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BROWNE (RICHARD) Apothecary in Oakham, Co. Rutland. Medi

cina Musica: oř a Mechanical Essay on the Effects of Singing, Musick, and Dancing, on human Bodies, to which is annex'd an Essay on the Nature and Cure of the Spleen and Vapours.

Lond. 1729. BROWNE (ROBERT) The Discovery of the Lingitude at Sea

by Celestial Observations ascertained and han.bly offered by · Robert Browne. fol. Lond. 1730.

His Case, relating to his Discovery of the Longitude at Sea by Celestial Observations. 8°

Methods, Propositions, and Problems for finding the Latitude and Longitude. 8° Lond. 1714.

Propositions for correcting our Calendar; theologically, theoretically, and mathematically demonstrated. 8° Lond. 1736. BROWNE (ROBERT) A System of Theology revealeil from God

by the Angels, in the British Language. 8° Lond. 1728. BROWNE (ROBERT) Gardener. A Method to preserve Peach and

Nectarine Trees from the effects of Mildew. 12° Lond. 1786. BROWNE (RUPERT) His Case upon a Grant by King Charles the

Second under the Dutchy Seal of the Honour of Tudbury, and Forest or Chase of Needwood, and other things therein granted.

fol. BROWNE (SIMON) Anglus. Disp. Med. de Paralysi. 4° Ulir.


- Joy and Trembling: a Sermon, preach'd in the Old Jewry, June 7. 1716. 8° Lond. 1716.

The Error of them who devise Evil : a Sermon, preach'd on Nov. 5. 1716. 8" Lond. 1716.

A Sermon preach'd before the Societies for Reformation of Manners at Salters Hall June 30. 1718. 8° Lond. 1718.

- The Evil and Absurdity of Persecution : a Sermon, preach'd Nov. 5, 1718. 8° Lond.

- A Sermon preached at Little St. Helens May 29, 1721. to the Society which supports the Morning Lecture there. 8° Lond. 1721.

- A Letter to the rev. Mr. Thomas Reynolds, on occasion of a Passage in his Funeral Sermon for the late Mr. Pomfret and his Preface to it. 8° Lond. 1722.

A Defence of the Religion of Nature, and the Christian Revelation against the defective Account of the one, and the Exceptions against the other, in a Book entitled Christianity as old as the Creation. 8° Lond. 1732.

- A fit Rebuke to a ludicrous Infidel in some Remarks on Mr. Woolston's fifth Discourse, on the Miracles of our Saviour.

8° 1732 BROWNE (T.) Esgr. The Times, a Satire, to the King: and

dedicated to the Emperor of Germany. 4° Lond. 1783. BROWNE(T.) s.r.. Concio ad Clerum habita coram Acad. Cantabr. June 119. A'. 1687. 4o Cantab. 1688.

BROWNE BROWNE (1.) S.T.B. Concio habita coram Acad. Cantabrigiensi

Julij 3o. Ao. 1687. 4o Cantabr. 1688. BROWNE (THOMAS) Tomus alter, & idem : or the Historie of

the Life and Reigne of that famous Princesse Elizabeth. 46

Lond. 1629. BROWNE (Sir THOMAS) 0. BROWN. BROWNE (THOMAS) B.D. The Story of the Ordination of our first

Protestant Bishops in Queen Elizabeth's Reign, at the Nag's.

Head Tavern in Cheapside, thoroughly examined. 8° Lond. 1731. BROWNE(w.) Britannia's Pastorals. Two Bookes. 8° Lond. 1625. BROWNE (w.g.) Travels in Africa, Egypt, & Syria, from the

Year 1792 to 1798. 4° Lond. 1799. BROWNE (WILLIAM) Gent. Browne his Fiftie Years Practice: or

an exact Discourse concerning Snafflle-Riding, for trotting and ambling of all manner of Horses whatsoeuer, from one degree . to another, till they be perfit both for the Trot and Amble. 4

Lond. 1624. BROWNING (THOMAS) Prison Thoughts, written by Thomas

Browning Citizen and Cook of London. 8° Lond. 1682. BROWNISTS. An Exposition of the Brownists Pater-noster. fol.

- The Brownists Conventicle: or an Assemble of Brownists, and Nonconformists, as they met together at a private House neere Algate. 4° 1641.

The Brothers of the Separation : or a true Relation of a Company of Brownists #bich kept their Conventicle at one Mr. Peters in Goat Alley in Whitecrosse Street where they were apprehended on Sunday Aug. 14, 1641. 4° Lond. 1641.

- The humble Petition of the Brovvnjsts. 4o 1641.

-- Lvcifer's Lacky, or the Devils new Creaturę, being the true Character of a dissembling Brownist. 4° Lond. 1641.

- A Dialogue between a Brownist and a Schismatick. 4* Lond. 1643. BROWNLOW (RICHARD) Reports : (A Second Part,) of diverse famous Cases in Law. 4° Lond. 1652.

