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The following Course of Sermons can hardly pretend to bring forward any new truth. . That perfect form of prayer, which our gracious Lord condescended to give to his followers, has so naturally occupied the attention of those who have searched most deeply into His gospel, that in all probability every thought which has occurred to me has long since presented itself in some point of view to others. . Yet as the same ideas appear in very different lights to different minds, or even to the same mind at different times, I have ventured to hope that the present volume may not be without its use. One thing is certain, that the Lord's Prayer is a well of wisdom, from which one may ever draw new draughts of spiritual health and refreshment. Even as these

pages have been revised for the press other applications and other lessons have continually risen up before me. May it be so with some at least of those into whose hands they fall. The most practically useful discourse is surely that which, instead of exhausting a subject, suggests fresh trains of thought to the hearer or the reader; and few ideas can be more suggestive than that which I have attempted to shew is the leading one in the Lord's Prayerthe idea of the Redeemer's kingdom.

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