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The Mahometan Merchant....lccount of Abdool Messee. 233 let desirous to avail themselves of the op- || has since gone back to Jaffna; and I had

portunity of receiving personal im- the pleasure of knowing, when I was provement through the means of my there in October, that he had succeeded

faithful convert; for he being the sen- in getting forty or fifty Mahometans to telaior priest, was looked up to for instruc-| attend him daily for the purpose of

tion; and one evening when they learning the principles of a religion were assembled, and were expecting to which seemed to them to have carried

hear him preach on the religion of Bud-such conviction to his mind. This is **n hu, he drew out the Cingalese New just what was to be wished for: and I

Testament, and began to read the first have little doubt that his example will mi chapter of St. Matthew; and he pro- produce the most extensive effect a

ceeded to read other chapters, mak-mong the different villages of his couning his observations till morning, by trymen, who are settled all along the sea which time he had finished the whole coasts of our island.”

gospel. He was heard with surprise s and attention; and they frequently in

CHURCH MISSIONARY SOCIETY. ... terrupted him, as he proceeded, with

questions, which he answered to the Account of Abdool Messee, a Hindoo best of his ability."

Missionary, employed by the Church His baptism appears to have taken Missionary Society: with an extract place soon after this occurrence.In a few

from his Journals, &c. days“ another priest made application AbdooL MESSEE, a converted Mato be permitted to embrace Christiani- hometan, was born at Delhi. His ority, and to be publicly baptised, as an ginal name was Shekh Salih. His faexample to his countrymen. This man ther is considered a learned man, and is at present receiving the necessary gains a livelihood by teaching children. instruction; and as soon as he has made Shekh Salih was instructed by his faadequate proficiency in the principles ther, and made considerable proficienof our religion, he will be permitted to cy both in the Persian and Arabic lanavow the renunciation of his own faith, guages. and the adoption of ours, in the same

When he was about twenty-one years way which the other priest has done." of age (he is at present thirty-six) he

came with his father to Lucknow, in "About a year ago, a Mahometanquest of employment; and after some merchant of Jaffna, came down to Co-time, became Moonshee, first to an Englumbo, and was publicly baptized in lish merchant, and then to an officer in our church. He had long been weigh-||the East India Company's service. At ing the comparative merits of the Ko- this time Abdool was so zealous a Musa ran and the Testament, and had fully sulman, that he induced a Hindoo serdecided in favor of the latter, when he vant of the above officer to become a came to me while I was at Jaffna in last Mahometan. The master finding some March, and stated to me his conviction fault with him for his officiousnes, he of the truth of Christianity, and his de- was so offended as to leave his employ, sire to become a Christian.. I advised and return to Lucknow, with a deterthat he should be brought down from mination of having no more communiJaffna, and admitted into our faith, un-cation with the British. der the protection of the Governor. At length, after having been about a This bad the desired effect; for al-year in some situation under the Na. though the other Mahometans had en-bob of Lucknow, he went into the Madeavored to deter him from changing hratta Country, and engaged as a troophis religion, by open threats, they deser in the service of Ibrahim Ali Khan, sisted from their intended persecution one of the chieftains of the Javudpore of him the moment they found he was Rajah. protected by persons in power: Hell This step Abdool speaks of as the

beginning of God's mercy to him: for, | Children the subjects of the lessons while under the command of Ibrahim which they had learned in school ; and, Ali Khan, Meer Khan, another chief-by this mode, he was enabled to gain tain, at that time in the service of the some insight into Divine Truth. same Rajah, was sent to murder Rao When Mr. Martyn had finished his Scivac Sing, the rival of the Javudpore translation of the New-Testament into Rajah. Meer Khan Swore on the Ko-||Hisdoostanee, the book was given Abran that he came to mediate a peace dool to bind. This he considered a between his employer and the Rao,fine opportunity; nor did he let it slip. whom he no sooner decoyed into his On reading the Word of God, he distent, than having gone out on some covered his state; and perceived therepretext, he ordered the cords to be cut,lin a true description of his own heart. and ordered his attendants to stab the He soon decided in favor of the Chrisvisitors involved in its folds. The ill-tian Religion. fated Rao cut his way through the folds His Christian name is Abdool Mesof the tent with a dagger, and bravely see, “Servant of Christ.”. He was bapdefended himself until overpowered tized by the late Rev. David Brown, by numbers.