- Writs Judiciall : shewing the Formes, Nature, and Entries of all manner of Executions in reall, personall, and mixt Actions, as they are now used in the Court of Common Pleas. 4° Lond. 1653. Declarations, and Pleadings in English. 4° Lond. 1659.

the second Part. 4° Lond. 1654. BROWNLOWE (ROB.) Disp. Med. de Epilepsia. 4o Lugd. Bat.

1631. BROWNRIGG (RALPH) Bp. of Ereter. 0. GAUDEN.

- A Sermon on the 5th of Nov. 12° Lond. 1660. BROWNRIGG (Eliz.) Genuine and authentic Account of her Life, Trial, and Execution. 8° Lond. 1767.

-- A Narrative of the many horrid Cruelties inflicted by Elizabeth Brownrigg upon the Body of Mary Clifford. 8° Lond. 1768. BROWNRIGG (wILLIAM) m.d. The Art of inaking Common Salt as now practised in most parts of the World. 8° Lond. 1748.

BROWNRIGG (WILLIAM) M.D. An Experimental Enquiry into

the Mineral elastic Spirit, or Air, contained in Spa Water ; as well as into the mephitic Qualities of this Spirit. 4° Lond. 1766.

Considerations on the Means of preventing the Communication of Pestilential Contagion, and of eradicating it in in

fected Places. 4° Lond. 1771. BROWNSWORD (HEN.) 0. CRUSO. BROWNSWORD (WILLIAM) Rome's Conviction : or a Discoverie

of the unsoundness of the main grounds of Romes Religion, in answer to a Book called The Right Religion, evinced by L. B. 19° Lond. 1654.

The Quaker-Jesuite, or Popery in Quakerisme. 4° Lond. 1660. BROXOLME (CHARLES) The good old Way or Perkins improved.

Lond. 1653. BROXOLME (NOEL) Oratio Anniversaria Harvæana. 4° Lond.

1731. BRUCÆUS (HENR.) De Motu primo Libri tres. 8° Rost. 1604. BRUCE (JAMES) Travels to discover the Source of the Nile in the

Years 1768, 1769, 1770, 1171, 1772, and 1773. 5 vol. 4° Edinb. 1790.

- the second Edition. corrected and enlarged ; to which is prefixed the Life of the Author. 7 vol. 8° Edinb. 1805.

- vol. VIII. containing the Plates and Maps. 4° Edinb. BRUCE (JOHN) Gent. The Conduct of the Emperor and Musco.

vites compared with that of France, since the Treaty of Utrecht.

Lond. 1733. BRUCE (JOHN) Elements of the Science of Ethics, on the Prin

ciples of Natural Philosophy. 8° Lond. 1786. BRUCE (JOHN) M.P. Annals of the Honorable East-India Com

pany, from their Establishment by the Charter of Queen Elizabeth 1600, to the Union of the London and English East-India Companies, 1707-8. 3 vol. 4° Lond. 1810.

- Report of the Negotiation, between the honourable East-India Company and the Public, respecting the renewal of the Companys exclusive Privileges of Trade, for twenty Years

from March 1794. 4° Lond. 1811. BRUCE (Lewis) DD. A Sermon preached before the Trustees for establishing the Colony of Georgia in America. 4° Lond. 1744.

The Good Samaritan; a Sermon preached before the Trustees of the Infirmary in James Street Westminster. 4"

Lond. 1752. BRUCE (MICHAEL) The Duty of Christians to live together in re

ligious Communion recommended: a Sermon. 8° Belf. 1725. BRUCE (ROBERT) King of Scotland. d. BARBOUR. RUDDIMAN. BRUCE (ROBERT) Sermons preached in the Kirk of Edinburgh.

Edinb. 1591. BRUCE (SAM.) . GOODWIN.


BRUCE (THOMAS) Earl of Elgin. o. PEARSON.
BRUCE (THOMAS) Earl of Elgin. Memorandum on the subject of

the Earl of Elgin's Pursuits in Greece. 4° Edinb. 1810. BRUCH (JOH. PAUL.) Dissert. de Absorbentium utilitate & damnis

in Praxi Medica. 4° Hal. Mag. 1722. BRUCH (Leonard 'a) Impetus Juvenilis D. Petri Juvenis vulgò

Der Iongh retusus. 12° Col. 1688. BRUCH (.) Epigrammatvm Hecatontades dvæ. 12° Lond. 1627. BRUCHAUSEN (JOH. DAN.) Disp. Med. de Paralysi. 4o Lugd.

Bat. 1678. BRUCHERIUS (Jo.) Adagiorū ad studiosæ iuulentvtis vtilitatem ex

Erasmicis Chiliadibus excerptorū Epitome. 8° Par. ap. Colin.


Annotationi sopra i Proverbi di Salomo: trad. dalla Ebraica uerita. 8° Ven. 1533.

Dialogi della Morale Philosophia. Libro primo. 4° Vei. 1557.

