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through which they passed, and to do tee received, was dated at Soinerset, all in their power to promote the forma | Ohio, 18 miles west of Zanesville, tion of Bible Societies. We doubt not Sept, 21, 1814. It is addressed to the that this mission will prove very impor- Rev. Dr. Worcester, as chairman of the tant in its consequences. We therefore Committee. We copy nearly the design to give copious details from the whole. correspondence of the missionaries. “Dear Sir, We would'urge upon the friends of the “ Mr. Evarts' letter of 24th ult. was Society the duty of supporting these received a few days since at Marietta. very important enterprises by continu- A storm that prevents our travelling, ed and increased liberality. The So-| gives us time to acknowledge the recietý could do much more than it ever ceipt of it, and to report to you the has done, if larger funds were at its dis- || progress we have been able to make in posal. The Christian community is our mission. We left Philadelphia on able to bestow larger funds without dihe 15th of August and reached Pittsminishing the donations to any other burgh on the 28th. There we tarried praiseworthy object.

a few days waiting the arrival of the We now proceed to give some ac- Bibles and Tracts committed to our count of the mission of Messrs. Millscare; which we had reason to expect and Smith.

would have been there sooner than The whole expense of this mission ourselves. But as we could not be was estimated at $ 2,000, a sum which, long detained, we left orders for them it was supposed, would pay the travel to be forwarded to Marietta, and went ling expenses of the two brethren, and on our way.

Brother Mills went leave, as a reward for their labors, the through Steubenville to Wheeling, usual allowance to canditates for the (Vir.) and brother Smith through Canministry, while preaching in country nonsburgh and Washington. At Can. Marishes. The Massachusetts Mission- nonsgurgh there is a college, which has ary Society advanced $600; and a been a great blessing to that portion of Committee, appointed by the Trustees the country. Most of the clergy have for the purpose, gave instructions to been educated at it. The Rer. Mr. · Mr. Mills, and subsequently joined Mr. Wiley is the principal. He is assisted Smith' with him, advising them to as- by two others. The present number of certain what encouragement could be students is about forty. There is a obtained from other Societies, and to fund here for the education of pious prodeed if there was a good prospect of || young men for the ministry, capable of making up the eum required.

supporting a small number. Ai WashMr. Mills wrote from Philadelphia, |ington, 6 miles off, there is another colthat the Bible Society in that city | lege. The Rev. Mr. Brown is the would give $200 towards the mission principal. T are about sixty sluand would commit 400 copies of the dents. At Washington, brother Smith French 'reshment to the missionaries, was present at a meeting for the forwith permission to sell them and ap-nation of a Bible Society, and assisted propriate the arails to the same object. | in its organization. It was a pleasant It was supposed that these copies meeting. A number of clergymen and would produce $400. The Bible So-others, of different religious denominaciety also committed to them the prin-||tions were present. The business was cipal part of the edition of the French | entered upon with unanimity and with Testament for gratuitous distribution-engagedness. The Society is denom The Committee of Missions gave them inated “ The Bible Society of Washingan appointment as missionaries, which lon, (Penn.)". The Rev. John Anderwould add $100 to their receipts.- son, is the President. About twenty They determined, therefore, to proceed persons subscribed the constitution. + and sent forward large numbers of Bi- There is a prospect of 150 or 200 bles and Tracts to Pittsburgh. i members. The people of the western

The next letter, which the Commit- parts of Pennsylvania, are perhaps more

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to penetrate as far west as St. Louis, we the western country. Since his settleknow not. It is apprehended to be ment in that place and within six years, dangerous travelling through the Terri-be has distributed four hundred Bibles. tories, on account of hostile Indians. He is therefore well acquainted with May the Lord direct us in the path of the proportionate number of the destiduty, and be our Protector; then wetute, in Ohio. And, in his opinion, as shall be safe.

many families, as one in five, are not “ Hitherto the Lord has wonderfully possessed of the Scriptures. Accordpreserved us. We can say with truth,ing to this estimate, more than thirteen that on our long journey no harm worth thousand Bibles are necessary, in order mentioning has been suffered to befal that there may be one to each family.

Why then should we now distrust Here is a large field for the exercise of the providence of God! We proceed christian liberality. Mr. Wright relates therefore with confidence, followed, we some signal instances of the blessed efhope, by many prayers."

fects of giving away the Bible. He has The next letter, which was received seen a man notorious for indifference by the Committee, was dated at St. to religion, and for profaneness, sudLouis, Missouri Territory, Nov. 7, 1814. denly arrested in his career of stupidity It ought here to be mentioned, that and folly, by this simple means. He has Messrs. Mills and Smith were iostruct-|| seen him turned about, and in the judge ed to state, on proper occasions, that ment of charity thoroughly converted as the expense of the mission was con- from the error of his ways, and made an siderable, donations would be received humble worshipper of the Lord Jesus. towards defraying it, from any persons And all this was effected by the gift of who felt able and disposed to contri-| a Bible. What Christian—what friend bute, in the principal towns and settle- of humanity, would not give sixty cents ments which should be visited. It was to bring about an event like this! thought that the tendency of such a “ From Lancaster we proceeded to measure would be altogether beneficial ;| Chilicothe; tarried there a day or tivo, as it is undoubtedly a benefit to the and went on to Cincinnati. The presnew settlements, that the inhabitants | bytery in that vicinty, had been for some should do what they can toward sup-time endeavoring to procure the formaplying themeelves with ministers. tion of a Bible Society for the country