at Calcutta. This Scivac Sing was a young man Abdool, since his conversion, has of very interesting appearance; and been a most diligent missionary. Abpity for his untimely death raising adool's method is to read and explain feeling of disgust at the perfidy of man-| the books of Moses and the Gospels. kind; Abdool, hitherto a stranger to Where the customs of the natives apsuch treachery, considering that he pear to have been taken from the Bihimself was likely to be made the exe-ble, hc points it out to them. He nevcutioner of equally inhuman measures, er enters into the histories of their supresolved on quitting the army. posed Prophets or Gods; but he asks

At the end of about a year he went them if they can shew him any, whose to Cawnpore to visit his father, and life and doctrine can be compared with there heard of the Rev. Henry Martyn's that of Jesus, and points out the charpreaching to the poor natives, who as-acter of a trắe Saviour. Their own sembled on the lawn before his house consciences usually make the applicaon Sundays. He determined to go, tion; and he has often been asked, as he expressed it, to see the sport. What then do you say our Prophets Mr. Martyn was explainining the com-or Gods are liars ?" His usual answer mandments to the people, when Ab- is, do yourselves judge. I tell you dool went to hear; and he was struck | plainly that I have ceased to honor with the observations that were made, them; and I know there is no salvaand considered them as both reasonable tion but in Jesus. He takes usually a and excellent. He had previously been whole chapter to explain, rather than a perplexed about the contradictions | single verse, and reads the chapters as maintained by the different Mahometan lessons between the prayers. His staSects, and this Christian instruction |tion is Agra, on the Ganges. We now appeared to him better than any which subjoin the he had as yet received. He told his Journal of Abdool Messee for December, father what opinion he had formed, and

1813. begged him to get him some employ “ Sunday, Dec. 5,1813–For somement at Cawnpore, where he might time there has been public worship, hear more of these things.

both in Cantonments and in the City, Abdool was accordingly engaged in for the native Christians; the nnmber 1810, to copy Persian Writings for Sa- at both places is consequently smaller. bat. Here he obtained the infor- In the City, beside the usual attendmation which he desired, particularly ants who appear to reverence the word by inquiring of the Native Christian lof God, there were several strangers

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who came to the door, and stood du- embarrassed, and entered freely with ring the reading and expounding of him into conversation about the TransJohn viith, and heard with much at-lations and progress of the Gospel; and tention.

gave a kind of promise that she would Sunday, Dec. 12.-Nothing remark-cause a portion of Scripture to be read able occurred to day. Several of Eu-to her every day. ropean descent, who reside in the city, Sunday, Dec. 19, 1813. This foreattended, but only two or three stran- noon, at our house and in the city, Abgers, one of whom went away before dool held Divine Service. In the city the service ended. Two, who have there were upward of sixty adults, beattended worship occasionally for side children, listening with serioussome time, wish to join themselves to ness to the word of life.

One Youth, who has been with Dec. 20.— This afternoon, a person us since August, gave a very consis-who has been regularly of late to hear tent and scriptural account of what he the Scriptures read, came from the has heard from time to time, before city to have some conversation in prithe Congregation.

vate. He attended Abdool's preachDec. 14.–To-day Abdool Messeeing frequently during the Rains; but, returned in safety from Meerat. The from the scoffs and rebukes of his joy expressed by the Converts and neighbours, deserted for some time. Children on his return was very grati- Reflecting, however, on the shortness fying.

and uncertainty of life, with the maniHe relates, that on the way to Mee-| fold sins which he is conscious of havrat he had many opportunities of con- ing committed, he began to attend versation about religion, especially at again; and, from what he heard yesterCoel, where Talib, Messee's father and day from the xxviiith Psalm, and tofriends reside. Twelve copies of the day respecting Moses esteeming retranslations were given away. Talib's proach for Christ greater treasure than friends were, at first, very much offend- | the riches of Egypt, he could no loned, but became so reconciled at last, || ger restrain himself, but begged to be as to beg a copy of St. Matthew, that i admitted into the faith of Christ, if so they might know more of Christianity. be his sins might be forgiven. This