- Dialogi della Natvrale Philosophia. Humana. Libro secondo. 4° Ven. 1537.

40 Ven. 1544. - Dialogi della Natvrale Philosophia. Libro terzo. 4° Ven. 1537.

-4° Ven. 1545. Dialogi della Metaphisicale Philosophia. Libro quarto. 4" Ven. 1558.

- 4u Ven. 1545. - Pia Espositione ne dieci Precetti, nel Simbolo Apostolico, & nella Oratione Dominica. go Ven. 1543. BRUCK (P. VAN DER) Curieuse Beschrijving van verscheyden Oost

Indische Gewesten. 4° Roterd. 1677. BRUCKER (JACOBUS) Pinacotheca Eruditorum. Germ. fol. Augsp. 1741.

Historia Crítica Philosophiae a Mvndi Incvnabvlis ad nostram vsque aetatem deducta. 6 tom. 4° Lips. 1767. BRUCKHAUSIUS (DANIEL) De Natura Coeli. 40 BRUCKMAN (FRANC. ERNESTUS) Oratio de pretiosa optimorvm Principvm Vita. 4° Helmcst. 1715.

Specimen Physicum exhibens Historiam naturalem Oolithi. 4° Helmst. 1721.

Dissertatio de Avellana Mexicana. 4° Helm. [1721.]

De cvriosissimis duabus Conchis Marinis. 4° Brunst. 1722.

- Relatio brevis de Cerevisia Regio-Lothariensi vulgo Dyckstein dicta. 4! Helmest. 1722.

De fabulosissimæ originis lapide Arachneolitho dicto, Epistola. 4° Wolffenb. 1722.

- Catalogvs exhibens Appellationes et Denominationes omnivm Potus genervm, quæ olim in vsv fverunt et adhvc svnt per totum Terrarvm Orbem. 4° Helmst. 1722.

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BRUCKMAN (FRANC. Ernestus) Epistola de Fongo Hypoxylo Digitato. 4° Helmst. 1725.

Specimen Physicum sistens Historiam Natvralem Lapidis Nvmmalis Transylvaniae. 4° Wolfenb. 1727.

Georgií I,mi Konigs von Grosz-Britannien Letzte Franckheit und Todt. 4° Braunschw. 1727.

Specimen privs Botanico-Medicvm, exhibens Frvticem Koszodrewina, ejvsqve Balsamym. 4° Brunso. 1727.

Specimen posterivs Botanico-Medicvm, exhibens Arborem Limbowedrewo, eivsqve Olevm. 4° Brunsv. 1727. ' Historia natvralis cvriosa Lapidis ty’

A isy. 4° Brunsv. 1727.

Magnalia Dei in Locis subterraneis: oder Beschreibung - aller Bergwercke durch alle vier Welt Theile. fol. Braunsch. 1727.

Epistolæ duæ : altera de Lapide Fungifero; altera de Lapide Fungi-mappa. 4o Goelpherb. 1728.

Relatio brevis de Avellana Mexicana vulgo Cacao dicta. 4° Brunso. 1728.

- Thesavrvs svbterranevs Dvcatvs Brunsvigii. Germ. Braunsch. 1728.

Epistolæ Itinerariæ. 3 tom. 4° Wolfenb. 1728-37.

Bibliotheca Numismatica. 8° Wolfenb. 1732. BRUCKMAN (J. JACOB) Neu erfundene Elementar Machine, oder

Universal Mittel. 4° Franek. 1720. BRUCKMANN (HENR. CRATO) Dissert. de Scorbuto. 4° Duisb.

ad Rh. 1695. BRUCKMANNUS (PHIL. Ludov.) Disp. de Hydrope Pectoris a

Renum calculo oriundo. 4° Giess. [1724.] BRUCKNER (ISAAC) Description & Usage d'un Cadran Solaire

Universel. 40 1735. BRUCKNERUS (ERN. Christ.) Disp. Med. Inaug. de Hemicra

nia. 4° Lugd. Bat. 1693. BRUCKSHAW (SAM.) One more Proof of the iniquitous Abuse

of private Mad-houses. 8° Lond. 1774. BRUCKSULBERGIUS(GEORG.) Mémoriale Juridicum. 12° Lugd.

Bat. 1658. BRUDUS Lusitanus. Liber de Ratione Victvs in singvlis Febribvs secundùm Hippoc. 8° Ven. 1544.

- 12° Tig. 1555.

- 89 Col. Ag. 1579. BRUELE (GUALTERUS) Práxis Medicinae Theorica et Empirica familiarissima. fol. Ven. 1585.

- 8° Lugd. Bat. 1599.

- 8° Lugd. Bat. 1628. BRUEN (104N) v. HINDE. BRUERCLIFFE (Mr.) v. CHRISTIANITAS. BRUERE (M. DE LA) Histoire du Regne de Charlemagne. 2 tom.

120 Par. 1745.

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