66 Our last communication to you between the Miamies, But they had was dated near Lancaster, Ohio, Sept. not effected it. We suggested to a

We have now delayed writing to number of clergymen, who were provyou;' longer than we otherwise should, identially in town, the expediency of because our plans of conduet hare hith-|| proceeding immediately to the formaerto been somewhat undetermined. tion of a Society. They approved of We did not know, that we should be a- the proposal, and gave notice of a ble to reach this place. It was thought meeting for the purpose. The next day by many well informed people to be we had the satisfaction of seeing a num. dangerous attempting to come hither. ber of clergy men and others, of differThe savages have often been cominit-ent denominations, assembled. But ab ting depredations and inurders in this many were not present, whose apsisportion of our country. But through | tance was desired, it was thought best the kind providence and protection of to postpone the matter until the next our God, we have passed safely through week. A committee was appointed to the wilderness, and have now reached ||prepare a constitution, and notice was the most western point of our contem-given of another meeting.–Cincinnati plated tour.

contains 5,000 inhabitants, and has a “ At Lancaster, we called on the rich back country. We doubt not, Rev. Mr. Wright, a presbyterian clergy-therefore, that before this time a So

He has formerly been a labori- || ciety is formed there, which will be ous missionary; and has much inform-|| a powerful instrument, in the diffusion ation respecting the religious state of || of the Sacred Scriptures. The ladies



riseut, then said he would exert himself in favor of we were not able to proceed more sloirassung-Cin there are 50,000 inhabitants. istant, and large proportion of these are poor peo- one spark or benevolence in his heart,

The doctel ple, and destitute of the Scriptures.

as far west as . Lumus, E: i bie testen entryBere bave taken the precedency in that town we saw Judge Griswold, formerly

l. s apprebentert o be! Det in the place de labor of love. They have associated from Connecticut. He will be a decid*Eoing through die leeri- liere distinted ba mhemselves under the denomination of,||ed friend of the Bible Society.---seni ol hostile Indiana, te s terüre tela The Female Society of Cincinnati, for He favored us with letters of introdac* us in the path o, he proportionate me haritable purposes. They were about ition to Governor Edwards, and other Sraiector; then we in Chin dito send to the managers of the Ohio Bi- gentlemen at Kaskaskias. The Gov.


, as one l'ale Society, to procure for them one ernor has promised to patronize the Fonderful WESSER O tine detajundred Bibles. Agreeably to your in- Society should one be formed. This *** rich truth, in this eaizmat, misztruction, we made known to the Rev. Territory is deplorably destitute of Bi

"IT TXT Worth trimestad Bibles de mesur. Wilson the circumstances with res- bles. In Kaskaskias, a place contain*"-40 'o befalte dere may be sea bect to the support of the mission; andling from 80 to 100 families, there are,

*** istrust Here is a large bela krzat his request, after an evening service it is thought, not more than five. At e mceed christian Eberalits

. Elin which brother Mills preached, a con-|| Praire de Rouche we had an interestnebo popul, pe some signal instances d' tribution was lifted (to use the phrase of||ing conversation with Bishop Flaget

lects of giving away tbb he country) in aid of the mission. It of the Catholic church, respecting the 'wered seen a man notorious ir amounted to twenty dollars-to which distribution of the sacred voluine among

i st., to religion, and for prixthe Ladies' Society aided twenty more. This people. He said he heartily approv

it denly arrested in his care of these and other similar donations, aed; and would exert himself to pro>- 1794 tai and folly, by this simple mistrict account will be given to your So-)mote the circulation of the French " Na een him turned about anjiciety. At Cincinnati we submitted the Scriptures among the Catholics of his

Dent of charity tborghe question to the decision of a number of diocese :-with only this reserve that he

from the error of his wars siPreshyterian clergymen, whether we must first examine the translation, and z zumble worshipper of the bought to attempt to go through the wes- see that it is one approved by the

20 all this was effected batern Territories to this place. They church.

ambie. What Christian-ti unanimously decided that we ought to " In this Territory, our prospects are Ez nem i 1. ITE_2DIIT, would not giren go forward.

We therefore went on: flattering with respect to the formation ? Je wout an event likes But we did it with some degree of hes- of a Bible Society. The measure has

- Lancaster we pre itancy. For we were obliged, in a mar.y friends ;-we have yet heard of I. aried there are great measure, to relinquish a promising none who oppose it. Governor Clark

* Cineinsat. ) field of usefulness in the neighborhood has already become a subscriber. We - le siciaty, had bent of Cincinnati

, and also in the neighbor have strong hopes, therefore, that we 5323425 ting to procuret hood of Lexington, (Ken.)

shall soon see respectable Bible Socie10,7 a n. 3Society for the

" As we passed through the Indianaties established in each of the TerritoTe amies Bus Territory, we kept steadily in view ries. Such institutions are certainly 76: We sogress the great object of procuring the forma- very much needed. It is exceedingly : Den , who we tion of a Bible Society there.