At Meerat much attention was ex- man was a personal servant of Lord cited among the Mahometans; and Lake during the late Mahratta war, long conversations were held daily in and discovers more than ordinary good large assemblies. These are describ- sense and intelligence. ed at length, in Mr. Bowley's Journal. Christmas Day.-To-day twenty The result was, that five appear truly adults, and twelve children belonging convinced of the excellency of the to them, and other native children, gospel, and profess themselves Chris-were baptized. They have all been tians. Of these one is a man of great on probation since July last, and some learning.

of them longer. They were separateAt Seerdhuna the Begum received ly examined and addressed on the 23d, Abdool with much civility. As the respecting baptism, and discover what custom is to carry a present on being was thought sufficient marks of acintroduced to a superior, Abdool pre-quaintance with the subject, and of the sented a copy of St. Mark's Gospel, grace of God being with them. which her Highness received with First and most remarkable was Jewgreat devotion, kissed it, and carried an Sing, the Byragee Fakeer referred it to her head. She was evidently to in the memorandum of August 29th, afraid of hearing something against the and his household, consisting of eight Romish Ceremonies; but, as Abdool persons. He said, that ever since he confined himself to recommendations began to hear the Gospel he has had a of the Scriptures, she soon became ua-persuasion that this is the only way of

of grace.


salvation--that, moreover, God has the congregation was dismissed, Ulks brought all his family to be of the same ha and his wife, both of whom were mind; " and this,” said he,“ is an un-baptized yesterday, were observed speakable mercy conferred on me, weeping. On being asked why they who am nothing. His is all the praise!' wept, he answered, “ Hitherto I have His wife declared that she embraced||known nothing aright; but now I perthe Gospel in order to obtain remis-ceive indeed, that Jesus gave his Body sion of her sins. The eldest daughter and Blood for the pardon of my sins.' has suffered a good deal of ill treat-|| Several other converts appeared equalment from her husband; and has been ly affected; and their conversation affinally abandoned by him, on accountterward was very satisfactory and en-. of her attachment to the Gospel. The couraging. eldest son also discovers decided marks Dec. 29, 1813.-To-day a learned

man visited us. He says that he comes The confession of Noor Nissan, aged from Cabul, but we suspect that he is 90 years, was very affecting. In

an Arabian Jew. He has read the tremulous voice, and with broken ac

Old and New Testaments in the Aracents, she said that she had often wish-| bic, and is well acquainted with the

He ed for death, whilst going on ignorant-names of the different books. ly in error : but God had, in mercy, asked, 1st, What was the religion of preserved her; and now she should Abraham ? 2d, Who the Twenty-four die in peace.

Elders in Revelations are ? 3d, Who The Hindoostanee Doctor's servant, throne of God ? 4th, Who is the man

is the Lamb, that is in the midst of the mentioned, July 27th, delivered a very of Sin? (2 Thess. ii.) 5th, What pedecided testimony. After stating theriod of the Revelations is now fulfirmiracles, death, and resurrection of our Lord as grounds of faith, he was asked,tion is, which is to try the inhabitants

ling? 6th, What the time of temptaif he believed that Christ would save of the earth ? On hearing the answers, him also. He answered," He has giv- he said with warmth, “Why do not en me the assurance of it in my own

mankind understand these things ? I mind; how can I doubt but he will

have read the Scriptures often, and save me ?"

they have always been in the world, It would occupy too much time to but no one understands them.” He detail the history of every individ-|| was told that the teaching of the Holy ual.

