement of the like, which else would stand When evil deeds have their permissive pass under grievous imposition, as for the enjoying And not the punishment. Therefore, indeed, of thy life, who I would be sorry should be thus my father, foolishly lost at a game of tick-tack. I'll to her. Claud. I thank you, good friend Lucio. Lucio. Within two hours. Ciand.

Come, officer, away!

SCENE III.-A Monastery.



I have on Angelo impos'd the office,
Who may, in the ambush of my name, strike

And yet my nature never in the sight
To do it slander. And to behold his sway,
I will, as 'twere a brother of your order,
Visit both prince and people: therefore, I

Supply me with the habit, and instruct me

Duke. No, holy father; throw away that How I may formally in person bear me

thought: Believe not that the dribbling dart of love

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