Elizabethan Drama: In Two Volumes

Front Cover
P. F. Collier & son, 1910 - 899 pages

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Page 792 - I stand like one That long hath ta'en a sweet and golden dream: I am angry with myself, now that I wake. Ferd. Get thee into some unknown part o' th' world, That I may never see thee.
Page 701 - The hearts of beasts to spare thy innocence. BEL. Alas, my lord, my life is not a thing Worthy your noble thoughts ! Tis not a life, 'Tis but a piece of childhood thrown away.
Page 748 - Enter CARDINAL, and JULIA. CARD. Sit: thou art my best of wishes. Prithee tell me, What trick didst thou invent to come to Rome Without thy husband ? JULIA. Why, my lord, I told him I came to visit an old anchorite Here, for devotion. CARD. Thou art a witty false one ; I mean, to him. JULIA. You have prevail'd with me Beyond my strongest thoughts : I would not now Find you inconstant.
Page 736 - Do not think of them: All discord without this circumference Is only to be pitied, and not fear'd : Yet, should they know it, time will easily Scatter the tempest. Ant. These words should be mine, And all the parts you have spoke, if some part of it Would not have savour'd flattery.
Page 787 - Twas to bring you By degrees to mortification. Listen. Hark, now every thing is still The screech-owl and the whistler shrill Call upon our dame aloud, And bid her quickly don her shroud...
Page 733 - O, much better. Duch. If I had a husband now, this care were quit : But I intend to make you overseer. What good deed shall we first remember ? say. Ant. Begin with that first good deed began i...
Page 546 - I'll send a thousand pound to be my cuckold. FACE. And I shall carry it? MAMMON. No. I'll ha' no bawds But fathers and mothers— they will do it best, Best of all others. And my flatterers Shall be the pure and gravest of divines That I can get for money.
Page 548 - ... em. Which (heaven I call to witness, with yourself, To whom I have pour'd my thoughts) in all my ends. Have look'd no way, but unto public good, To pious uses, and dear charity. Now grown a prodigy with men. Wherein If you, my son, should now prevaricate, And to your own particular lusts employ So great and catholic a bliss, be sure A curse will follow, yea, and overtake Your subtle and most secret ways. MAM. I know, sir; You shall not need to fear me; I but come To ha
Page 834 - And therefore, I'll not have a chambermaid ; That ties her shoes, or any meaner office, But such whose fathers were right worshipful. 'Tis a rich man's pride ! there having ever been More than a feud, a strange antipathy, Between us and true gentry.
Page 725 - All the chirurgeons o'th' city, for although Gallants should quarrel, and had drawn their weapons, And were ready to go to it, yet her persuasions would Make them put up. Cast. That she would, my lord. How do you like my Spanish gennet ? Rod.

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