Spirit is necessary to a proper nnderSunday, Dec. 26.-To-day, after standing of Scripture. On going away Divine Service in the Fort, the Lord's he said he thought he now began to unsupper was administered in the city to || derstand. the Native Congregation. The num Dec. 31.-The number of scholars ber of communicants amounted to 45, continues the same as before. Severof whom 11 were converts from the Ro-al persons are lately come forward, mish Church. A report having gone professing their wish for baptism. The abroad, that, on the former occasion of number of converted Adults is 41 ; and administering the Lord's Supper, al of their children, 14 have been baptizpiece of beef had been given to the ed. All who have embraced the GosHindoo Converts, and a piece of pork pel have hitherto walked orderly, and to the Mahometan Converts, it was give no cause to doubt of their sincerjudged expedient to allow all who choselity. It will be observed; that 11 perto remain during the celebration. A sons, formerly of the Roman Catholic great number, both of Mahometans persuasion, have renounced the errors and Hindoos, were spectators, and be of Popery and joined themselves to use haved very orderly. The new place (Signed)

D. C. of Worship was nearly filled. After Agra, Jan. 1, 1514.


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BRITISH AND FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY. manner, and with a countenance beamThe following is an abstract of the ing with joy, said," I rejoice that I have Eleventh Report of this Society, which | an opportunity of uniting in such a was read at the Anpual Meeting on glorious cause. I am decidedly of the 3d of May last,

opinion that the Scriptures should be At the last Meeting, the members of put into the hands of every class of the Society were encouraged to in-men, and that even the poorest and dulge the pleasing hope, that the paci-the meanest should have it in their fication of Europe would lead to a power to draw Divine instruction from more extensive adoption of the prin-| the Fountain Head.” The president ciple of their institution. This èx-of this society is his Excellency Baron pectation has been amply verified. Von Arnswaldt, minister of state, privy The Societies instituted on the conti-counsellor, and president of the ecclenent, during the year, are numerous siastical court. His royal highness the and important. The Committee will duke of Cambridge is its patron. first notice those, the formation of 4th. The Prussian Bible Society, which was assisted by the presence and established at Berlin, under the presiexertions of the Rev. R. Pinkerton, dency of his Excellency Lieutenantwhile on his return to Russia.

general Von Dierecke, tutor to the 1st. The Netherlands Bible Socie- Crown Prince of Prussia. His Prusty, established at Amsterdam, under the sian Majesty has approved of the sopresidency of his Excellency Mr. Ro-ciety, and confirmed its laws; and has el, Minister of the Interior; and of granted to it the freedom of the letterwhich many Catholics are members. post. The Bible Society, which had Anot Society has been formed at existed' at Berlin since 1805, has merRotterle 'm, of which his Excellencyged in the Prussian Bible Society:Mr. Van Hoogstraaten, Member of At Konigsberg, the printing of the Lithe States General, is President.-thuanian Scriptures was rapidly advanThirty more Bible Societies have cing. An additional grant of 2001. to been instituted in different parts of the the Bible Committee at Konigsberg United Netherlands, which, together has enabled them to procure additionwith Rotterdam, are considered divis-al types, and to print 3,000 extra copions of the Netherlands Society. Aies of the Lithuanian New Testament. plan has been adopted for instituting A Bible Society has been recently in32 Bible Associations in Amsterdam stituted at Konigsberg, in connexion and its environs, comprising nearly with the Prussian Bible Society at 200,000 inhabitants.

Berlin. 2d. The Grand Duchy of Berg Bi 5th. The Saxon Bible Society, esble Society, established at Elberfield.tablished at Dresden, under the presiThe population is large, and includes dency of his Excellency Count Hoa great proportion of Catholics. Ma-henthal, the minister for religion.ny thousands of them had never seen A most interesting account of the fora Bible; and among some, even the mation of this institution, given by the meaning of the word was unknown. Rev. Dr. Dæring, chaplain of the His Excellency Baron Von Gruener|court of Saxony, concludes with obgovernor-general of the duchy, was serving, “Universal was the impreschosen president.

sion, and loud the gratitude expressed 3d. The Hanoverian Bible Society.both towards the Parent Institution in In Hanover, as in Petersburgh, the Lu-London, and its worthy member, Mr. theran, Calvinistic, and Catholic cler-Pinkerton. Tears of joy glittered in gy, join hands to promote the good many an eye, and the name of the cause. When the chief Catholic priest | Lord was glorified. May he command entered the room, he grasped Mr. his blessing on this holy union!" Pinkerton's hand in the most cordial Mr. Pinkerton, in passing through


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