We con- difficult, even for those who have non2 the expeh versed with gentlemen of the first res-ley, to procure Bibles. Very few are sistedisiels to w pectability from Lawrenceburg to Vin- ever offered for sale. Many of the in

And although some had ne- habitants are unable to buy. The Me. ismes e gate solo ver even heard of snch an institution ;\thodist church sends very considerable

wunase Them yet all without exception approved of quantities of other books into this coun

of seint the object. We had several interviews try for sale; but it sends no Bibles--or * and other

, with Governor Posey at Jeffersonville. almost none. We have much regretted, wasembled! He gave his decided approbation; and in passing through the Territories, that

se i was there such a Society. The population of this ly, and to perform more missionary la

statter until t Territory is increasing with surprising bor. But considering the length of our

tee appion rapidity. In 1810 it amounted to little tour, and the advanced season of the zw, and by more than 24,000. Now it is thought year, we have done what we could.

A very Sure we are, that no person, who has

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this time

can forbear to exert hinsels, while pas" In the Illinois Territory, we pursu- sing through this land of darkness and

ed the same course ;-and were so hap- the shadow of death. Many portions of I the by as to meet with universal counte- || this country were nerer before visiter

nance and approbation. Al Shawanee as we can earn, by Presbyterian

Congregational clergymen. And yet a great proportion of the inhabitants

ORDINATios. were originally Presbyterians. In the On Wednesday, the 7th June, 1815, two northerd counties of the Illinois ter- the Rev. Janson Darwin was ordained ritory, it is said a majority of the leads to the work uithe Gospel Ministry, and of families are Baptist and Metrodist installed Pastor of the church of Christ professors. And yet a Methodist cier in Riga. The Rev.John Spencer offergyman informed us, that almost all ed ihe introductory prayer, the Rev.Jo. the people were educated Presbyteri- seph Merrill preached the sermon, the ans, and would have been so still, had Rev. William Clark offered the consethey not been grievously neglected crating prayer, the Rev. David Fuller by their eastern brethren.

presided and gave the charge to the mi “ From this place we expect to return nister, the Rev. John F. Bliss gave the immediately, through Illinois and In- right hand of fellowship, the Rev. Alexdiana, to Louisville and Lexington, ander Denoon addressed the people, and Kentucky; and then proceed, as the Rev. Silas Iubbard offered the con. expeditiously as circumstances will cluding prayer. pernit, to Nashville, Natchez, and New-Orleans. Yours in the bonds of Christian affection."

Some say that in the origin of things,

When all creation started into birih,

The intant elements received a law,

From which tliey swerve not since. That under DIED, suddenly, at Farmington, (On force tario county, N. Y.) on the 16th June of that controuling ordinance they move, last, WILLIAM AVERILL, aged 30. Ilis!

And need not }iis immediate hand, who first

Prescrib'd their course, to regulate it now. death was occasioned by the excessive Thus dream tliey, and contrive to save a God use of ardent spirits. This man being Th' incumbrance of his own concerns,and spare at a tippling house, and having already The greal artificer of all that moves drunk to excess, was ipduced by his as

The stress of a continual act, the pain

Of unreinitted vigilance and care, sociates to drink at one time upwards of As too laborious and severe a task. half a pint of spiritous liquor; on account of their telling him if he would The Lord of all, bimself through all cliffus'd, swallow such a quantity it should cost Sustains, and is the life of all ihat lives.

Nature is but a name for an effect, him nothing His iminediate dissolui

Wliose cause is God. He feeds the secret fire, tion was the consequence of this diabol- || By which the mighty process is maintain’d, ical transaction. Woe unto him thul who sleeps not, is not weary; in whose sight kiveth his neighbor drink, thal pultest Slow circling ages are as transient days ;

Whose work is without labor ; whose designs thy boille to him.

No flaw deforms, no difficulty thwarts; In Steuben, Oneida county, Mr. E- || And whose heneficence no charge exhausts. PARAIM BULL, an insane man, who hung himself with a cord. He had previous

Not a flow'r ly killed his only son, a lüsd of ten years Batshows some touch, in freckle,streak or stain,

of his unrivalled pencil. He inspires

Their baliny odours, and imparts their hues, Ai sea, the Rev. Dr. Core, one of and bathes their eyes with nectar, and includes, the Methodist missionaries to the East. I grains as countless as the seaside sands, While an immense concourse were as. The forms with which he sprinkles all the earth. sembled to hear a sermon occasioned Happy who walks with him! whom what he

Of Aavor or of scent in fruit or flow'r, [finds by his death, some villains alarmed the Or what he views of beautiful or grand congregation by a cry of fire, with lo nature, from the broad majestic oak the design of obtaining plunder in the To the green blade, that twinkles in the sun, general confusion. The audience rush. Prompts with remembrance of a present Gout !

His presence, who made all so fair, perceivd, ed out of the house, when three per

Makes all still fairer.

Cowper " sons were troddcn to death, and thirty | much injured.


of age.

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